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Title: Blades
Post by: Andrew on February 24, 2007, 10:10:14 AM
A golf course is terrorized by a killer lawnmower in this low budget parody of "Jaws."  Why do movies go out of their way to inflict golf pants on me?

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Title: Re: Blades
Post by: Joe the Destroyer on February 24, 2007, 04:08:49 PM
You know, I almost think I should watch this flick.  It looks at least mildly amusing, even with the idiotic amount of golf pants. 

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: Shadow on February 24, 2007, 07:40:08 PM
I caught this on HBO years and years ago. My dad first caught it late at night and was telling me about it. I thought he was just making it up, as the idea sounded too ludicrous to me. Then I saw it for myself.

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: Torgo on February 27, 2007, 03:46:41 PM
Was this a Troma flick or was it just distributed by Troma?

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: Andrew on February 27, 2007, 04:36:10 PM
Troma was just the distributor.  I think they would have tried to play it with more slapstick - which would have been a mistake.  The movie tries to get it right by playing the story straight (except when the hunters are all running around the golf course and blowing stuff up, which turned out dumb).  I think that trying to stay serious was a good idea, but they just didn't make it work.

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: Andrew P on March 02, 2007, 06:55:27 PM
I was excited to see this movie get reviewed on the site for a couple reasons, one of which is that one of my acting professors is in it. The character isn't really mentioned in the review, but Lyle (the groundskeeper) is pretty much a comic relief character who serves no actual purpose in furthering the plot. But yeah, since the actor is now an acting teacher (and a good one! Don't let those b-movie credentials fool ya!) we actually have annual showings of this movie as a joke. We give it a pretty good MST3K style treatment, though any scene he's in we replay a few times just due to sheer cheesiness of his lines. The only downside is surviving the rest of the movie, which is just... yeah. I'm surprised I've seen it twice and stayed awake, so I guess I should thank the fact it's a whole ton of people watching it.

From my understanding, the movie had actually been pitched as a satire piece but a lot of stuff behind the scenes changed and thus the movie became almost a direct copy (some scenes shot for shot!) of Jaws, and also became a lot more uninteresting and campy. There was even a point where they were worried it would get sued by Spielberg and co., but since it was such a small movie, nothing actually came of it.

Glad to see a great review though!

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: seeker on December 19, 2008, 02:17:53 PM
hi, i have been reading your comments about this movie and they are wacked out. any way lets get to the point, i really want to see this movie but i don't know where they sell it or where to rent it, iv been searching online to watch this movie but i just cant find anything, i have seen some scenes of the movie on Youtube but thats it. please tell be where you get this movie, email me and i will be so happy  :teddyr:

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: Mofo Rising on December 19, 2008, 06:17:33 PM
You can buy a used copy of Troma's Triple Header (, a cheapy DVD set of three movies, including blades.

I rented it from Netflix. The quality isn't good, but it's watchable.

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: seeker on December 20, 2008, 11:04:21 PM
Like yesterday i replied about where to rent or buy blades, but happily i found it on Netflix, amazingly i was scared out of my whits when i saw the machine of terror chase the van on the golf course but the best part was what it chopped up the fuel tank and the van exploded, and also i would like to comment about the 4  to 5 min breaks i had to take during the movie which made me mad, but so far the movie was pretty scary. I would like you to look up the movie chopping mall, i have never seen it but it has the same point to the movie blades, a vicious maniac mahine going around a mall trying to kill all intruders, let me know if you enjoyed it and rate it a scale 1-10, ty for your presents, sining out........the SeeKeR :cheers:

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: Author_Matt_Hults on February 06, 2009, 03:20:18 PM
I've been debating whether or not to pick this dvd up for about a year. I've kept tabs on the price at deepdiscount, but the last time I went to check, it wasn't available anymore. I checked the Troma site, which says the Triple B-Header set is discontinued.

As others have said, you can see it at netflix, and download Blades at Amazon, but I'm the kind of guy who likes having the disc, too, so I nabbed up a used copy of Triple-B. Not many out there, though, so grab one while you can!

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: uberjason on March 04, 2009, 09:30:37 AM
I bought the VHS tape almost 20 years ago on a flee market overhere in the Netherlands, and a few years ago decided to also buy it on DVD. Yes the movie is very B-minded, but I really like it. Me and my brother watched it, and it has some very nice scenes and locations. The way I look at this flick is that it's a very campy cult movie, and although it stole alot of the Jaws scenes, it still is watchable.
I'm trying to find a soundtrack from this movie, but it's very likely there isn't one to get. Anyone out there who can help me out here?
Final word I have to say about this movie: I've seen much worse films coming and going, and Blades isn't too bad, it has a great sense of humor, and the gore effects are done pretty good. in a scale of 1 to 10 for amusing camp flick, I give it a big 8.
just for the guts to make it.
Greetings al the way from Friesland, the Netherlands!

Title: Re: Blades
Post by: CalrissianFoxxSteele on October 03, 2012, 11:37:09 PM
Saw a Troma Triple B Movie Header in the movie store (when those were relevant).
Decided to rent it and could actually watch it. Thought the Jaws like film making was clever but otherwise nothing special.