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Title: Hideous!
Post by: StatCat on June 14, 2000, 09:20:41 PM
Rented this about a year ago. kind of funny in a way. A nice attempt by fullmoon pictures. I give it a 5 out of 10.

Title: Hideous!
Post by: Mighty Atomic Pikachu on June 15, 2000, 07:33:13 AM
Is it just me, or is Full Moon *always* making 'deformed freaks eating people' movies? >shrug<

I bet the guy at Opposable Thumb Films would file THIS under Crazy Baby Month if he kept trying :)

Title: Hideous!
Post by: Nigel on June 26, 2000, 03:03:08 PM
Just rented this. While not nearly as much fun as Full
Moon's Puppet Master series it was OK. I give it 6 of 10
with the extra point for the chick who was always sitting
on tables. She had a great rack.

Title: Hideous!
Post by: Chadzilla on August 20, 2000, 02:41:15 PM
Pssst, little secret for those viewers over the age of 18 (or 21 in some states).  Wanna see a whole lot more of Sheila in action? Well friends, the oh so lovely Jacqueline Lovell also does more, ahem, mature movies under the name Sara St.James.  Wowzer.  Of course you already knew that, didn't you?  Our type always does.

Title: Hideous!
Post by: Cham on January 19, 2001, 08:49:17 PM
Full Moon can make some dogs. I enjoyed this one. Had some really funny lines. I give it a 3.5/5

Title: Hideous!
Post by: on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
A little on the strange side watching a little fetus sucking on a woman's tit. And there is alot of nudity which isn't a bad thing.

Title: Re: Hideous!
Post by: Patient7 on January 29, 2008, 05:41:42 PM
Thank you late night t.v for showing this movie...                edited, argh!!!