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Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Fred Ringwald on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
The Angry Red Planet terrified me when I was about 6 or 7.  I recently saw it again, for the first time in many years, and was amazed by how BAD it was.  The acting, the dialogue, the idiot lavishing affection on his freeze ray---I just shook my head.  The attitudes are probably what's most striking: this was made before Vietnam, and they think nothing of obliterating  everything in sight with their freeze-ray, just because they're away from home.   Who can blame the Martians for being angry?

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: on January 31, 2000, 11:20:41 PM
  The rat-bat-spider-crab is still one of the most effective monsters of all time. The strange motion it makes and the weird lighting combine to make it somehow seem really alive. It's menacing snarl and plodding walk are truely nightmarish. Of course, the movie that surrounds it is almost perfectly cheesy, and if viewed more than once a year proves tedious. But the spider-bat is truely a work of art. It is unique; who ever saw it and forogt it? Is this not one of the true criteria of a masterpiece? If it were filmed any other way than in the strange red glow that imbues it, it would just be another piece of Hollywood schlock. But the way that it is will make it a classic for all time. There is something in its being a marionette that gives it a somehow natural movement that would have been impossible to achieve any other way. The sounds, too, add to the experience to make the whole scene authentically otherworldly. I remember seeing the film as a boy and I have never forgotten the clomping footfalls that it makes when Dumb Dora hacks off its leg spike. This scene, and the ensuing few munites, are deliciously and eerily delightful, and are fully equivalent with the great opening scenes of the fully matuered Alien
in the film of that name.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Rick Oliver on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
This film provides an invaluable lesson for all aspiring female astronauts: Girls, when preparing for your first EVA, don't forget your purse!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: James Hepler on February 20, 2000, 11:11:02 PM
What the hell is up with that women's jaw?  I can't believe I didn't notice that the first time I saw it.  Sheesh.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: David on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I saw this movie when it was released at a Saturday matinee.  I was 8 or 9 at the time. I thought it was scary and cool.  I rented it a few years back and showed it to my daughter when she was about the same age. She thought it was cheesy.  That's progress.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Capt.Confederacy on April 11, 2000, 02:54:27 PM
Say what you will about "Angry Red Planet" but the Bat-Rat-Spider creature still RULES as a great piece of FX.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Tony on July 16, 2000, 05:36:08 AM
Yes, I also think this movie is kinda cheesy seeing it now, after all these years, but back then in the 50's, I'm sure it scared the hell outta alot of folks! The bat/rat monster is definitely the highlight of the film, and it is still effective even today in my opinion. But it does make you wonder why they didn't see the whole creature when they first approached its legs! Oh well, you can't win them all. But for all its goofiness and absurdity, its still fun to watch on a late night!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Chadzilla on August 17, 2000, 12:26:56 PM
You know who that Bat/Rat/Spider monster thingie had a HUGe effect on as a kid?  Stephen King, really.  Just go out and read his short novel The Mist, the BRS makes a cameo, of course you only see its legs, but it's still there.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Corby Waste on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I just want to say that I'm a forty-something year old now working for the Mars Program and I think Angry Red Planet is by far the best old sci-fi movie about Mars. For me, personally, I only wish that when we started getting pictures back from the real Mars, that they would have been anywhere near as cool as what that movie showed. Also, I thought it was incredibly cool to recently see a small version of the movie poster on one of my major Mars scientists wall at a NASA center that will remain nameless. I don't want mention his name since he probably would prefer not stay anonymous but I wanted to let the Angry Red Planet's fans know that you have company in some very high places. And you never know....what if life DOES exist on Mars? What if it's still there underground? Anyone seeing the movie would definitely think twice before volunteering for the first expedition. Maybe we better hope that it was just science fiction!

