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Title: Continuing Upgrades
Post by: Andrew on December 15, 2006, 10:38:54 PM
The projects just keep running.  Along with transitioning some of the reader reviews every night, I have been doing a lot of stuff in the background. 

My new template file for the interviews is almost done and I am digging it.  Posting interviews will get much easier once it is ready.  I hope to put the final touches on it by next weekend.

I have started moving the site to CSS, vice pure HTML 4.01.  The front page, latest updates, movie index, and all of the reviews are now using CSS.  I will continue to work on that.  Should go fast, because I can just do find and replace searches to update many of the files.

With the change to CSS I switched everything to Helvetica font, vice the Helv font I have been using.  The prior seems to be a bit easier to read.  I tried Verdana and Tahoma, but might need to see if they grow on me.  At present, I was not digging it.  If I remember, the forum is using Tahoma and I left it that way. 

Certain tables are now bordered by green to fit in with the site design.  Those are on the front page, latest updates, and movie index.  I will do the reader index file soon.  In addition, I am checking the pages for valid W3C and CSS.  All of the ones done so far come up pure, no errors (except for ones from some of the advertisements - ugh).

I tweaked the layout of the reviews some.  Mostly putting things in tables to enforce formatting.  The little green dot lists for characters, lessons, and stuff were the main changes.