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Title: Howling II
Post by: Eric on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Sybil Danning proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that she has the finest set of TITS ever displayed in a 2nd rate horror film! Her mezmerizing mammaries alone are the only reason any sane person would watch this crappy film. She looked even better and displayed even more of her talents in They're Playing with Fire!!! Now that was her FINEST PERFORMANCE!
Congratulations to Christopher Lee in proving that you can still rise to the top (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars) after sinking to the bottom.

Title: Howling II
Post by: on November 01, 1999, 03:57:04 PM
I can't recommend this movie enough.  My friends and I laughed hysterically the entire time.  I can't even begin to describe how terrible it is.  Where to begin?  The atrocious acting, nonsensical plot, the wonderfully cheesy New Wave '80s thing it has going on, the editor who has a burning desire to use every possible wipe or transition no matter how inappropriate,etc.  There's more (like wolf orgies), but you just have to see it to fully comprehend it's awfulness.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Warren H. on November 02, 1999, 12:42:57 PM
I just realized . . . Ben is the same big blond guy from Space Mutiny!  He was also on an episode of Miami Vice.  Good gosh, how could such a bum get even that many roles?  Guess it was the 80s.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Bill Z. Bub on November 07, 1999, 09:13:33 PM
I happened to recall that Fangoria Magazine held a "Worst Horror Movie Of All Time Contest" that same year... And Howling 2 won first place by 4 TIMES the votes of the contender...  and What the hell is with that band in the club?  Who are they?  Werewovles?  Vampires?  Ravers?  Worse?  The world may never know...

Title: Howling II
Post by: Gloomjunki on January 20, 2000, 05:50:46 PM
Oh my God.  We just rented this disaster of a movie.  Sad to see Christopher Lee's name associated with it.  Did a couple of drunken mental patients write the script?  It made about as much sense as a Japanese infomercial played backwards.  We just about died laughing at some spots.  The freaky werewolf three-way was about the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen filmed.  Wow, did this one hurt....

Title: Howling II
Post by: Omega Man on April 05, 2000, 12:42:45 AM
One of the worst sequels ever!!! Right up there with "Return of the Living Dead 2". Words can't describe how s**tty this movie is. A couple of drunken five year olds on acid could make a better movie. The only reason to sit through this turd is to see Miss Danning flashing her tits every few minutes! The acting and the special makeup effects are pure s**t! In spite of it all, Christopher Lee gives a decent performance. Too bad they never released a soundtrack for this one. "The Cramps" wannabes in the movie were totally awesome! The other sequels in this s**tbox series were even worse. I have a good idea for a Howling 8 or is it 9?(who's counting?,who cares?) It will be about this all boy band of werewolves that need teenage virgins every full moon. It'll be a throwback to the T&A flicks of the 80's. Sounds good?

Title: Howling II
Post by: Thundercracker on May 17, 2000, 10:24:18 AM
Why does everyone hate this movie?  I found it to be quite enjoyable. For some movies, the cheesiness just adds to the flick.  This is one of those cases.  For those of you that think this movie is bad, check out Howling 5-7.  You want s**tty sequels, there you go.  They suck.  Leave poor Howling 2 alone.  Hey, someone had to have some sympathy for it, right?

