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Author Topic: Alien Trespass (2009)  (Read 3112 times)
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« on: October 03, 2009, 04:07:59 PM »

Alien Trespass
Rated PG
4 Slimes
Copyright Roadside Attractions 2009
By: InformationGeek


Urp: Eric McCormack!  He is a federal space martial that protects our solar system from problems.  His space ship has some troubles and crashes into the Mojave Desert outside of a little town, accidently releasing the Ghota.  He does not understand human emotions at all (Sounds familiar) and seeks help from the locals in tracking the Ghota.

Tammy:  She a waitress at a local diner who dreams of leaving the little town and opening up an art gallery somewhere.  She ends up in the middle of the alien crisis between Urp and the Ghota.  She does help him as much as she can, even if she is a little doubtful at the very beginning.  In fact, she even ends up falling in love with the alien guy.  Aww, how romantically cheesy.

Chief Dawson: Dan Lauria!  He is in charge of the local police force and, according to him, never really wanted the job in the first place.  He is a very easily annoyed person who constantly complains about his life and his job, especially with the whole alien thing going on.

Officer Vernon: Robert Patrick!  I think he was going to be Chief Dawson’s replacement after he retires in a couple of days.  He doesn’t really care that much for what is going on in the little town and hardly takes anything serious.  He also spends his time trying to get with Tammy and other local girls.  Well, I suppose he changed his tune when that alien ate and dissolved him.

Dick & Penny: Is that Steve McQueen and Jane Martin?!  No, my mistake.  However, they are not that different from those two from The Blob.  They are newlywed teenage couple who are the first to discover the Ghota and spaceship.

Cody:  Hey, it’s Danny Zuko!  Anyways, he is the sarcastic greaser friend of Dick and Penny.  He isn’t a real believer of the aliens until he actually sees the space ship.

Officer Stu: Unlike most of the police force, he is a more pleasant character and actually takes the alien threat seriously, even if he is a bit skeptical about the whole alien deal.  He and Chief Dawson are the only survivors of the police force by the end of the film.

Lloyd & Bubba:  Alien fodder!  Well, that’s how I see it!  They are just two drunks that just end up as alien chow.

Wilson:  He is your stereotype redneck or first alien victim you would typically find in one of these movies.  He’s kind of like that old guy from The Blob and is also awaiting the arrival of aliens from another world.

Ted Lewis: Eric McCormack!  He is a popular astronomer who stumbles upon Urp’s space ship.  Urp takes over his body for most of the movie.

Lana Lewis: She is Ted’s wife.  She is very concern for Ted, who is being controlled by Urp, with all of his strange behavior and actions.

Officer Stiles: He is one of the four police officers working in the small little town.  He is killed by the Ghota, but I am a little confused how.  Did the alien creature climb into the back of police car and get him from there?  Maybe it stuck in its tentacle through the driver’s window.

Ghota: Well, at least this alien is more convincing than that one from The Crawling Terror.  Seriously here, this thing has one eye, one tentacle, and is completely blue.  He eats its victim by eating all of the person’s proteins and nutrients in the body, leaving nothing behind but a pile of brown sewage water (Or it could be brown vomit or crap, both make as much sense as anything in this film).  It has the ability to multiply itself and turn invisible.  As you can guess, the creature is captured by Urp and taken away.

+ Gort has a brother.
+ Astronomers are stupid.
+ Back in the 50s, people left their car keys in the ignition and left their car doors unlocked.
+ Shirts, hats, and pants are made of human proteins and nutrients.
+ Aliens always go for the movie theaters.
+ Aliens hitchhike.
+ Salt, the mortal enemy of one-eyed space creatures.
+ Meteors are the remnants of destroyed worlds.
+ Any random house an alien finds will be always unlocked.
+ Dogs can sense when aliens are near.
+ People can easily mistaken a squid tentacle for a person’s hand.