I really appreciate seeing your webpage on it,

Corby J. Waste

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Josh on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Bat-Rat-Spider-Crabs are awesome... yes this comment is horribly lame, but I felt like saying something for the sake of saying something, because I'm bored with no life. And now I need to go read the mist again because i dont remember Mr. Bat-Rat-Spider-Crab being in it, thanks for that little tidbit of info.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Cham on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Whoever said The Angry Red Planet is actually a good movie is an idiot. This movie is a bad poorly mademovie. Now, that is not to say I don't like it. I really like it. The pink-o-vision or whatever the hell it is is pretty neat. The bat-rat-spider, as everyone here already knows, is awesome. But to call it a good film--the acting stinks and the production sucks. The movie is bad. I will watch it again though. I give it a 4/5.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Smeazel on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM

Just for the record...

It states in the plot summary on this site that the ship is under gravity for the entire flight, and that this is "explained by 'constant acceleration'".  No need for the quotation marks, actually... constant acceleration WOULD in fact simulate gravity.  If the rocket were constantly accelerating at 9.8 m/s^2, then inside the rocket it would, gravitationally, be just as if the astronauts were on Earth (for all practical purposes).  Of course, they'd have to decelerate before they landed, but that's no big deal... halfway through the trip, the rocket can turn around and start DEcelerating at 9.8 m/s^2.  There'd be a moment with no gravity during the transition, but the rest of the trip they'd have regular gravity, for all practical purposes.

HOWEVER, there is one major problem.  Constant acceleration would mean constant fuel expenditure.  In the real world, once a rocket gets into space where there's no air to slow it down, it doesn't need to expend fuel unless it's maneuvering.  Once its course is set, it'll just keep on going in a straight line with no more fuel expenditure necessary (until it's time to turn or stop).  Newton's First Law.  Fuel isn't needed to maintain a rocket's velocity - but it IS needed to maintain a nonzero acceleration.  If the rocket is constantly accelerating, it has to be expending fuel all that time.  And a rocket just can't carry that much fuel.

So, the long and the short of it is, constant acceleration WOULD indeed effectively simulate gravity - but it would also require far more fuel than that rocket could reasonably have had in its tanks.

Okay, I'm nitpicking your plot summary.  Sorry.  I'll shut up now.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Geoff Feller on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I'm surpised no one has mentioned the kooky jazz score over the end credits, perhaps unique in SF cinema.  If I remember correctly, "Angry Red Planet" was produced by Edward Bernds, who directed some of the later Three Stooges shorts.  Could explain why the Bat-Rat-Spider's eyes got "gouged out" as Moe would say.  

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Roger on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
This could've been a good movie if the characters had been given any sort of humanity. As it is, two minutes after poor Sammy (the nicest guy in the crew) gets absorbed by the giant amoeba, the surviving crewmembers are acting like everything's fine! I mean, if they don't care about him, why should we? This movie obviously had no budget. There is not a single zoom in in the entire film (had zoom lenses been invented by 1959?)! They couldn't even afford crossfades at the end of each scene--the action just inexplicably fades to black a number of times. But decent character develpment could have saved even this piece of drivel. (Note to future screenwriters: GOOD CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS CHEAP--TRY IT!!!)

So in the 50's we thought we had the science thing figured out. Now we realize how goofy our ideas were. What worries me is, we still think so today. How will we look 40 years from now?

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: BoyScoutKevin on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Saw this for the first time recently. How do I love it? Let me count the ways. (1) The stock footage. (2) The dialog. Someone actually was paid for writing the dialog. Someone should get their money back. (3) Do not have footage of a rocketship landing. Just take footage of a rocketship lifting off and reverse the footage. (4) One of the guys has a freeze gun. What does the Colonel have? Another freeze gun? No, an automatic. And how does he store it, when he does not need it? With the clip in it. Keep that man away from me. (5) Plants obviously made out of rubber. And (6) When one of them is absorbed by an amoeba, do the rest of them close the door to the rocketship to prevent the amoeba from getting into the ship? No. They leave the door open and watch. Enjoy. I am sure Roger Corman had a hand in the making of this film. It sure looks like one of his. Now, back to "The Fly."

