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Title: the RAVEN (1935)
Post by: RCMerchant on November 15, 2006, 08:49:02 PM
Famous nerve specialist Dr.Vollin(BELA LUGOSI) is an egotistical fanatic who lives,breathes and s**ts anything Poe related. A local  big shot,Judge Thatcher(Samuel S. Hinds) interrups Vollins quite evening of drooling over his collection of Poe memoribilia,with a phone call,begging the doc to operate on his professional dancer daughter,Jean(Irene Ware),who got trashed in a car wreck.Lugosi tells him to buzz off.The judge can't take a hint-he comes barging in Lugosi's house and insists Lugosi do the operation."You took an oath!" whines the judge."I owe noone-I am a law onto myself." After much groveling on the judges part,Vollin relents.
  Jean recovers,and to show her gratitude ,she struts her stuff in a Poe inspired modern dance number.Vollin develops a hard-on for her,and asks the judge's permission to court her. The judge,ungrateful cretin that he is,refuses. This,of course p**ses Vollin off."BRING HER TO ME." "Your mad!" sez the judge-and he storms off-which opens up a nasty can of worms.
  Into all this mellerdrammer stomps Edmond Bateman (BORIS KARLOFF),a snsitive soul on the lam for burning some poor shmucks face off with a blowtorch. "He said I was ugly. He shouldn't have said that." Bateman wants a new face. Lugosi agrees-but behind that charming demeaner,his mad doctor gears are grinding overtime."I make you look good,Bateman." of course he he makes Bateman look like a rotton apple with ears. Vollin,watching snuggley behind saftey glass,unveils Batemans mug to him in a roomful of mirrors,which the upset killer smashes. Vollin finds this hilarously funny...and useful. "I can use your ugliness." On the promise that he'll fix his face,Bateman agrees to assist Vollin with his plan for revenge on the ingrate Judge and his tease daughter, along with her 2 dimensional boyfreind Jerry (Lester Mathews).
  Vollin invites them over with an apology,and clueless morons that they are,they accept.Bateman scares the crap out of everyone,just by entering the room to annouce dinner,and is greetedby  what basicly amounts to "Get lost,gruesome" by the rude guests. In the dead of night the gruesome twosome haul the hapless judge down stairs and strap his sorry ass to a table, above which swings a razor sharp pendulum, built for the sole purpose of cutting pompous jackasses in half. The   judge comes to a brilliant realization-" You-you like to torture!" Vollin is no longer beating around the bush-" Yes...I LIKE to TOR-TURE!!!"
 Next in line are the cute lovebirds, whom Vollin , with Batemans help, forces into a room that doubles as a huge trash compactor. Bateman,tired of kissing Vollins ass,decides to end the movie and Lugosi's overacting and moves to free the simpering couple from becoming a wussy sandwich. Vollin,of course,shoots him. "POE<YOU ARE AVENGED!" While Vollin is cackling like the fruitcake that he is,Bateman sneaks up on him and clubs him. He frees Ken+Barbie,and drags Vollin into his own contaption,then dies.  Vollin wakes up,freaks out ,and gets flattened. The happy couple free Pop, and they go on with they're dull exsistance.
                                                                            THE END 
                                                   The airplane buzzes around planet Earth-"a Universal Picture".


Title: Re: the RAVEN (1935)
Post by: RCMerchant on November 17, 2006, 11:48:04 PM
WOW! Lookie! I'm replying to my own post! actually, I set out the plot, but didn"t actually review it: here's the review.
  the Raven,along with MARK of the VAMPIRE, was actually the LAST major starring role he had in a big name company production. Afterwards,he headlined many films...but all for the likes of Monogram and PRC,and Wood. It was his last big year-horror films kinda went outta style in the years 1936-39, untill Universa reissued DRACULA and FRANKENSTIEN on a double bill, and that led up to SON of FRANKENSTIEN and the discovering of Lon Chaney Jr. as a "monster star".But Lugosi ,unlike Karloff, was not able-in those lean years,to conserve hs funds.Nor could he take off his makeup and become someone else. He was Dracula. And he freelanced,and,a fact a lot of people don"t realize,he was like any other foreign actor or actress,limited to certain roles because of his accent. Even Karloff could play a gangster or a heavy,but Lugosi was limited to playing only forieners,as in Ninotichika.
 Anyway back to the RAVEN. If in the plot review,I come across like I dont't like the "victums" well, its because I don't! I cannot sympathize with these poumpus dopes. Karloff is a killer...and he has the most sympathetic role in the whole film. Lugsi is mad...Karloff is a pathetic loser....not unlike the Frankenstien monster.
  All in all...a great movie. If you get a chance,SEE IT.

Title: Re: the RAVEN (1935)
Post by: BoyScoutKevin on November 26, 2006, 12:02:59 PM
This would make a good double bill with "The Black Cat" from 1934, where Karloff and Lugosi trade roles. Lugosi playing the sympathetic character, and Karloff playing the unsympathetic character. While "The Black Cat" may be the "better" of the two films, when I saw both of these for the first time, I prefered this one to "The Black Cat."