1 min – I am suddenly reminded of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.
6 min – You guys could should a bit more panic with a meteor coming at you.
8 min – Ah yes, the classic redneck farmer of the 50s.  Can’t get much more cliché.
9 min – Gort!?  Is that you?!
14 min – Eggsucker?  Is that how people insulted each other in the 50s?
20 min – What the hell?!
22 min – Now I’m seeing a scene from Indiana Jones IV…
27 min – Are you deaf?!  Turn around!
29 min – I like how he stands still and background keeps on moving.
33 min – (Reviewer bursts into laughter)
37-38 min – Trees?  What trees… oh!  Those trees that magically appear!
41 min – Suddenly, we are now on a soundstage.
47 min – EWWW!!  Please tell me that is just brown colored water!
58 min – Ah… that’s a bit cruel…
63 min – Bit of a delayed reaction there.
73 min – Look, can we just get to the point?
78 min – Shouldn’t you be farther away from the ship?


Ted Lewis: (After Urp only returns his hat and glasses) I had a pipe.


The 50s were a grand time of hilariously bad to ground breaking sci-fi films that still astound and fascinate movie goers even to this day.  Well, that is the case for me anyways.  In order to relive those times and give tribute to them, Alien Trespass was created.  The film literally bleeds 50s sci-fi flicks and surprisingly is able to capture the feel that those movies delivered.  However, even with all of that, is this a good film in general?

So, the movie opens up with us seeing a bunch of strange news clips and advertisements from the 50s as it appears.  Then, we thrust into the actual movie where we see a UFO, which looked like it stepped off the set of Mars Attacks, experiencing engine troubles.  It crash lands outside of some desert town during a meteor shower, capturing the attention of astronomer Ted Lewis and a couple of teenagers.  After the crash, the space ship’s door opens up and something slimly wiggles right out.  There’s trouble.

A bit later, Ted decides to go and check out the crash site.  He is shocked to discover the ship and he then proceeds to actually enter it.  As he heads in, he is captured by a Gort looking alien, who does some kind of body change with him.  Ted’s a lucky guy; if this were any other sci-fi movie, he would be killed instantly because curiosity always seems to get people killed.

The next day, we find Dick and Penny, a teenage newlywed couple, talking to their friend Cody about what they saw last night.  They go to the crash site, but only Cody decides to check things out, while the other two rest in the car.  As they do, they are attacked by the strange squishy alien, but they both manage to escape.  They then meet up with their friend and run into Officer Vernon, a local wise ass police officer, and Officer Stu, a rookie and pleasant cop.  Vernon isn’t happy that the three of them showed, since he doesn’t like any of them, especially Cody.  Dick and Penny try to tell them about what happen, but Vernon refuses to listen and takes them all in to the station.

While this is happening, we discovered that the Gort looking alien that took over Ted’s body is named Urp (Seriously, Urp?)  and that he has arrived at Ted’s home.  He tries to explain what is happening to Ted’s wife, Lana Lewis, but she just assume that he is Ted and he has gone off the deep end.  Urp leaves the house, frustrated that he wasn’t able to convince her of what is happening and takes off for town.

On the way there, he runs into a waitress at the local dinner named Tammy, whom he gets a ride from.  He explains that he is a space martial that he was on his way to delivering an evil alien creature called the Ghota to somewhere and that his ship crashed on Earth, with allowed for the creature to escape.  He explains that the creature dissolves people’s nutrients and proteins, leaving them nothing but a puddle of nasty brown liquid crap.  Well he didn’t say that, but that’s what people look like when it is all over.  The most interesting thing about this is that Tammy actually listens to him and does not see him as a crazy person, as most would.

As Urp explains, the Ghota is busy eating and liquefying rednecks.  Despite being a fat blob that looks like it moves extremely slowly, it sure can move quickly since it goes from victim to victim rather quickly.  We also turn back to our teenage heroes, who are now released and are talking about what alien they saw.  Cody doesn’t really believe them, but he is interest in going back up there and taking a few photos with his new Polaroid Camera (New as in, 1957 new).  So they head back up there and discover the spaceship, which Cody gets a picture of.  At this point, look closely at the background when they arrive.  You can see their shadows on the sky.

