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Title: Cradle will rock -- Tenacious D meets Bill Murray
Post by: BTB on February 20, 2007, 03:28:51 PM
Honestly n this movie  Tenacious D really  meets Bill Murray or better said in a subplot the characters of kyle glass and Jack black meets the ventriloquist Character of Bill Murray.

Now that I got you hooked I want to tell you about this often overlooked gem.

It is a very complex film with three major plotlines with various subplots set in 1930 and an amazing cast of haracters and actors.

Among the Characters we Have Norman Rockefeller, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Orson Welles
Among the Actors we have John Turturro,the Cusacks, Bill Murray, Hank Azzaria and watch out for Paul Giamatti as Comic Relief.

The film was written and directed by Tim Robbins and his political views also have some influence of the film but they are not dominating it.

The stories are centered mainly about Theatre and Art and the motivations behind them but are accessible presented.

The score is a beautiful melange of Jazz, Musical and Klezmer and is a reason by itself to watch the movie.

Good acting, funny parts, a beautiful score, interesting characters make this movie one of my secret tips for my friends which all did enjoy this movie.

Title: Re: Cradle will rock -- Tenacious D meets Bill Murray
Post by: BoyScoutKevin on February 22, 2007, 08:35:03 PM
Someone once posted, not on this board, that this was one of the most underrated films of the '90's, with which I agree. Featuring many of the prominent personalities of that time. Personality . . . Actor

Diego Rivera . . . Ruben Blades
Hazel Huffman . . . Joan Cusack
Nelson Rockefeller . . . John Cusack
John Houseman . . . Cary Elwes
Orson Welles . . . Angus Macfadyn
Harry Hopkins . . . Bob Balaban
Marion Davis . . . Gretchen Mol
Chairman Martin Dies . . . Harris Yulin
Frida Kahlo . . . Corina Katt Ayla

Speaking the words actually spoken by them, such as Hazel Huffman's Congressional testimony. And featuring some of the events that actually occured during that time, such as the funeral at the end of the film. One of the better films I saw during the '90's.

Some of the other actors appearing in the film are . . .

Vanessa Redgrave
Susan Sarandon
Jack Black
Barnard Hughes