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Title: Beast from Haunted Cave
Post by: Andrew on July 06, 2007, 11:08:54 PM
Roundtable effort with Darksider's Realm and Side Order of Ninjas.  How do you like this summer weather?  Enough to watch an old film about a spider monster that chases criminals through a wintry forest?

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Darksider, Side Order of Ninjas, and I wanted to make sure that nobody was suffering from withdrawl from Christmas wishes and/or snow (readers in the Southern Hemisphere might not be missing snow right now).  We joined together for a very merry Christmas in July.   My pick was this film, "Beast from Haunted Cave."

Darksider reviewed the He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special (  Egad!

Side Order of Ninjas reviewed Santa Claus the Movie (  Dudley Moore!  Low quality toys causing hate in girls and boys! 

Title: Re: Beast from Haunted Cave
Post by: JaseSF on July 07, 2007, 12:04:32 PM
This is another one that probably belongs in allhallowsday's "Underrated" thread. It's really quite an effective low budget chiller in its way and shows originality by adding in the robbery/hoodlum apsect given it a little noirish feel. Andrew, you examined its flaws terrifically in your review and made me laugh out loud several times. Good show.  :thumbup:

Title: Re: Beast from Haunted Cave
Post by: CoreyHeldpen on July 16, 2007, 03:47:00 PM
I'm sorry to say I didn't think quite so highly of this one. It certainly is a decent little flick, I'm not saying it sucks, but it still didn't quite work for me.

Title: Re: Beast from Haunted Cave
Post by: Flangepart on July 18, 2007, 11:40:24 AM
Now, why do i hope The Film Crew will riff this one next, Hummmm?...

Keep up the good work, Marine. You pick good "partners in crime"

Title: Re: Beast from Haunted Cave
Post by: Joe the Destroyer on December 18, 2008, 12:41:59 PM
I watched this film finally last night, and I have to say I'm quite disappointed.  The pacing was the issue.  It really felt like someone meant to make a decent bank heist drama, but the producers didn't like it and said, "Hey, let's throw a monster into it!"  I know, many movies have turned out this way, especially one including a certain "godmonster," but if this is the case then they should have completely rewritten the script to emphasize the horror a little better rather than give it a back seat, or say screw the monster and make it a bank heist drama. 

Title: Re: Beast from Haunted Cave
Post by: Duck on July 10, 2009, 09:03:11 PM
The DVD had such bad sound quality that we could barely hear what any of these morons were saying.  The best parts of the film were the parts with the monster, yet those were few and far between.  The ending had to be the best part, right after the monster dies- THE END flashes onto the screen.  They just leave everyone in the middle of the cave, and we don't even get to find out who survives.  I wish I could have heard the dialogue properly because this was one of the most boring movies I have seen.  The title Beast from Haunted Cave had so much promise too.