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Title: Cavegirl
Post by: Andrew on February 10, 2007, 02:13:55 PM
A nerd is transported back in time to a prehistoric era.  He finds a primitive tribe, a beautiful blonde cavegirl, and discovers that 80's music was totally awesome back then too.

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Title: Re: Cavegirl
Post by: Yaddo 42 on February 11, 2007, 06:19:21 AM
I'll post in this one and watch all the action be in the Bad Movies topic.

How many times did Up All Night show this? They sure got their money's worth from it.

Never liked it or hated it much, but I gave it a shot a bunch of times mostly because of the cave girl. You're right, that smile was something.

At my high school the only guy with shaved eyebrows was a jock/redneck who lost a bet on the Super Bowl and couldn't pay. He agreed to shave them off to settle the debt. Swirlies (sp?), a shook up coke opening in the face, or deodorant on the face were the usual order of business for picking on geeks. Sleeping on a trip might get the old white toothpaste around the mouth, or locked in the bus toilet during a rough patch of road if it was a band trip on a chartered bus.

Rex would have been a good candidate for home schooling at my high school. I knew a few guys almost like that. They made me look cool by comparison, no mean feat that.

Title: Re: Cavegirl
Post by: Torgo on February 16, 2007, 11:48:25 PM
I checked on IMDB and it doesn't list any acting credits past 1989 for the chick who played the Cave Girl.

I wonder what happened to her...................

Title: Re: Cavegirl
Post by: Scott71 on November 20, 2007, 09:25:07 PM
To anyone who can help me: What is the name of the group and song playing during the gratitious love scene at the end of the movie?

All I remember is some of the lyrics: "Where is love, show me your love, how deep is your love" . . .

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. It's killing me and I'm racking my brain trying to remember!

Thanks in advance

Title: Re: Cavegirl
Post by: Andrew on November 21, 2007, 04:54:34 PM
To anyone who can help me: What is the name of the group and song playing during the gratitious love scene at the end of the movie?

Per the end credits:  Music by Jon St. James

Would you believe that no group or performers are credited at all?  However, I found the girl who sung the two pop songs that occupy most of the soundtrack:

I cannot find any credit for "How Deep is Your Love?" at all.  I think that getting in touch with the director or someone else involved in the film might be the best way.

Title: Re: Cavegirl
Post by: caveguy on November 08, 2009, 07:37:20 PM
Unbelievable...i got the new 12 movies in 1 DVD of the Crown releases called "Too Cool for School" which featured some great 70's & 80's films including Tom Boy, The Beach Girls, The Van, Weekend Pass and Cave girl.

The Actress / Cavegirl in the movie was so beautiful and had that innocent charm and just lit up every scene she was in....even though the movie is pretty bad!

Now i researched on her online (out of curiosity of course to she if she did anything else and while she did, very limited and mostly in the 80's) and found some really depressing news.

She passed away this year...she was 50...and no cause of death in peace

Here is what was written in the Obituary of that newpaper / online paper

(Picture online)

Cynthia Ann Thompson Glum (1959 - 2009)

Cynthia Ann Thompson Glum June 24, 1959- October 10, 2009 Cynthia Thompson Glum, age 50, went to be with the Lord on Saturday October 10, 2009 in Bakersfield. She is survived by her husband, Gary Glum; sons, Knokos and Britannia; mother, Pat Rhoades; and brothers, Michael, and David Thompson, and numerous uncles, Aunts, cousins and large extended family. She was preceded in death by her father, Roy L. Thompson. Born in Santa Maria, CA, Cindy was a special angel, born with inner beauty that touched the lives of those around her. She always had a beautiful smile for everyone and a delightful sense of humor. Cynthia loved her entire family but her children were the two most important people in her life. She was a wonderful mom and best friend to them. Services to be held at Greenlawn Mortuary (River Blvd) at 10:00 AM, Friday October 16, 2009. The service will be officiated by Garth Black, Westside Church of Christ and her cousin Darren Thompson. The family wishes to thank her " surrogate parents", Don and Judy Baize for their constant loving care. Special thanks to her Aunt Barbara and uncle Leroy Pflugh, who generously opened their home and cared for Cindy. Also, a thank you must be given to Dr. Eileen Matuk, whose compassion is greatly appreciated.

More? Search her name