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Megaloman on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
The first time I saw this, my mom stayed up and watched it with me and my brother.  We never got to see the end, Channel 2 stopped the film before it was over!  To this day my mom never knows what happened.  Of course, she doesn't remember watching it either.
Anyway, I love this film.  It is just so much fun, and completely unlike a lot of "go to Mars" films at the time.  And all the monsters are really cool as well.


Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: lostmissy on July 20, 2001, 12:59:47 PM
for some reasom I like this movie. But that may say more about me then about the movie itself. Maybe the sum of the movie is greater then the parts!!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Tuffy on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Anyone who doubts that this is both a great and influential film would do well to note that the rat-bat-spider creature is prominently featured on the sleeve of the MISFITS album "Walk Amoung Us." What higher recommendation could any movie have???

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: A LOVER OF SCIENCE FICTION on November 04, 2001, 07:32:38 PM

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Priss Asagiri on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I'm just curious here. If my memory is right I think that Mystery Science Theater 3000 did this movie. Hmmmm....I wonder if so whether the movie has been released on video in MST'ied format? Otherwise I probably won't watch it.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Stug on January 02, 2002, 03:22:14 PM
This movie freakin reeked, my life has been diminished as I can never reclaim the 90 minutes or so I wasted on it.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: The Heuristcally Brain Damaged One on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Simulated gravity by use of "Constant Accelleration" as explained in this film is a false premise. Why? Because when a vehicle, (be it a car, plane, cheesy rocketship, or cheez-whiz fueled baby stroller) is in motion, everything and everyone on board moves at the same speed as said vehicle. Try dropping a ball from the top of the mast of a sailing boat, for instance, and you'll see what I mean (when wind conditions are minimum, of course. Preferably nil) Hell, drop something while you're driving your car and you'll see what I mean. This was known LONG before this movie was made, and the writers of ARP could have gleaned this knowledge with only the most basic research: BY DROPPING SOMETHING WHILST DRIVING THEIR CAR(S), which I'm sure everyone who has driven or ridden in one has done at one time or another. Estimated research costs: 5 seconds (worst case scenario)

Well, what do you expect? This is, after all, a B-movie, which, like many B-movies, are often produced by people with a collective IQ of twelve who don't care if they drink from the toilet or not (and who often expect their audience to have an IQ of ten and don't even notice if said toilet has even been flushed or not until it's too late. Eeeewww!) Which of course, makes B-movies so much fun to watch.

And, like everyone else, I too was enthralled by the Bat-rat-spider-crab. Now in need of a seeing eye dog; said dog would not be in danger of being eaten, since having one's eyes turned into novelty ice cubes by freeze-ray wielding astronauts without faceplates tends to turn one vegetarian (or gay, I can't remember which)

"We just lost Sam to the ameoba. Is Lawrence Welk on yet?" Yes, some humanity amonst our... AHEM ...heroes would have helped this film alot. So would some scenes in the Martain city.

My scathing review has ended. We now return you to your regularly scheduled cheese.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: mark on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
Its on sci fi channel as I type. It is the epitome of late fifties sci fi flix. Its silly, but it dosn't trip over its self, it keep going reguardless of how ridiculous everything is. I always ask myself 'why, was hollywood  pumping out movies in the fifties that insulted humanities babarism, when the U.S was constantly making war on everyone in the fifties?' Historians will see much irony there.
Yes, this movie is the classic sci fi movie. Not as interesting as forbidon planet, but it WAS scary when I was a kid and first saw this flick on creature double feature in the early eighties, oh how far I've come psychologicly.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: shaker on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I dimly remember that when the Giant Amoeba was hauling a$$, that it looked like a Fisher-Price toy, with it's eyball rolling around as if connected to a crank-and-wheel underneath "fronds" in near contact the the "ground". You know, I'll buy it just to see that again...

