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Title: Guns of the magnificent seven (1969)
Post by: Neville on May 12, 2007, 05:31:12 PM
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With "Return of the seven" blurry on my memory and "The magnificen seven ride!" not as forgotten as I would like to, I think it is fair to say this is the best sequel to John Sturges' "The magnificent seven".

I was expecting a more spaghetti western-style film, being shot in Almeria and with a storyline revolving around the struggle between federales and Mexican revolucionaries, but instead it looks and feels like a Hollywood western, although not a first rate one. George Kennedy, a long time before his comedic films with Leslie Nielsen and Chuck Norris, is good enough as Chris, although he does play him a bit more low key than Brynner did. As for the script... it's been there done that, but at least it has enough action and wit wherever it's needed. Even the particular philosophy of the gunfighters of the original is kept, which is a good thing.

My only gripe with this film is that the filmmaking was too restrained. While the director's work is far better than in other similar themed American films, such as 100 rifles, I missed the passion and the bold strokes an Italian director would have used. You know, after watching so many spaghetti westerns set during the Mexican revolution is hard to adjust your mindset.

Title: Re: Guns of the magnificent seven (1969)
Post by: Scott on May 14, 2007, 05:11:11 PM
Yep, GUNS OF THE MAGNIFICIENT SEVEN was the best of the follow-ups with George Kennedy, but Western fans should watch them all. The sequel with Yul Brenner is the least of the bunch if I remember correctly.