Title: Howling II
Post by: Lupe on April 24, 2000, 03:16:40 PM
Well, I have to give them credit; in between puking and instant diarrhea that this movie evokes, you'll hava coronary from laughing !
It is my no.1 worst movie ever and Christopher Lee must cringe at the thought of his participation. This movie has that internationally co-produced loser-air emanating between the pixels of your tv-screen, it's somekind of Australian/Polish co-production.
There are some things -like this movie- so unconsumable to the human psyche that laughing about it must be the only way of dealing with it.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Brian Lindsey on August 17, 2000, 08:58:19 AM
Yeah, it's not very good... But even a rotten film with Christopher Lee - the last Living Legend of Horror Cinema - in it is worth at least one viewing. And the New Wave '80s theme song brought back fond memories of hopping about in a drug-induced frenzy (wearing a very skinny tie & even skinnier shades) at the Antenna Club in Memphis.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Macabre Matt on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Howling II, aka. "Your sister is a Werewolf" and "Stirba, Werewolf b***h!" The film is s**t, not even Sybil's topless shots or Christopher Lee's appearance in the film make it worthwhile, (did he really need the money that badly?) Directed by Philippe Mora, who also directed the even worst "Howling III - The Marsupials". Give 'em both a miss.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Nostracorvus on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
While the movie had a lot to be desired, overall it is not really a bad film. In fact, I read online that Elisabeth Brooks(the sexiest werewolf ever) was slated to be in this sequel but turned it down due to illness. So in hollywood, at the time, this may not have been such a horrible movie. I mean worse movies have been  all other howlings since and most zombie movies I've ever watched (though Lucio Fucli's Zombie is great). I wish they had released a soundtrack to this film though. To be honest I liked Christopher Lee's character in the movie, but I didn't like Reb Brown or Annie Mcenroe in the leads. It was a fun movie that maynot be the total best but hey, it coulda been the Howling: New Moon Rising...

Title: Howling II
Post by: on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I like the movie it had Reb (CAPTAIN AMERICA)Brown and Christopher Lee and the Realllly one hot sexxy woman in the world Ms. SYBIL DANNING. I think it's far better than the third one and the others and to Macabre Matt don't knock it Sybil topless scenes and in the bed you must be gay not to like it.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Hakan on August 08, 2003, 09:19:10 AM
I watch that if I was 11 at 1986 first Time.... I think this is one of the best  Werewolf Movies ever....  in the 80īs  movies like this  are very famous. But now,no one make  movies same like in the 80īs,very sad.  Specially  Chrishtopher lee  is the Best actor for Horror Movies (or he was the best)! No other actor can make it better for the Dracula Movies....

Title: Howling II
Post by: Steven Millan on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
   Enjoyable horror cheesiness....just the type that I like when in the right drunken mood(many of the late 90s post-"Scream" era movies,with the exception of anything involving vampires and Tim Burton,are far,far worse).The delightful presences of Christopher Lee and Sybil Danning(the Number
One B Queen of the Universe)make this one watchable.By the way,I recently heard an on-line rumor that Sybil resurrected
her acting career in Canada with "Herbatel"(a sci-fi outing with Robert Z'Dar)and "Ruger:L.A. Bounty 2".Is this all really true?Hopefully,we'll hear more about this within the
New Year,and,by the way,isn't a review of "L.A. Bounty" on this site long overdue?

Title: Howling II
Post by: Mark on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
This is the best cheesy film ever! I rent it every couple of years and bask in the warm glow of its cheesy awfulness. Come on! The opening alone with Christopher Lee's booming narration is worth the rental fee. And that soundtrack is a classic. I have searched for it for many years without success. It is the holy grail of film soundtracks. If anyone ever tracks it down, drop me a line.

Title: Howling II
Post by: David on November 05, 2002, 07:12:18 PM
I saw at the very end of the credits (after the gratuitous repeating breast shot) that the soundtrack is (or was back in 1984) available thru Filmtracks music...never heard of them and I have searched for years.   I do have The Howling II theme on Themes of Horror II however.  No words, just music.   The movie still sucks though.

Title: Howling II
Post by: AlphaWoolf on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I don't care for the original "Howling", and this one is even worse.  Still, I'll watch paint dry if Sybil Danning's talents are featured.

Title: Howling II
Post by: GrimExodus on October 09, 2002, 09:06:58 PM
The movie is boring as hell.  The best part of the movie is the ending, when this awesome new wave group does a small music video with all the best parts of the movie. Who are those guys? They kick ass.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Jonathan & Christian on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
We have found the song sung by Babel (Stephen Parsons) from the movie "Howling II".  If you go on download the software install it.  It is labled as "Stephen Parsons - Howling.mp3."  Even though the movie is SHIAAAAT, the song kicks ass. Sybil Dannings tit are were the best things in the movie.  P.S. the movie is not on DVD, as far as I know it.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Orin Porter Rockwell on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
After watching this film you will be able to draw Sybil Danning's firm and ginormous breasts from memory!!! You get to look at her perfect rack no less then seventeen times due to the exploitation of her nude scene in the final credits. No wonder she was called "The Rip-Away-Bra Queen!!! Watch this film if you wish confirmation.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Lunar_Insomniac on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I damn near ruptured something what with all the laughing that this "film" brought on.  But I did love the theme song and have been hunting it for years.

Title: Howling II
Post by: JIm on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
This movie is worth seeing just for the ending credits of Sybil Danning taking her top off dozens of times in a row. Wow, only in the '80s could someone get away with that.

Title: Howling II
Post by: on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Thee so called band in the club was none other than BABEL a punk rock group.

Actually I liked thee opening music from them but HATED it when they played it live in the film made it terrible.

Feed those fans in the crowd some dead rat meat mwaa ha ha ha ha haaa.

Howling 2 was GREAT. Even though it was funny with all the werewolf orgies n sex going on I found it howling 2 was a sequel for the mateing period of werewolfs. Whoever made the costumes should of been shot.

It did not even beat part 1's awsome scary look and part 2 just lost all focus from the prequal.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Lilian on May 04, 2004, 01:48:43 PM
I havnt seen this movie but I know the actress in it, Sybil Dannings. My dad works with her.... I have known her for a long time but i never knew she was an actress until recently. Its really cool!

Title: Howling II
Post by: hellstorm on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I haven't watched Howling 2 in a long time but ws just thinking of the film. I say the best part about the film is watching that blond chick tear her clothes off. the bestial werewolf sex is awesome! Some good gore if I remember correctly too. I think the worst Howling movie is 3.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Zach on August 20, 2005, 01:16:10 PM
I must be in the minority here.  The ending song reminded me of so many faceless douchebag bands from the eighties that thought they were soooooooo cutting edge back then.  I did enjoy the loop of Sybil ripping off her top, exposing the two best supporting actors in this film.  Those are amazing breasts considering this was filmed before implants gained wide notoriety.

Title: Howling II
Post by: Corey on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Strange movie. I watched it twice and still don't get the plot. The werewolves themselves were good though. I give this movie a B, like what it's catagorized as. (Unlike SOME movies COUGH*Mosquitos*COUGH)

Title: Howling II
Post by: Adrielle on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I personally loved Howling 2. The sex and tits were deffinatly a plus, but I just loved it in general. Granted, some of the acting was aweful...but loved it non-the-less...I'm looking for that song that Stephen Parsons did, yeah that cheezy 80's punk song...if anyone has it...can you tell me?

Title: Howling II
Post by: WitchKing on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
  Admittedly, the "Howling" series is uneven.  Only the first is a bonafide classic, but you have to admit that compared to many of the other 80's horror franchises, these movies are more imaginative and off-the-beaten-track.  I've read that "Howling 2" was abruptly removed from the director's hands in post-production and subjected to a disastrous re-edit.  Part 3 is exotic and very bizarre, Part 4 is the only total write-off, Part 5 has a cool setting (and a decent plot inspired by "The Beast Must Die"), Part 6 has surprisingly sympathetic characterization, and even Part 7 was tolerable.  Part 2 is interesting, if not terribly assured.  I do love the notion of the deathless Werewolf Queen ruling in debauched splendor from her Middle European castle.  Sybil Danning certainly looks the part in her studded fetish gear.  Chris Lee has never given a bad performance, although why they thought putting him in those wretched shades in the nightclub would make him look less conspicuous is beyond me.  The Babel song with the grunting hook is still cool and the lyric "Howling since the world began!" is darkly fascinating.  Marsha Hunt (from "Dracula A.D. 1972") is a fetching second banana to Sybil's lead she-wolf.  There are many nice little touches throughout.  The puppet show with the wolf marionette is unsettling, the shadow-shrouded werewolves baying through the forest are well-photographed, the death of the dwarf accomplice is tense, and the Werewolf Queen's cacophanous chanting left me a little chilled.  C'mon, a horror film with shapeshifting, incest, werewolf orgies, Satanism, and murderous eyeless dwarfs can't be completely dismissed.

Title: Howling II
Post by: IT on September 09, 2005, 12:49:21 PM
One of the stoopidest movies I have ever seen.Unlike the classic original the werewolves look like apes and the transformation scenes are footage from the original movie.Buy the original HOWLING do not buy this GARBAGE you was warned.Once again when I was a teenager I talked some friends into seeing this mess and I was never allowed to pick the movies again.

Title: Howling II
Post by: djhowls on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM
Genius. pure adulterated genius.

Whilst Howling 2 is technically a bad movie If you factor in the entertainment value then Howling 2 is actually better than the deathly dull Citizen Cane

I know which one I would want to stranded on a desert island with.

Dissenters need to watch the movie again with fresh eyes, a litre of JD and some pompous donnie darko fans. You will not be dissappointed :)  

Title: Re: Howling II
Post by: Snivelly on May 03, 2007, 07:24:34 AM
I caught this one on cable last night, and I was drawn in like bystanders at a messy car wreck.

The review failed to mention the special effects that would have looked cheesy even in a 1950's sci-fi b-movie!  And what the hell was the thing on Stirba's staff anyway?  The friend I watched it with and I called it the "werebatwolf" for lack of a better name.  And I had no idea that werewolves were into bondage, nor that they always gyrate like pole dancers when they howl.

If you watch this one, be sure to watch for the folk dancing scene.....obviously the choreographer for this one is used to writing dance routines for fat drunk white guys. 

Title: Re: Howling II
Post by: Zapranoth on May 03, 2007, 10:46:32 PM
The only part of this movie I remember is the end credits, with Danning repeatedly ripping her shirt off to the cheesy end credits song.

"Howl!"   *rip*    "Howl!"  *rip* *rip*  "Howl!"

When I was 16, it was just about ideal.  =)

Title: Re: Howling II
Post by: Ross on June 07, 2008, 09:28:02 PM
I just posted a review of this awesomely bad film: (

Including 4 clips to go along with it.
Christopher Lee explains the plot
Vampire Bat vs. Priest
Werewolf Orgy
Credits Sequence - Film Highlights & Sybil Danning Flashing her breasts 10 times.

Title: Re: Howling II
Post by: skully13 on May 05, 2009, 05:46:45 PM
 Why does everyone put down movies that are entertaining?
There is nothing wrong with having fun with a movie and the premise behind it. The Howling Saga is a rather pointless series of movies but not entirely the piece of crap they are made out to be. While it is true that there are several mistakes in this particular film in the series, it is one of the best of the Howling films and is enjoyable...especially the theme song by Steve Parsons which is an amazing song. So stop picking on the little known goodies in the world.

Title: Re: Howling II
Post by: don duf on August 21, 2009, 12:58:50 PM
I agree the movie sucked but i loved the soundtrack especially the song by Babel.  However getting the soundtrack is proving to be impossible.  I was never released on cd.  The lime wire method is ineffective.  If anyone knows how to acquire the soundtrack please e mail me at :hot:

Title: Re: Howling II
Post by: Tiki on August 29, 2009, 10:33:23 AM
The movie is boring as hell.  The best part of the movie is the ending, when this awesome new wave group does a small music video with all the best parts of the movie. Who are those guys? They kick ass.
The name of the band is called "Babel". And "YES" they do kick ass.

Title: Re: Howling II
Post by: JPickettIII on April 03, 2010, 09:24:27 AM
I did not see this on the site yet, but I found an unofficial (should be official) music video for the Howling II.

Enjoy  :cheers: