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Author Topic: BloodRayne: The Third Reich (2010) Unrated Directors cut  (Read 4594 times)
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« on: May 28, 2012, 11:35:20 AM »

Bloodrayne: The Third Reich
Rated: Unrated Director's Cut
2 slimes
Boll Kino Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG, Brightlight Pictures,  Herold Productions
Phase 4 Films, Event Films 2010  
Submitted by WingedSerpent

Rayne: Natassia Malthe: Dhamphir heroine of the film. Now over 200 years old, but doesn't look a day over 125.
Nathaniel Gregor: Brendan Fletcher: Leader of the Resistance, not a really good cook.
Commandant Brand: Michael Pare: High ranking Nazi officer turned day walker.  The actor playing him has appeared in all three Bloodrayne films meaning these films form some sort of genealogical map.
Dr. Mangler: Clint Howard: Nazi Occult Scientist with plans of making Hitler immortal. Killed by a character introduced in the last 5 minutes of the film.
Vasyl Tishenko: Willa Belli: Nathaniel’s second in command. Appears in several scenes, but only tries to actually act in one of them.
Magda Markovic: Annett Culp: Resistance code breaker and bar maid.
Lt. Jaeger:  Steffen Mennekes: Nazi officer that Brand turns into part vampire, part bloodhound.
Svetlana: Safiya Kaygin: You need to be ambitious to make it to second manager of a bordello.

Ranye’s narration opens the film, telling us about her and informing us about the rise of the Reich.  We’re treated to stock footage and previous movie clips inter-spliced with credits and footage of prisoners being loaded off cattle cars.

Rayne attacks the Nazis as coincidently a band of resistance fighters shows up and begins shooting. Rayne gets into a one on one with Commandant Brand, cornering him in the stock car. Before she can kill him, a solder shoots her in the back getting some of her blood on him. Rayne kills the guard then drinks Brand’s blood to heal.

The leader of the resistance, Nathaniel Gregor introduces himself to Rayne. He also introduces his two companions Vasyl and Magda.
Remember those names. For some reason, Rayne won’t. As the resistance leaves, we see that Brand isn’t quite dead. Undead…if you will.
The resistance is hold up in what looks to be some sort of cave from the inside. Unfortaunately, Nathaniel isn’t the best of chefs as he apparently burns Rayne’s plasma dinner. The two discuss the war, before Rayne takes off.

At a concentration camp, Lt. Jaeger has shown up to pick up an important member of the Reich’s science division, Dr Mangler.   The doctor is practicing his turkey carving skill on a vampire that his guards had captured. Jaeger has gone to bring him back to the city to examine the Commandant. Mangler’s initial examination has him believing Brand in nothing but an ordinary vampire. He’s only persuaded to stay when he hears of Rayne’s day time exploits.

Rayne herself, has left her highly visible old Church lair, in order to sneak into town for her naked massage.  (I just realized I used the word “naked” and “Church” in the same sentence. This movie review might just send me to hell). While relaxing, Rayne over hears a Nazi solder abusing a woman. And since interrupting a Dhampir’s naked massage is one of the last things you want to do, Rayne soon finds his room and beats him up. A gesture that will soon earn her a special session at the brothel.

Back at the Nazi HQ, Brand and Magler play chess. The bad guys learn that Brand is immune to sunlight, and therefore may be more than just an ordinary vampire.

Then it’s back to the sex. Really, that’s; what is next. In a complete 180 degree turn from the previous scene with the Nazi, the movie cuts back to Rayne and a female prostitute going at it. This movie may have just tried to become its own porno spoof. Svetlana, the assistant manager of the brothel, decides to sell Rayne out to the Nazis. She hurries down the street to HQ building and demands to see the Commandant Brand. Dr. Mangler decides to let her meet with Brand. It doesn’t go well for Svetlana. She gets chomped. Then back to more sex scenes with Rayne.

After Rayne gets her clothes back on, she finds herself ambushed by Brand, Mangler, and a battalion of the SS. Rayne is able to escape, but not without getting wounded. The scenery-chewing doctor is able to find a sample of her blood.

Svetlana, now a somewhat Dhamphir awakes in one of Mangler’s cages.  Mangler’s impressed that she’s healed despite being drained less than an hour ago.  Also amazing is that while not as affected by traditional vampire weakness as ordinary vampires, she still can be hurt by them. And attempt to first seduce and then eat Dr. Mangler ends with Svetlana killed. Ambition has destroyed another brothel worker.
Rayne, upset at realizing she helped turn Brand into a day walker, goes to Resistance headquarters looking for supplies. Nathaniel is able to calm her down when Vasyl tells them that Magda is ready. Rayne wants to know what their planning as well as who is Magda- despite already meeting her earlier.

Magda, as it turns out, is a code breaker and bar maid at a local tavern. Two drunk Nazi are there and soon find themselves ambushed by the Resistance.  Magda gets the code and Rayne leaves for home.
Outside Magda’s bar, two vampires show up and engage Rayne in a sword fight. I guess they felt they needed to remind us that creatures of the night exist in this world.

Rayne dreams she’s attacked by an undead bloodthirsty Hitler. Since Rayne has been killing both Nazis and vampires, the two must act as nightmare fuel. Who knew?

Brand pays a late night visit to Lt. Jaeger and gives him the hard sell about becoming a vampire. And by hard sell, I mean Brand gives him a speak praising him for his tracking skills, and then bites him transforming him into his personal bloodhound. Jaeger is ordered to immediately find and capture Rayne

Nathaniel finds Rayne’s hideout and the two talk about their plans. Rayne notices someone watching them but doesn’t know who. Nathaniel says the man’s name is Vasyl. Again, someone Rayne has already met and talked too.
Vampire Jaeger ambushes the trio but soon finds himself on the wrong end of a metal clubbing. Before being killed, Jaeger reveals that the Nazis have captured Magda and killed some of the Resistance fighters.

Rayne, Nathaniel, Vasyl and a few remaining solders head to the train depot, kill a few guards, only to find that Magda has already been turned into a vampire. Vasyl apparently leaves right after this, because next time we see him is in the city. More Nazis turned vampire show up and the two groups fight. The Resistance only gets the upper hand by shooting out the widows, killing the vampires with sunlight.
Brand shows up with reinforcements and takes Rayne and Nathaniel hostage. Rayne will be used to turn Hitler immortal. Nathaniel will be killed publicly to destroy hope. Luckily for them Vasyl quickly gets plans from a solder back at Nazi HQ for the route they are planning to take.  

Mangler has Rayne strapped upside and is draining blood from her. Brand orders her ready for transport but first he wants a little snack-which he gets-from biting her in the armpit.

The convoy begins to head for Berlin, while the remaining Resistance forces plan on dynamiting the road. Rayne is still unconscious while Nathaniel tries to cop a feel off her. Lovely.  Doesn’t seem to really bother Rayne as she wakes up, and the two begin to have sex.  After all, isn’t the freezing cold back of a Nazi driven convoy truck the most romantic place ever?

The Resistance blows up the road and engages the Nazis in the climactic battle.  Commandant Brand gets a quick power up by drinking some more of Rayne’s collected blood. Mangler is killed by a sniper. Vasyl is apparently mortally wounded-although you’d never know it by his expression.

Brand boasts about being power incarnate, but two quick hits from Rayne knocks him on his back. Those hits took enough out of him that Rayne is able to go to the other side of the road, pick up a rock and walk back to crush his head. With Brand now fully dead instead of merely undead; Rayne, Nathaniel and a new bunch of Resistance fighters will go on fighting the good fight. At this point, if there is a fourth movie, it must take place aboard a space station.

In a lot of ways this movie feels like how the first one should have been executed. The setting is good. There’s plenty of action and some gore. It’s got some plenty of strengths, but for everything right-there’s something holding it back.

Some of the performances are good. The standout is Clint Howard whose Dr. Mangler thoroughly chews every line he says. He’s actually a lot of fun to watch. Malthe herself is another standout, and really has the tough woman warrior act down cold. Others, like William Belli’s Vasyl, don’t seem to be trying very hard at all.

Rayne in this movie looks almost completely different from her video game counterpart. Instead of short red hair, this Rayne has long raven black hair with a few red highlights. Still,  Malthe  really does deliver on her performance. She got Rayne’s attitude down cold.

If I could, I would blend the three movies together. Take the budget, star power, and Rayne’s look from the first film. The better action climax of the second, along with some of the side characters. Then take the WW II setting, villain, and Malthe’s performance from the third.  If I could do that, we’d probably get a really decent video game adaptation.

Oh, and just in case your wondering; the ONLY difference between the rated and unrated versions of the movie is the DVD box cover art. Really. The unrated version has some blood digitally painted on Rayne's swords and some extra red trim where as the R-rated one doesn't. And that's it. The films are identical.

Things I learned from this movie
Never trust a vampire. It has no bonds to the morals of man.
Dhamphir bites operate under the law of diminishing returns
The best place to draw blood is from the armpit
There’s a proper way to cook plasma
Nazi scientist were gambling men
Don’t sneak around a dhamphir’s lair.

8:05 The direction of that impalement changed.
9:01. Vasyl and Magda are introduced.
15:51 An actual grammar Nazi
27:08 He said that entire sentence in one breath.
39:23 You met Magda earlier, Rayne.
44:48  Ladies and Gentlemen…Vampire Hitler.
49:90 That’s Vasyl. You’ve had several scenes with him at this point.
56:12 I wonder if Kristana Lokein  boots earned her a cameo check.

Rayne: Let’s just make this short and bloody.

Nathaniel: I’ve never seen anyone movie like you do.
Rayne: I bet you say that to all the girls.
Nathaniel: Curious thing is…I’m not sure you are just a girl.
Rayne: Only the good half.

Dr. Mangler: Unless you’re prepared to be shot in the back of the head by my fried I’D STOP!

Brand: So we meet again my dear girl…or would it be more accurate to say “Dear Mother”?

Dr. Mangler: Soon, I will infuse our furher with your blood. Then we will see what we get.


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At least, that's what Gary Busey told me...
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

Karma: 216
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« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2012, 11:37:07 AM »

There. Now nobody can say that the Bloodrayne movies aren't properly represented on

At least, that's what Gary Busey told me...
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