Back to Ghota, it breaks a house of a sci-fi loving kid and his babysitter.  They spot the alien and take off, calling the police for help.  Officer Vernon and Stu arrive to check things out, with Vernon heading into the house alone.  As he check things out, the Ghota shows up (If this thing is so smart like Urp said, why didn’t it leave?) and the officer unloads all bullets into it.  Unfortunately, the fake rubber suit that makes up alien is deflects all shots, so the creature just eats and dissolves Vernon.

While all of this is happening, Police Chief Dawson is getting calls from all over about the strange things going on in, including all the disappearances of people and appearances of just water puddles.  He is extremely frustrated by all of this and starts searching the town for answers with his remaining officers (Which are Stu and Officer Stiles).  Not only that, but Urp has also stolen a car and everyone thinks Ted stole it.

Back to other characters, we find Tammy at the diner hearing from the teens about their spaceship discovery and the alien they ran into.  Everything they say seems to match up with what Urp/Ted told her earlier, so she tries to tell Chief Dawson about it all, who doesn’t believe her at all.  She then later runs into Urp again, outside of the diner when he is being faced down by Styles for stealing the car.  Stiles accidently shots him, causing Urp to retreat back to his ship while Tammy heads back into the diner.  Stiles radios for backup, but is then somehow attacked and killed by the Ghota.  Don’t know how it did it, since he was inside of his police car with the door closed.

It then turns to night and Tammy is still at the diner cleaning up.  Don’t know how she can be so calm after seeing someone get shot, but I guess work makes everything better.  Also, the Ghota somehow breaks into the diner (Must be a heck of a good lock picker) and goes after her.  She manages to scare it off by throwing a salt shaker at it.  Salt is the monster’s one weakness, so she stalks up on some before heading out to find where it will show up next, which Urp had said is where there will be a lot of people gathered.

The place this would be is a movie theater (Aliens love movie theaters) where Dick, Penny, and Cody are and it just so happens that the theater is showing The Blob!  Not only that, the alien actually shows up during the scene where the Blob attacks the people in the theater.  Talk about the biggest coincidence of all times.  So, the alien goes on a rampage and starts attacking, everyone, trapping the three teens inside.  Luckily, Tammy shows up with the salt and Urp then appears too.  He knocks out take the creature and takes it back to ship, so he can return it to where it belongs.

Urp and Tammy load the creature back onto the spaceship just as the remaining police officer, the teens, and the rest of the town show up to confront them about what is going on.  Tammy explains everything to them about what has happened and asks them to let Urp leave in peace.  Everyone agrees, now fully understanding everything, and Urp returns Ted’s body with Ted back in it to his wife.  The following day, after repairing his ship, Urp leaves the Earth as everyone watches him take off.

Like I said earlier, this film just bleeds 50s sci-fi flicks.  The film did right outside of that was that it had a good lineup of actors and actresses that played their part well.  They were all cheesy and cliché, but yet they were all likeable.  The dialogue was also cheesy, but since this movie was copying about everything from the decade, it was appropriate.  Special effects used were also good for capturing that feel those old films had.

The bad part of the film was the alien itself.  I know these old sci-fi movies had some the cheesiest or just downright terrible looking aliens, but the Ghota looked somehow even worse.  Maybe it was worse because the film was in color, but it still wasn’t that appealing or frightening.  Other than that, this is great film for what is it and it will be a blast for b-movie fans.


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« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2014, 07:59:02 PM »

Just watched this tonight, and gotta say, it's a bunch of fun.

I love send-ups done in more of an homage style than those done to ridicule. This one had a lot of subtle B-movie references.  Thought the kid's posters were cool, for example.

Glad to see your review reference this:


+ Gort has a brother.


Another thing I thought was pretty funny was that the name of the town was actually Mojave.  So many of those old movies were filmed in various locations, that just struck me as the perfect name for the town.

Dan Lauria has to be the master actor at showing "believable rage." 

Anyway, good stuff.  Highly recommend this one for fans of 50's B-movies.  A fun hour and a half that will bring up fond memories of past watching experiences.


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