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Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 21 March 2010

Capsule Review:    

This story picks up where the first Feast left off, though it abandons Tuffy and Bozo. Instead, we are introduced to Biker Queen (Harley Mom's twin sister) as she tortures the barely alive, but still very ready to curse his way into the afterlife, Bartender. Seems that Biker Queen is upset about what happened to Harley Mom, and she wants to kill Bozo for it. So, Biker Queen and her gang of biker b***es head into town to find and stomp the living s**t out of Bozo.

The revenge-seeking woman is going to have to hold off on the whole eye for an eye, blood debt, pound of flesh thing for a while. The same monsters that made a mess out of the bar also attacked the town. Survivors are few and far between, though those that did make it through the initial orgy of consumption are quite a colorful cast. There is a pair of midget wrestlers and their beer-drinking grandmother, a used car salesman, a meth addict, and a girl named Secrets and her boyfriend, Greg. Secrets is an annoying stereotype, because she is painted as the type who believes the universe revolves around her (or more accurately, her va-jay-jay - a term just as annoying as the concept). However, Greg is a pox upon the viewer. Some movies create characters for the audience to hate; others feature characters that make the audience hate the movie itself. Greg is the latter.

Which gets down to the real reason I dislike this movie. It tries to be edgy, disgusting, and outlandish like the first film, but goes too far. "Feast II" is a distasteful collection of vulgarity that wore my patience to the bone, and then delivered a scene involving a baby that finally made me realize the film had absolutely no class. I would rather watch a random tentacle hentai anime, because most of those are less repellent and at least attempt for some semblance of a coherent plot.

Look, it's bad when I think a random tentacle hentai sounds more enjoyable than the film at hand. Especially since "Feast II" has monsters, topless biker babes, and midget luchadores. I should love this film, but I don't. *SIGH*

Things I Learned From This Movie:  

Green Dot John Holmes was reincarnated as a Mexican midget luchador.
Green Dot Never perform CPR on someone who died from explosive dysentery.
Green Dot Children are always a distraction.
Green Dot Grandma + trebuchet = euthanasia.

Stuff To Watch For:  

Green Dot 28 mins - How's that karma working out for you, Honey Pie?
Green Dot 35 mins - Invented in 1608.
Green Dot 50 mins - This scene is brought to you by the people you thought couldn't be any more repulsive.
Green Dot 72 mins - I was wrong, they found a way to be even more repulsive.


Biker Queen: "Quit touching the motherf***ing organs, a**hole!"
Greg: "This is science. Shut up!"

Thunder: "Naw, f**k that. I ain't doing that!"
Slasher: "Hold up, hold up, hold up. We just threw a woman off the ledge, these b****es are standing here butt naked 'cause we used their clothes to make this s**t, not to mention I just watched a f**cking baby get eaten alive, and you standing here telling me that you not even willing to give this s**t a try?"

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Comments:Write CommentPages: 1 [2] 3
Re: Feast II
Reply #9. Posted on March 25, 2010, 06:48:35 AM by Torgo
The first Feast was a big surprise for me as I thought it was one of the best horror movies in quite some time.

The sequels on the other hand were a couple of the worst horror movies that have evern come along.
It sucks big time
Reply #10. Posted on March 25, 2010, 03:48:55 PM by Yannick
Feast was one breath of fresh air when it came to horror movies, i really enjoyed that movie, but sadly the world today as to do sequels because its big money.

I was looking forward for Feast 2, after all sequels always have more then the first one right, more blood, monsters, sexy women and more.

Well i never could watch that movie all the way because it sucks so much, in fact i was feeling bored from the very start.

They say that Feast 3 is a lot better i might give it a try if i can find it very cheap at a local video store not more then 99 cent LOL
Re: Feast II
Reply #11. Posted on March 25, 2010, 11:04:33 PM by Jordan
Baby eating is pretty messed up, however Feast II isn't the first film to do it.  If you want to REALLY ruin your day, watch Joe D'Amato's Anthropophagus (a.k.a The Grim Reaper).  It has a scene in which the cannibal killer rips the fetus from a pregnant woman and begins to eat it.  It's a cheaply done scene, but effective.  Just keep telling yourself that's a honey glazed ham he's eating.  That's actually what they used for the special effect.  Sadly, that scene is probably the high point of the entire film.

I think they do the same thing in a (terrible) recent zombie film called "Automaton Transfusion." I haven't seen it myself, but I believe that I saw a video clip that matches the scene from "Grim Reaper" you just mentioned Jason.
So i had to watch it then
Reply #12. Posted on March 27, 2010, 07:47:16 AM by Yannick
 hot guess that i needed to watch that movie from start to end to make up a real opinion on it. So i guess i did along with Feast 3 happy finish.

Well all i have to say is that from now on, i will treat Feast 2005 the first movie as a the only movie that was done and completely forget the two others.

As for feast 2 sloppy second i felt like i was watching a type of movie that kept pushing it, filled with jokes about the book the secret that was at least funny but i did not laugh at the baby part at all that was dumb, and the type of dark humor when it came to people getting pooped in the face, p**sed on and trowed up on, that was just plain stupid.

Part 3 could have been something if they really tried, at least to explain where the creatures came from, why they looked like that and more, but again they blew it off with some other lame crap as in feast2 , finishing the movie having secret and the midget wrestler being squashed by a giant mechanical leg.....................

The ending of that movie made me say what the F.... , i return both movies to the video store the same day and told the cashier to burn that crap.
Re: Feast II
Reply #13. Posted on March 31, 2010, 01:10:34 AM by Phantazm
I gotta agree with the others who said that the dead baby segment was a total buzz-killer for me.  (I've actually seen dead babies when I worked in a morgue.  "Downer" doesn't even begin to cover it.)  It seems like the writers were just trying to be as mean and spiteful as they could in the name of "shock value," but for my two cents, they just ended up sucking.

That ruined an otherwise good(ish) movie that had all the trappings of a classic with biker babe boobies, guns, and midget luchadors on catapults.  Sad.
Re: Feast II
Reply #14. Posted on April 01, 2010, 11:42:36 AM by JPickettIII
I have a question.  What the heck is the humanoid monster thingy that is pictured on the home page for Feast II?  I thought that the monsters were smaller not bipedal.  Is this a mutation like Tremors where there were the bipedal that could sense heat?

Just wondering.

Thanks, Question
Re: Feast II
Reply #15. Posted on April 19, 2010, 12:30:21 AM by Spanish Girl
I've seen all the Feast movies and I LOVE THEM!!!

They are gross and over the top and shocking and such rollicking good fun.  Nude biker chicks, guys with poles through their heads, cat raping, baby killing, grandmother liquification, dwarf tossing - these movies have it all and then some. Cheers

If ever I need a good laugh, I turn to these guys.  I particularly like the way nobody is safe including the hero/heroine and if they die, it's in the most shocking unexpected ways.

I hope these guys make another movie but this time they should go back to before the first one so we can see where the aliens came from.  Keep up the good work guys, you have an eternal fan in me.
Re: Feast II
Reply #16. Posted on April 23, 2010, 10:31:11 AM by cwalker
i din't think i had seen this movie,but in the side bar i saw a 'flying baby' and recalled that i DID watch this sorry piece of flim.the fact that the baby is eaten ISN"T the worst part, it is that the adult SACRIFICES it to save his own skin that made me only complaint is that you gave this a rating of one slime,not a skull,but i agree with your absolutely nasty movie devoid of worth as celluloid.  Hatred
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