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Title: Hollywood Mogul: Computer Game
Post by: Andrew on June 17, 2007, 09:53:03 AM
I've looked at the website and this looks different.


    Chicago, IL -- June 14, 2007 - Have you ever been in a theater at the end of a bad movie and said to yourself, "Even I could do better than that?" Well, now you can try. "Hollywood Mogul 3" is a new PC Strategy Simulation that takes you inside the Dream Factory.

    Written by a one-man game company over a four-year period, "Hollywood Mogul 3" puts you at the Head Of The Studio. Create movies from your own ideas or select from thirteen sources such as Novels, Screenplays, Comic Books, TV Shows and more. Bring 100 movies to the Silver Screen, and every movie has your name on it as you watch the opening credits.

    In "Hollywood Mogul 3" each movie your studio releases has hundreds of options in story development, production, casting, marketing and release. You're in charge of every decision. You get the glory. You take the heat. This layered, intricate exploration of Hollywood will bring out your inner Creative Genius, Business Legend, or ruthless Hollywood Mogul.

    Fans of the game have already created talent databases that include real-life movie stars and images, as well as dozens of other game files. All of these files are available to "Hollywood Mogul 3" players as free downloads, and all of them enhance the simulation experience for running your own Hollywood movie studio.

    A sure bet for a summer blockbuster, "Hollywood Mogul 3" is only available on-line, and the full game can be downloaded for free from Play free for eight days before purchasing a License I.D. for $29.99.

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Carey DeVuono
Hollywood Mogul Company
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Title: Re: Hollywood Mogul: Computer Game
Post by: AnubisVonMojo on June 19, 2007, 09:06:19 AM
I remember playing a demo of the original when it first came out. It was a really low-tech game that was 90% text-based stuff, but I remember it being a good way to kill some time. I'll check this one out too. Thanks for the news!