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Matt McIrvin on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM wrote:

'Simulated gravity by use of "Constant Accelleration" as explained in this film is a false premise. Why? Because when a vehicle, (be it a car, plane, cheesy rocketship, or cheez-whiz fueled baby stroller) is in motion, everything and everyone on board moves at the same speed as said vehicle.'

No, you're thinking of constant *velocity*, not constant *acceleration*.  Constant acceleration would mean that the velocity is changing all the time.  When you stomp on the gas (or the brakes) and the speed of your car changes, you feel it.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Doug Jones on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
Nora Hayden, the screaming, reptile-jawed starlet in this opus, later became "Naura" Hayden, she of the Everything You Wanted to Know About Energy But Were Too Tired to Ask
series of health food books. Her caps are excessive, lending an unhinged look to her gaping screams. Norman Maurer story-boarded the film, designing the monsters on paper. He also was married at the time to Moe Howard's daughter! Thus, the Edward Bernds connection. Norman is very cool. He invented 3-D comics!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Anon on November 27, 2002, 04:35:39 AM
As a good B movie this film has all the required things in it(interesting atmosphere, campy script, etc). For sci-fi fans watching this film late in the evening with a beer (or soda) and chips provides for an entertaining experiance.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: steve t. on January 21, 2003, 02:53:17 AM
A GREAT old movie!!!!!!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: John on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I can't believe it! Everyone is enthralled with the bat-rat-spider-crab, sayng it was the coolest monster in this flick and one of the great monsters of all time. Hey, it was cool ,for sure. But let me ask this one simple question: Would you rather take your chances with the bat-rat-spider-crab, or the ameoba? THE AMEOBA RULES! I think that damned ameoba is the coolest thing to make an appearence in a movie. I used to watch this flick in grammear school, they always seemed to show it on the 4:30 show on channel 7 (NY) on the last day of school in June. When that ameoba bubbles up out of the water, I would start to sweat and get stomach cramps. And poor Sammy! The flick is out on DVD, and I wish they made the disc with an alternate ending so I could rescue that poor guy. Anyway, I'll be 46 years old soon, I'm a health care professional with three college degrees, AND THAT AMEOBA STILL SCARES AND DISTURBS THE HELL OUT OF ME!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: marco on May 22, 2003, 08:36:28 PM
a slight disapointment, but still enjoyable. i think it could have been better.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Buttafly on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
This was by FAR the cheesiest movie I've ever seen and I loved it for precisely that reason. The special effects were rediculously funny and campy, especially the amoeba.  It was the most original (and silliest) creature ever put on film.  I mean seriously? It takes some imagination to come up with a giant twirly-eyed, jellyfish-esque, amoeba monster.  Everyone involved with this movie had to be on something because all the dialog and special effects and especially the acting all had the feel of something out of a hallucination.  But that oh so hip jazz score at the end is just the icing on the cake.  All in all, though, a very entertaining flick. :)

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: on July 23, 2003, 04:52:23 AM
Long live the rat, bat, spider! And the Red lighting too!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Peter on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I was terrified of the Angry Red Planet as a kid of 7 watching it on TV on a rainy Saturday afternoon, and now, 39 years after first viewing it, it remains one of the very best examples of classic 1950's SciFi films.
Viewing it today, I become that same 7-year-old kid again, and love every minute of it.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Steve on November 15, 2003, 01:13:23 AM
As a lover of SciFi and a lover of bad movies I must say you have way overrated this flic. It basicaly sucks, and even for a bad movie is really BAD!!!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Dave Munger on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I actually came here just to comment on constant acceleration. I am a nerd. Acceleration is actually measured in terms of "G-forces", one G of acceleration is equivalent to one Earth gravity. It could work with a drive that was close to 100% efficient, like the "asymptotic drive" in Arthur C. Clarke's "Imperial Earth". That got it's power by feeding hydrogen to a microscopic black hole. Generally, things in Clarke novels either are possible mathematically, or he makes it really obvious that they're meant to be understood as magic. Then there are hypothetical drives where you don't have to carry the fuel with you, like ramscoops for collecting interstellar hydrogen. With constant acceleration, there is also the advantage of getting there faster.

<a href="">The Hand Of Munger</a>

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Phil on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I saw this movie the other night for the 1st time since I was a little kid... and I must say it was BAD!!! I liked the way they looked out the window discribing stuff but not letting us see...  and they kept telling sammy the freeze-gun lover to not leave the window and keep watching, well what about the other window??? And the sets? Flat drawings!! But they figured if they put enough red on it we might not notice.. loved the rolling eyeball.
Also the fact that some of the astro-nuts had to explain to the others 'facts' about Mars (like maybe they weren't curious enough to find out a little before takeoff?)
I always thought "Forbidden Planet" was light-years ahead of this movie and it was made years before!!
Also, that rocket must have had a pretty large fuel tank! Wonder if the president knew these few guys in the control room and four astronauts were up to?

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Bruce on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
INCREDIBLY BAD!!! Some of the "Monsters" and scenery consisted of STILL Black & White DRAWINGS!!! Someone says: "OH! NO!" Look at the "Monster" in the view port and we are treated to a LINE DRAWING of a "Monster"!!! Then a "Monster" with a revolving turret for a head!

Horrifying, YES! But all due to the REVULSION at the rock bottom worst stuff imaginable (QUALITY-WISE!)

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: IT. on March 14, 2005, 03:39:16 PM
Not a bad movie in my opinion.Far better then Catwomen Of The Moon or Missle to the Moon.The scenes with the Batratspidercrab was the best and well remembered. The rest of the movie was average.I saw this movie as a kid and i enjoyed it but i always thought they could of had the batratspidercrab walk off a cliff into a pool of lava or something after it was blinded but it just walks off into the distance kind of a weak ending for one of the best monsters in SciFi history.I give it 5 STARS.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Thunderbird on August 05, 2004, 02:00:33 PM
The rat-bat-spider i wonder if those martian scientists were not fooling around with genetics? and as for the giant ameba there was a even bigger one in a episode of classic star trek a ameba big enough to wipe out a whole star system and a star ship run by vulcans WOW THAT IS BIG

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: amherst on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
This film was shot in "Cinemagic" process (that wierd negative with red tint) -- a process created and used for this film by Norman Maurer -- Maurer was the son-in-law of Moe Howard of the Three Stooges, and managed their careers in the 1950s and 1960s. (Maurer was a comic book artist by profession, and also invented the first 3-D comic book).

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: David Milland on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
A spectacularly bad film! Not that that's a bad thing. There's bad, and so bad it's good, and for most of it's 83 mins. "Angry Red Planet" falls into the latter category. Nicely stylized, but utterly unrealistic B/W line drawings are regularly substituted for actual Martian scenery. The "real" Martian scenery is no better as it is a strange combination of obviously potted palms, and other trees that have no business in a jungle, all of which have been scattered with excelsior. Even the pink, headache inducing "Cinemagic" effect doesn't begin to disguise this. The giant amoeba is delightfully audacious in it's awfullness. It is obviously two entirely different models. The rubbery, jellid one for the water, and the rigid, rolling-eyed one for land. It is also rendered as a chunky, multicolored mound of Jell-o surrounding the rocket, and swirling ominously through the porthole. In one such porthole shot you can clearly make out the end of a stick stirring it. The batratspidercrab is, on one level, as hilariously fake as anything I've ever seen on film, yet it is also amazingly effective! I could see every wire holding it up, the obviously hinged jaw, the way most of it's legs never touched the ground as it walked, just the utter, blatant fakeness of it, and yet it absolutely fascinated me! I wish it had taken up the entire running time, and I REALLY wish that I owned that prop. The four lead players, save for Ms. Hayden, are all talented, prolific, usually solid character actors. Gerald Mohr played lots of cops and robbers, and was very good in a small part in William Wyler's "Funny Girl". Les Tremayne and Jack Kruschen had both appeared in George Pal's stunning "War Of The Worlds". Tremayne had worked for Douglas Sirk in "Written On The Wind", and the same year(1960) that ARP was released Kruschen (brilliantly) played Dr. Dreyfuss in Billy Wilder's "The Apartment". All of which makes me wonder why the performances are so bad in this movie. I tend to think that since it was just a ten day shoot the principals signed on for a quick paycheck, and in the hope that the film would disappear quickly, and just gave the director what he wanted. Unlike Kruschen, not to many people can say that they were directed by Ib Melchior and Billy Wilder in the same year. Yes, it was directed by the notoriously inept Ib Melchior, produced by the epically inept Sid Pink (the man responsible for "Reptilicus"), and cowritten by both. Given that pedigree I suppose I should be thankful that it's even watchable. Other than Melchior's "Robinson Crusoe On Mars"(which still had execrable special effects even though it was from Paramount) this is sadly/hilariously the best movie either ever made. The jazz score at the end is quite cool, especially since it doesn't remotely fit with any of the music heard previously in the film. As for the lovely Nora (later to become "Naura") Hayden, she quit acting, and in the early 70's authored the best selling sex manual "How To Please A Man Every Time", and it's sequal "How To Please A Woman Everytime". I imagine her python-like unhinging jaw was a great aid in her research. That thought alone makes me extra double glad that I'm queer as a prom queen.  I've often heard it said that no one ever sets out to make a bad movie. "Angry Red Planet" will make you wonder. At least it's (unintentionally) funny, and moronically entertaining. I wanna see the Batratspidercrab in a new movie!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: iriegirl on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I thought it was very good for the times.  I just saw it yesterday and was kinda impressed.  The red effect was creepy as hell.  As was Batratspidercrab.  But the fish with the eyeball spinning around; now THAT'S comedy!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: roberto on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM
The angry red planet is really orange. Was orange Kool-Aid or Tang used in the editing process.

Anyway, we should never criticize the limited resources of B films. Mental resources, that is.

I think the director should have thrown in the chicken sink when making the giant bat-rat-crab-spider. Chicken sink? You heard me right. He could have added a wattle, some wings and a beak and made the giant bat-rat-spider-crab-chicken. Pecking up his prey would have been more efficient than that stupid claw.

By the way, is that toot, in the backround, to the giant rat-bat-spider-crab what the pop is to the weasel?

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: eman on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I saw this movie in 1959, at the age of four. For the times it was scary as hell. I still remember the movie and I'm going to buy it, so I can relive the experience. Of course, this movie would not hold up to todays special effects. Nor could anyone reasonably expect that it could. IMHO

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Bat-Ratty on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
A superior sci-fi movie for it's time - we can now look back at those more "innocent" times with affection (and hilarity) at what passed for science "fact." Yes to all the comments that the Bat-Rat Spider was one of the cooler monsters ever made. If you go a convention, you can pick up a model of it for a decent price. Does anyone know that Gerald Mohr (the lead actor) was the voice of Mr. Fantastic in the Hanna-Barbera "Fantastic Four" cartoon series of the 60's? - some "get a life" trivia for you!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Tojo on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
I am a 50 something avid fan of the old sci-fi movies, " Angry Red Planet" may seem cheesy to the younger crowd but very little was known about mars or what if any kind of lifeforms would be encountered. This movie and "Robinson Cusoe on Mars" are still my favs on the subject of Mars.
My grandson who is 8 still thinks the Batratspidercrab is one of the coolest monsters he's seen. It's so bad it's Great!

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Manuel Antares Richard Sanchez on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
   Poor Jack Kruschen, the planet Mars just doesn't agree with him. He gets blasted to pile of ashes when he tries to make friends ('The War of the Worlds'), rendered a thug and sidetracked to Venus ('Abbott and Costello Go to Mars'), and had for dinner when he finally drops in for a visit('The Angry Red Planet'). "Angry-at-the-Red-Planet" should justly be his mantra. Sheesh!

