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Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: Brandi on January 23, 1999, 02:46:33 AM
Trivia note: Sheriff Kowalski is played by Buster Crabbe, the original Flash Gordon.

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: PH D. on May 07, 1999, 01:56:46 PM
  I saw ALIEN DEAD a long time ago.               (not long enough)

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: BLum BLum on June 01, 1999, 01:17:26 PM
Sigh,I don't know where to begin.This movie has scarred me emotionally it was so horribly done.Oh and BTW,I don't think you mentioned it(my apologies if you did) but a zombie gets killed BY A HAIRPICK.Yes,they survive gunshots,but when it comes to those hairpicks,oh man,they're the killas!

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: Dick Elohssa on June 30, 1999, 04:30:35 AM
This is the greatest movie ever made! this is truly the goriest film ever made! this makes Bad Taste look like a kids movie! This film has the greatest acting I have ever seen! This is a true classic,Not just the best horror film but the best film period! This is breath taking,it has to be seen to believed! This is so disturbing,i may never be the same again!

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: on November 17, 1999, 11:25:28 PM
Uh ! This is the worst movie I have ever seen , and probably the worst ever made . A skull does'nt even do this one justice .  
The music/sound overdubbing is atrocious . real cheesy spooky moog music juxtoposed between
county/bluegrass ! Some of the zombie attacks are actual happening while country is playing in the background ! I dont know if the director was a
bluegrass fan or hater ( making mockery of country music ) . This film takes place in the deep south so the music is proper .
The ending is so stupid . This film ends when the two main characters drop from exaustion after fighting off zombies in a boat . Then the film ends . Maybe they ran out of film and had to call it quits. Who knows ? I guess stopping the film THERE is as good a place as any .
This movies must of had a 20$ budget , much of it spent for the keg of Busch beer as payment for the actors .
The camera scenes have no continuity at all.
The classic trash movie habit of filming night scenes during the day happens here as well .
There are probably 2 classic gory scenes that give
this film a morsal of merit , but thats about it . Sherif Kowalsky has some good comic release when he trys to be a bad ass and getting clumsy with his billy club . Thats all I have to write about this one .

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: Steve Bentley on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
This was director Fred Olen Rays first atrocity, and boy does it show...Ray sold this thing to every video distributor that would take it (and every one of them seems to have) and made a killing.   Ah, for the glory days of the early video market when even stinkers like BLOOD CULT could sell a million copies in the US and every single video store started their sci-fi or horror section with a copy of this...but, look on the bright side, if it weren't for ALIEN DEAD there would have never been a DEEP SPACE, or a THE TOMB (with a shot of the sarcophagus opening and the lighting guy kneeling right beside it!!!!)  You just gotta love Fred Olen Ray...well, I'll bet the French hail him as a genius...

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: Romsus on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!  One thing you forgot to point out, a scene (I forget which one exactly) where the two main characters take their rowboat ashore, you can faintly hear the director say, "And...cut" right at the end of the scene, and the two actors drop the boat and start walking off.  Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad...

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: Travis Hensley on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Wow! What a movie!  My boyfriend and I just saw it and man, let me tell you, it was the best datemovie that I have ever seen!  I love the cheesey efects and the horrible acting!  The movie had me jumping in to Stanley's arms more than once, though.  So, if you want you life partner to cling to you for protection, get this one!

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: billie joe armstrong on August 09, 2001, 07:31:24 PM
Well i must say that the brest shots were appealing and the old man had quite a wit. Even so i must say this movie belongs right here on this site for terrible movies. Thank you whoever made this site and put this movie on it. Also This site is halarious, so keep up the good work!

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: Terry on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I was in this film.  I'm the guy in the screen shot second from the left (31K).  Really.  This was filmed in a tiny town called Oviedo west of Orlando, FL.  Two of the other amatuer actors in the film was the current (at the time) chief of police and the retired chief of police of Oviedo. (they were both likeable guys, btw.)  When the 'premiere' was held I went to it hoping for something watchable. When the film was over the chief and retired chief stood around with big grins on there faces saying, "yeah, yeah, that wasn't too bad."  If I had brought a paper bag with me I would have put it over my head while I ran to my car to escape being seen in the same neighborhood with this 'film'.

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: dan on November 02, 2001, 10:14:08 AM
This movie is a classic B-movie.  It maybe one of the funniest things i have ever seen.  If you want another good one, watch Wizard of Gore.

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: Tim W on April 14, 2002, 01:10:26 PM
I think I noticed 2 things with this movie. When your car breaks down, the roof will catch fire along with the side. And the girl from that car gets her right hand pulled off and eaten, but then she has it in a few seconds later. Pretty bad movie, although worth the 99 cents for a week i payed.

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: log on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Ok . First things first , really really bad movie . I saw it about 2 years ago and have never forgotten it. 2nd  I want to point out that in the clip you have for download . Notice the zombie guy behind all the others . notice where he points his hand on the girl who's being "consumed" . yup he puts it right on her crotch and gives it a squeeze ! Now see the girl's reaction she smiles when he does it and trurns away from the camera . My girlfriend at the time noticed it when we saw it 2 years ago. And i just found it funny of all the scenes in the movie that this is the 1 to dl . lol good choice now go dl it and see ;)

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: So bad, it rocks! on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM
First, I read the review for this movie and knew right away that I had to see it. The old man and that stupid deputy steal the show! Well, I attached a VCR to my computer, ripped the tape to a MPEG and burned to DVD. WOW! Such a hilariously stupid movie in full color, full screen digital video! What more can you ask for! Well, whenever you have a really bad day, feel down and depressed about life and think things could not get any worse, just go ahead, pop in this movie, laugh your azz off and everything just seems to be not so bad anymore!

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: Inframan on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Ok, I still haven't seen this one but its on my list. I did just see BIOHAZARD, by the same director. It has something to do with a psycic chick and a monster that's about as big as a 2nd grader that kills hillbilly's and hobos. Good stuff.

It was so bad that my IQ dropped as the movie ended. I can't wait to make my friends watch it.

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: Dagon on April 13, 2005, 10:54:10 PM
I rented this movie many, many years ago because the title interested me. I was exposed to possibly the worst movie ever made which left me bitter and very angry.

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: No one important on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I have just received this movie and can't wait to watch it, it really cant be that bad.

Title: The Alien Dead
Post by: nobody on August 09, 2006, 09:30:28 AM
I think...the actors are very very bad

Title: Re: The Alien Dead
Post by: inframan on February 16, 2007, 12:41:20 PM
Just got it from Netflix, it is bad, very bad. But in a good way, if you enjoy bad movies its worth a look. It has its own charm (thats probably not the right word)

Biohazard was really good too.

Title: Re: The Alien Dead
Post by: Scott Mercer on September 19, 2010, 07:28:13 PM
I think Fred Olen Ray is a cool dude.  

By now he's directed and produced dozens of low budget action/horror/sci-fi flicks, and this was only his second one and his first "real" production.

While this is not a comedy as such, you can't take most of Fred's productions seriously in any way.  They are just good old fun, silly movies like they used to show at the drive-in theaters back in the 1950's and 1960's.

Taken on that basis, I found the Alien Dead to be a fun way to waste 90 minutes, and old-timey movie star Buster Crabbe does a great job as the old coot.

An enjoyable bad movie.  Since most of these comments were left here, this movie has come out on DVD.  The DVD is well worth getting, and includes an informative commentary track by Fred himself...this commentary track is required listening if you are an aspiring low budget and/or horror film maker yourself. :thumbup:

Title: Re: The Alien Dead
Post by: Trevor on July 22, 2013, 01:57:35 AM
   5 mins - Why does it sound like someone farting in a tub while we watch footage of space?  :buggedout:
   10 mins - Stuck to the seat were we? (You'd have see the scene and hear the sound.)
   16 mins - Focus... ...ahm... ...focus... ...focus damn it!
   25 mins - This band's lead singer must be a ventriloquist.  :bouncegiggle:
   28 mins - Half a person is breathing? And the dog's eating it too.  :buggedout:
   33 mins - The boat sounds just like a chainsaw.
   38 mins - That's the same boat Tom and Shawn had earlier but now these two hicks must have bought it. Should have purchased the motor too.
   71 mins - The truck is on a two lane paved road, no - a dirt road, no - a one lane paved road. Hey, what gives?  :bouncegiggle:

Now THAT chased away the Monday blues.  :thumbup:

Title: Re: The Alien Dead
Post by: Umaril Has Returned on July 22, 2013, 03:20:04 PM
Just got it from Netflix, it is bad, very bad. But in a good way, if you enjoy bad movies its worth a look. It has its own charm (thats probably not the right word)

Biohazard was really good too.

And so was Inframan  :smile: