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Title: Side Order of Ninjas Reviews "Black Dragons"
Post by: Andrew on June 28, 2007, 08:48:42 AM
Ah, this is a Bela Lugosi film about evil Japanese spies that I have never seen.  The plot sounds inventive, but the review says that the actual execution was lacking.



Title: Re: Side Order of Ninjas Reviews "Black Dragons"
Post by: Amontillado on June 28, 2007, 02:24:17 PM
I love Black Dragons! I would say that it is one of Bela's best, or at least most underrated. I always liked it better than White Zombie. I've used quotes from this movie in band recordings before. I've used the line "Americans are like children, so quickly to forget the fire that burned their fingers!" for two different bands now.

Also, when I was watching it, the famous face morphing scene seemed very familiar. At first I thought I saw it in Amazing Stories, the one with Christopher Lloyd when he gets his head taken off and he chases the kid screaming "You did it for SEX!" However, it was the end of House on Haunted Hill in that one. It still irks me that I saw the ending before I ever saw the whole movie. Anyway, that face morphing scene was seen in Mrs. Doubtfire. Man, I get verbose!

The ending of Black Dragons is such a great pay-off because you get lost a couple times in the movie. I remember watching it with a couple of people, and one of my best friends kept saying things like "I don't get what's so special about Bela Lugosi," and "This movie sucks," during the fist half hour. By the end of the movie, he wanted to bring it back to his place to burn a copy. It's often touted as a horror movie, but it's really not. It's spy film with a slight sci-fi twist.

Wow, thanks for reminding me I own this movie. I think I'm going to watch it tonight! :thumbup: