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Title: Friday the 13th PC Game
Post by: Menard on November 21, 2006, 01:53:52 PM

I believe I have posted about this game before (some time ago), but considering the apparent renewed interest in reviewing some of the Friday movies as of late, I thought some of the members might like to have this game.

The game is called Friday the 13th: Return To Camp Blood and is a little over a 1MB download. There is no winning or losing in the game; you just play Jason and go around and hack up dumb teenagers. Use your arrow keys to move Jason, and your spacebar to slash.

You can download the game here (

As it is an Angelfire site, be prepared for a popup. They also have a Nightmare on Elmstreet game and a Halloween game (I have yet to get the Halloween game to work properly).

There is an alternative download for the Friday the 13th game here (

I tested both sites today and both downloads for the game are presently working. I have run the game on Windows 95, 98, and 2000; don't know about XP.

Title: Re: Friday the 13th PC Game
Post by: Andrew on November 21, 2006, 06:49:12 PM
There used to be a Friday the 13th game on the Commodore 64.  You wandered around the camp, looking for various weapons to use against Jason.  If you found a victim a splash screen would display with some gore.  The best way to find Jason was to walk up to someone and hit them with whatever weapon you were holding (machete, hoe, pitchfork, etc.) and see if they briefly blinked into Jason.  If they did, then you hacked away.  You could go around chopping up all the wandering people, rather than trying to stop Jason.

Title: Re: Friday the 13th PC Game
Post by: Menard on November 21, 2006, 07:12:02 PM
There were two horror themed games released for the old Atari 2600; probably around 1979-80. One was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in which you played Leatherface and went around chainsawing things; including Franklin. The other was Halloween; but I don't know the mechanics of that one.

The graphics were pretty poor as you could imagine and several retailers did not want to carry the games, especially TCM, as video games at the time were getting a lot of bad press. As a result, both games are incredibly rare.