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Title: Monologs
Post by: LilCerberus on July 04, 2007, 03:36:22 PM
I've been attendiing this group lately called Pretending Trees, a monthly actor's forum in which pros & novices come & give a five minute monolog, & the audience gives the actor some feedback.

So far, all I've had to practice with, are the promos, disclaimers, etc. that I've picked up at WRIR.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good online resource for contemporary monologs.

Title: Re: Monologs
Post by: peter johnson on July 04, 2007, 11:23:07 PM
For a good monologue, I'd say simply go to individual plays:  "Glengarry Glen Ross"; "Prelude to A Kiss"; "Hamlet"; "You Can't Take It With You"; etc. etc.
Get ahold of any collection of Great Plays or what have you & find a long bit within -- BUT, first read the play itself, as otherwise you have no context/no backstory for the monologue.
Believe me, if you have an active subtext -- That is to say, you fully understand where your character is in Time and Space & what he's doing with the monologue in question --, then the monologue will sing and be alive.  Otherwise it's just a string of words.
You have to know Where you are, Who you are, Why you're bothering to say what you're saying.  Really picture the room or the field or the slaughterhouse where you are when you're delivering what you have to say.  Do this, and you blow the class away . . .
And, oh, be sure you know the meaning/definition of the words you are saying.  I have seen many an impassioned actor shoot themselves in the foot because they did not understand that, for example, "Wherefore Art Thou?" means "Why?" and not "Where are you?".
peter been doing this for 40 years . . ./denny jesus . . . 40 years?!!??!

Title: Re: Monologs
Post by: Poogie on July 06, 2007, 10:56:10 AM
You could try Cliffs
Have fun and good luck to you.....when you become the character everything just falls in place.  :smile: