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Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: on January 09, 1999, 03:24:12 PM
Aw come on. Only 1 drop. I admit without the tig ol bitties all over the place it would be deserving of only 1 but they should rtaise it to a 3 dropper. They certainly keep you frum bein bored!

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Warren H. on February 22, 1999, 12:39:33 PM
This movie isn't deserving of even one slime.  It's a skull through and through.  One thing that should be added to "Things I Learned From This Movie" is that if you fire deadly sonic blasts in a 360 degree pattern, the shot that doesn't echo back will lead you to the way out.

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: on March 09, 1999, 03:05:14 PM
Hi guys, I was the Alien Mutant Thing in the film, "Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity", and it was officialy supposed to be a, "Alien Zombie", but the production could only afford to get an old coat and a set of "Alien hands", and an "Alien" face mask, so if you look really hard at the feet when I surprise the two in the "Jungle", you will see a set of New Balance running shoes!  Also working as; set painter, set builder, production assistant, sometimes boom man, the only person the studio (Empire) would trust to go down to the bank every week and pick up the cash to pay everyone and actually bring it back to the set (Ex-military), the person who told them how to set that really stupid booby trap that nails "Zed's" leg (And it was really stupid!), the person who told them NOT to load the real crossbows used on the set (Walls like paper, 150 pound pull crossbows, see the problem.), and the all around set slave (as most of us crew members/extras were on the set!), because we did everything!  The production only had $90,000 to make the film and when it didn't get made for that (Only about 45 minutes of film ready for edit), we got $30,000 to do two weeks of re-shoot to complete the film.  Yes $30,000 for EVERYTHING, and we not only did it, we came in under budget!  Pretty scary huh!  It was an interesting experience to say the least.  But probably everyone in Hollywood has their own horror story of their own early films. I took many photos on my own during the production including the only full cast/crew shots as we wrapped, and had the pleasure of giving copies to several of the cast and crew members after we wrapped.  I still have all of the originals stored away in fact (The photos, not the cast and crew members!). I have two credits on the film, one crew and one, "Alien Zombie", ahhh such is fame! Cordially,  Fred Tate

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: on June 19, 1999, 05:34:31 AM forgot the best of all the quotes from this eminently-forgettable flick!
"She sacrificed herself for me...gee, fate sure does weave a twisted tapestry."
Yep, waste of good celluloid it was, but great for  a "Bad Movie Night" party.

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Paul H. on February 03, 2000, 02:18:58 PM
I have now seen at least five versions of "the deady game"  (I like that story) And this isn't the worst or the best.  (gymkata is the worst and best)

Production value and lighting is a problem. (see Tates comments) So it isn't as "classy or slick" as many b.movies.  However, many movies are much worse.  The actors mix fairly well in this movie and at least try to pretend that they are making a movie.  However it had the potential to be a great movie and thats why it is disappointing.  (what happened to the footage from the first 90,000?)

Only 2 green globs (and thats the low side of 2 but better than a one).  Worth seeing at least once.  (hey it kicks _Caged Heat 3000_'s ass)

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Mike Berkey on September 12, 2000, 03:11:29 PM
Sad to say, but I really enjoyed that movie.  The line when they escaped was classic:  "Hey, what if we reverse the polarity on these handcuffs?"

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Melvin Junko on September 30, 2000, 11:58:59 AM
I watched this revered piece of trash last night. can't say i was too pleased, and it played far too much like a porn film, only without all the sex it should have had. the two heriones of the film were the dumbest people I have ever seen, a spectacular feat, I think. I am only troubled in how I would review this film. At times I think I think it only deserves a skull, but at others, because it was likely the most ludicris film I have ever seen, I think I deserves five slimes and praise. Slave girls have boobies.

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Quint on December 20, 2000, 01:20:45 PM
my boss sent this link to me this morning. apparently he worked on this film way back when. he constructed a number of those crappy lazer rifles, worked as the robot/monster wrangler, and even shot some of the scenes. i almost killed myself laughing when i watched the quicktime avi. you should all thank him for his excellent work. and when he reads this, he will see that i greatly admire and  appreciate the talent that goes into something like this. bravo.

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Lasse on February 28, 2001, 05:56:24 AM
This is a very awful movie, the story sucks, the actors sucks, sce scenory sucks. Itīs very boring and U fall asleep all the time, fastforward was the best thing about this movie...

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Lossenelin on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I see a VHS copy of this movie in my local video store every time I go, the cover is so faded it looks like its the oldest movie there, yesterday, my curiousity got the better of me, I rented it.
I was very disapointed, this movie didn't have the bad movie "cheesiness" that would have been needed to make it enjoyable, it was just bad.
Soon into the film it becomes nothing more than a rip off of the 1932 film "The Most Dangerous Game" ( which was a much more enjoyable movie.

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Patrick Chiesa on July 07, 2005, 06:33:43 AM
Another example of a movie using sex to help the box office.

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Mike on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I saw this movie about a year ago during one of the "Bad Movie Nights" held weekly in the dorm. I found the movie halariously devistating. There is a part where they fire the crossbow in the jungle where after the initial laser noise it sounds as if someone kicked a doorstop making that genaric boing sound so it sounded like the crossbow hit something in the jungle that shouldnt be there. just check that out sometime.

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: slave on September 22, 2006, 04:24:54 AM
I like to be the lap-slave of beautiful handsom lap-girrrls

Title: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: MadKalnod on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Some other things to note:

One of the slave-ship guards in Warhammer 40K space marine armor (actually one of the film's stunt co-ordinators) looks disturbingly like Silent Bob when he takes off his helmet.  No wonder the girls escape so easily; the security chief spends most of his time chugging Yoo-Hoo and reading Daredevil Green Arrow comics.

Zed's thick Noo Yawk accent totally undermines any scariness he manages to scrape together as evil space hunter guy.  Example:  "I find dat da best pahts of life ah dose closest ta death," and "Dis will be fun."

Many of the "hunting trophies" adorning the walls of Zed's hunting lodge/castle are in fact rubber alien and zombie masks that could be ordered from Starlog magazine in the 1980s.

The Slave Girls enter an area of the alien jungle that looks remarkably like every other area of the alien jungle and casually remark "I think we're entering a place where the normal laws of time and space no longer apply."  Whether that's meant to explain the below-1970's-Doctor-Who-standards space warp visual effects that happen next or the arrival of the Zombie in 20th Century Earth clothing who seems to have wandered on-set from the horror flick being filmed on the neighboring soundstage, I'll never know for sure.  It does, however, accurately describe the feelings of anybody watching this far into the film.

The end credits music shamelessly rips off the Klingon theme from Star Trek:  The Motion Picture.  Why?  I mean, apart from the plagiarism, aren't there more heroic fanfares to steal from other movies?

Title: That rawked....
Post by: P!CKLE on November 08, 2008, 02:19:11 AM
 :hot: I was telling a good friend of mine today that I had watched half of a film last night that had mysteriously arrived in my Netflix pile...and we can all guess what that film was. I occasionally rent lesser known or campy films to see an actor or actress' early years, or because a friend worked on it in some way. This one....well, I just couldn't find the connection. I looked it up and indeed it was mentioned by name on the senate floor. Go ahead and Google it (include Helms if you need more narrowing).
But all this aside, I had a good time with it. The sexy ladies, bad acting, non geometrical lasers...and when the Daria and Rik climb through the open castle window, the wall shakes a bit. A lovely set.
And how did Daria suddenly appear with a sword, shield and armor? From the trophy room I guess...but...
It's nice to see some sexiness and ridiculousness. I go into watching these films with an eye for the production & acting flubs, and this one paid off in full.
I look forward to the sequel...................


Title: Re: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: patpowers on October 02, 2011, 02:45:49 PM
Actually, this movie has some of the best use of nakedness in slave girls in the movies evah! The two slavegirls spend almost the entire movie wandering around in the skimpy bikinis you see in the photos, when they aren't naked. On these grounds alone, you have to rate it among the great cheesy movies of all time. I wrote a review of it explaining its virtues, but I'm not allowed to post links on this board, so you'll just have to take my word for it! Granted, the plot was about the billionth lame recycling of The Most Dangerous Game, which bitterly disappointed me, and the acting was what you'd expect in a B movie, but at least they had the good sense to get the nakedness right in a cheesy B-movie about slavegirls, which is more than you can say for most such movies.

Title: Re: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: Keir on March 03, 2012, 09:46:05 PM
I happen to like this movie as well and would surely give it 2.  Then again, I am a bit of a Liz Kaitan fanboy so that's probably why.

Title: Re: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Post by: obloodyhell on August 24, 2012, 08:33:33 AM
I don't know what the complaining is about this movie.

It has three very attractive girls who spend a fair amount of time dressed scantily or nude.

It has a coherent storyline, fairly competently acted.

Its locations and effects are not so awful as to really look bad.

Its budget was insanely low, as Fred Tate mentions, in return for what, given those limits, is a downright astoundingly well-done film. I will openly DEFY anyone to name a more competently done film with a budget even twice this movie.

No, it's not perfect. But it's a really, really nice piece of work.

I'll grant it's not professional studio caliber, but... i mean, for $120k? Really? WOW! Would that Hollywood could make 4x the picture this is for 1000x as much.

I mean, the only thing that the complainers can likely kvetch about is that it's not so bad that it's glaringly obvious all through it.