   The Nora Hayden school of dramatic emphasis: pause before uttering the last word of any important...      ...line! "Sounds so foreboding," doesn't it?

   Not HAL, not IBM, but Burroughs!

   Standard issue interplanetary space wear: penny loafers! (a friend pointed that one out to me)

   "To hell with radiation!" -?!?!- Now that's one fearless person or someone perhaps too desperate for the opposite sex!

   If the martians could prevent our hapless crew from lifting off the surface of Mars, why did they not stop the original trespass that got their antennae so in a twist? Maybe the martians were asleep, I mean, what with all that "millennia" of watching us. 60 winks (remember they have "three bulging eyes") proved just too irresistible I guess.

   And speaking of the martians, is it only a population of one? I don't know, maybe it's someone who prefers when addressing others, the use of the editorial "we", like royalty on Earth.

  "Here's another 'if'": if the spaceship is steadily accelerating at "1G" and the travel time to Mars is 47 or 49 days (I've forgotten which it was), just how fast would the crew be traveling by the end of that period, and how far from Earth would their craft actually be?

   Less Les. I suppose "Irish" disposed of Gettel, flushing him out into space, where his disembodied voice would one day, far in the future, recount for the movie going audience of 1956, the interstellar achievements of the human race ('Forbidden Planet'). How prescient of her.

   In 1959, I was five and a poltroon, watching 'The Angry Red Planet' with cowardly fascination from my vantage place behind a theater seat. I loved every minute. Today, of course, it's different: I'm fifty one.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Bob the mutant chicken on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I remember reading in one of MELCHIOR'S books that there was surpose to be a giant flying reptile in this movie but it was taken out because of the budget.That would of been cool if they just kept it in.Also the BATRATSPIDERCRAB was surpose to be a ONE EYED SNAKE.Anyway I enjoyed this movie bad effects and all the scene where IRIS gets grabed by the PLANT MONSTER was my favorite scene you can actually see her wrapping herself in it's tentacles that was very hilarious.Everyone should have this movie in thier collection.Glad they stuck with the BATRATSPIDER it wouldn't been a great movie without KING KONG'S big brother.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Ghastley Gilbert on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
The so called Cinemagic invention was to mellow out the rather crappy drawings used at the beginning to show the Martian landscape. Don't get me wrong, I love this flick. It's one of my all-time favs. As a matter of fact I paid through the nose to buy it on DVD then found it at Walmart for 7 bucks.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: rob r on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
I noticed a small detail the last time I saw this on cable.The seats in the ship were actual jet ejector seats.I think the manufacturer (Weber?) was even thanked in the credits.Too bad these bozos didn't use them.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: marlon the monster on October 13, 2006, 03:33:16 PM
I dont care how you try to justify it but freezing someones eyeballs is just plain wrong.Other then that an enjoyable movie.

Title: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Alan Gutierrez on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM
As one who owes his career to Science Fiction, and artistic design, I think the Bat Rat Spider Crab is one of the top 10 designed monsters of all time! While at Art Center College of Design, I was taught by one instructor that good ideas are "making the strange familiar, and the familiar strange" That's what makes BRSC so good, taking familiar images (repulsive in this case) and rearranging them into a new design. As an artist in the SF field, I've tried to live by that creed 25 years since my BFA in Illustration and hundreds of SF book covers.

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: lumal on June 26, 2007, 02:45:31 AM has a lot to say about this stuff
Ib is 89 and still writing. He's a very interesting fellow.

We R selling the orginal shooting script on Ebay and they are studing it and USC & UCLA film school.

THX 2 the Nasa Mars guy. We get a lot of this regarding ARP. 4 it's time and even now oin context.

Kirk Maillet

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: 316zombie on September 07, 2007, 03:48:51 PM
i love this movie! the effects are amazing,especially for their time period!the solarizing of the matte pics and the marionettes really creates a wonderfully eerie atmosphere,if you know how to appreciate the art and the design involved in creating this effect.many professors of film use this movie as a tool to teach their students about the advances in film making throughout its to the dialog and acting,well sure,they weren't fabulous,but they fit the film very well!it was never meant to be a classic,but it is,on any number of movie lists.can you name a better scifi movie from the same time period?i doubt it!

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: damnote on January 05, 2008, 05:36:53 PM
This was one of the first B-Movies I saw as a kid. I still love it and I don't get bored. Out of all the "Mars" movies out there this one still takes the cake as a great example of what we all thought Mars would be like.....far out!

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Flangepart on January 08, 2008, 11:26:27 AM
This film provides an invaluable lesson for all aspiring female astronauts: Girls, when preparing for your first EVA, don't forget your purse!
Remember the first words the General says when she staggers out of the ship when it lands on earth...
"Its the girl!"
Not 'Doctor'...whats her name...just 'Its the girl!"
and yeah, Sam has Waaaaay too much affaction for his gun.
Sam remember...
"This is my wepon, this is my gun..."

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: WingedSerpent on October 20, 2008, 04:04:26 PM
Who would win in a fight Rat-Bat-Spider-Crab or Man-Bear-Pig?

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: TERESE on December 14, 2008, 07:44:31 PM
I LOVE this movie.  It came out the year that I was born.  I found it on TV on a late night about 15 years ago.  About 10 years ago I bought the VHS.  My family thinks it is horrible and think it is torture when I make them watch it!   :bouncegiggle: :lookingup:

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: MTMTexas on July 27, 2009, 10:16:40 PM
Saw this movie at a Sarurday Matinee.
I was 11 years old.
When they finally showed the rat-bat-spider-lobster, a girl sitting two seats away jumped up and wrapped her arms around me and hid her face in my shoulder while her friends screamed their heads off.

GOSH I miss the old Walker Theater in Brooklyn!!


Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Mr Reptilian! on August 07, 2009, 04:48:07 PM
Why couldnt she see the top of the top of the Batratspidercrab before she started wacking? The red effect made my eyes real sore when I first saw this movie.A very terrible movie but funny as hell.

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Mr Reptilian! on August 28, 2009, 12:05:21 AM
I dont care how you try to justify it but freezing someones eyeballs is just plain wrong.Other then that an enjoyable movie.
Not if your best friend is about to become a Rock Sanwich.

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Rich on January 28, 2010, 07:07:48 PM
I was 8 when I made my parents take me to see this movie in 1959. I lived in a small village near Worcester in the UK. It turned out to have the most profound effect on me that it is still to this day the most terrifying experience I have ever had and can remember how scared I was quite vividly. That night I would not close my eyes and the lights had to be left on all night. I remember my father stayed up with me all night. He and Mom took it in turns for over a week until the experience calmed down enough for me sleep on my own. But it was many later before I would turn off my bedroom lights at night. Whenever anything scary happens to me now I automatically scale it from 1 to 10 on this one experience in 1959. Life was much more naive in those days and kids today would just lagh. It makes me wonder what sort of movies will be made in the future which could possibly scare the kids of the future!! Was I alone, or did anyone else get a fright, I love to hear from you.

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: BoyScoutKevin on February 07, 2010, 04:08:53 PM
I have seen it, and I did enjoy it, but I never found it to be scary. But, then, I was much older than 8, when I saw it.

But 8 can be a scary age for a child. I saw the original "The Fly," when I was 6, and it scared the s*** out of me. Of course, I now find the film more laughable than scary.

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: ralphyralph on March 29, 2011, 03:09:11 PM
The dialog in this movie is hopelessly inane. Seriously I think they used some kind of random dialog generator, which would probably be a computational feat in 1959. My forehead got sore from so many face palms. I couldn't finish the movie.

Title: Re: The Angry Red Planet
Post by: Babied on December 04, 2014, 04:10:32 PM
The pink amoeba, digesting the astronaut"REALLY TURNED ME ON"! Wish it had been me in my fleece footed pajamas! :smile: