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Title: After Sundown (2006)
Post by: Scott on April 11, 2007, 12:30:09 AM
AFTER SUNDOWN (2006) ( - This horror film starts out in 1800's Texas with the whole town ready with firearms to defend the town against this vampire pistol carrying gunslinger who looks like WWE pro wrestler The Undertaker, but he isn't. Guns are blazing within the first 5 minutes as the undead figure walks down main street to get his pregnant women who is about to give birth in one of the town buildings. Nothing stops him and he shoots all the towns people. Next they change to modern times as some workers are digging up an old graveyard and find the women, the baby, and later the undead gunfighter arrives on the scene. The body of the perfectly preserved women has a stake in her heart and the local morgue manager pulls out the stake creating chaos in town as everyone in town is turned into a zombie by the old Western vampire couple. The town sheriff and deputy have a hard time shooting down all the undead towns people and figure out they must get the baby back to the cememtary. It's not bad and kept my interest, but I didn't enjoy as much as one could have if the production values weren't on the level of Sci-Fi Channel originals or Nickelodeon productions. It's one of those straight to DVD zombie films they have been making lately like DEAD MEN WALKING (2005) (,100554.0.html), ALL SOULS DAY (2005) (,111011.0.html), GHOST LAKE (2004) (,94756.0.html).

(5 out of 10 Stars)  :thumbup: :thumbdown: They had a chance to make a really weird film.