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Title: SWAT Kats ep. 23: Unlikely Alloys
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Yes!  I, too, am reviewing an episode of SWAT Kats!  Unfortunately, I'm watching them on You Tube so I can't provide screen caps.  I can, however, link to You Tube at the bottom.

This is the first episode of SWAT Kats I ever saw.  It was probably 1998, and I was living away from home for college, spending yet another night alone in my duplex.  (Oh, the memories.)  Flipping through the channels, I came across the intro to some cartoon.  The music was kind of cool, so I decided to watch for a few minutes.  Besides, Barry Gordon was doing the voice of the skinny cat, so it couldn't be too awful.  Approximately two minutes later, I had decided that it was just another crappy 90s cartoon and was about to flip the channel.  Suddenly, something appeared that guaranteed I would sit through the rest of it, no matter how bad it was.


I'll watch ANYTHING if there are robots in it.

Strange thing was, by the time the episode ended, I liked SWAT Kats well enough to make an effort to watch it if I didn't have classes at the time.

Incidentally, the description of the You Tube video of this episode claims that Unlikely Alloys is the last episode of SWAT Kats aired.

SWAT Kats: Unlikely Alloys

I guess I should mention that the intro for season two is much different from the season one intro.  It begins with T-Bone and Razor welding.  They hear a trouble alert and put on their SWAT Kats outfits in a sequence Joel Schumacher would rip off in his Batman movies.  They hop into the Turbo Kat, take off, and fight a monster summoned by the Pastmaster.  Then Dark Kat shows up and some little demons (called Creeplings) fly out of his robe, presumably to attack the SWAT Kats.  After that, Dr. Viper shows up, flicks his tail around, and leaps toward the camera with his venomous(?) fangs bared.  Some cat claws rip the picture in half, revealing T-Bone and Razor standing on top of the SWAT Kats logo, with the Turbo Kat flying in front of the moon as a backdrop.

The episode proper begins with the Kats putting themselves through high-g tests.  They reach five gs before the mount on Razor's centrifuge breaks, sending it spinning through the workshop.  Razor, using the reflexes that come with being a cat, escapes unharmed.  Unfortunately, the centrifuge just happened to land on the Kats' "radar jammer", destroying it.  Razor says that, without the jammer, Feral could track the Turbo Kat back to their lair easily.  Yeah, that could be quite a problem.  The damage is too severe for Razor to repair anytime soon, if at all.  That will just have to wait however, as the Kats police band monitor alerts them to a raid by the Metallikats on the Megakat City Mint.

"The Enforcers will never be able to handle those two," T-Bone says, derisively.

He could do without the attitude but he's right.  T-Bone and Razor hop into the Turbo Kat and take off toward the Mint.  Meanwhile, I'm wondering if money minted at the Megakat City Mint is recognized anywhere outside of Megakat City.  I'm not really sure if there is anything outside of Megakat city.

The Metallikats are, of course, the robots I mentioned earlier.  Their names are Mac and Molly Mange (voiced by Neil Ross and April Winchell, respectively).  Mac is short and stocky, Molly is tall and lanky.  They both have built-in weapons and are extremely tough nuts to crack.  They were husband-and-wife gangsters before they became robots and speak and act like a stereotypical gangster and moll.  They've decided to rob the Mint directly and take all the money at once instead of stealing smaller amounts from other places.  Makes sense, I guess.

One of the Mint employees tells them they'll never get into the vault door because it's "twenty-five feet" (!!!) of reinforced titanium.  Molly then casually uses some kind of beam to cut through the door in seconds.  When it falls open, it looks more like 2.5 feet than twenty-five feet.  Either way, being able to cut through that much metal so quickly gives you an idea of how powerful the Metallikats are.  Mac and Molly begin stuffing bundles of bills into big sacks that are just laying around on the vault floor.

"Only take the big bills, Molly!" Mac says.
"DUH!" Molly replies, insulted.  "Wha'd ya think?  I was gonna grab ones?"

One might wonder what robots need with money.  As the rest of the episode shows, the Metallikats need replacement parts and recharging devices, among other things.  That makes this one of the few shows with robot criminals which even puts half a thought toward explaining what they do with the money.

Around this time, Commander Feral shows up ... with only two grunts and Lieutenant Felina Feral (his niece, voiced by Lori Alan) as backup.  I guess the other enforcers are busy.  The Metallikats make short work of them with lasers and missiles.  Feral even gets in on the firefight when he draws a pistol, something I haven't seen him do in any other episodes I've watched on You Tube so far.  Mac shoots a missile at him which, despite going off in his face and sending him smashing into a wall, doesn't really hurt him too much.  Man, that guy's tough.

The SWAT Kats arrive and shoot Mac in the crotch (!) with a missile.  Ok, on closer inspection, they're shooting at the floor under him to knock him off his feet.  This hurls him onto a conveyor belt which leads to a coin press.  Mac looses his gun-arm when the press comes down on it.  Molly takes a few shots at the Kats but gets hit with a missile.  Good grief, that's a lot of missiles getting tossed around in the lobby of a building!  Molly falls into some ink and gets paper stuck to her face.  She fires wildly, bringing down the roof.  Something or other hits her and bumps her into exposed power cables.  I'm guessing OSHA doesn't exist in Megakat city.  Molly's internal power source is obviously insulated from her external armor but it must not work both ways, because she gets fried.

"Get the loot, you big sap," Molly weakly entreats Mac.

Mac forgets the loot, gathering up Molly and getting her out of there in their hovercar.  For a couple of villains, the Metallikats display a surprising amount of genuine love and concern for each other.

T-Bone and Razor help the Enforcers out from under some rubble.  Somewhat surprisingly, Commander Feral displays some bloody scrapes and scratches (in one shot, anyway).  He leaves in a huff after venting his anger over the Metallikats' escape and the ruined building.  He doesn't try to arrest the SWAT Kats, however.  Felina (who is about a foot taller than T-Bone or Razor, by the way) briefly thanks them before leaving with her uncle.

Back at Mac and Molly's apartment -- apartment!?!? -- Mac lays Molly out on the sofa and notes that she isn't looking too good.  Fearing the worst, he begs her to say anything.  He even promises not to get mad if she insults him.

"Can I call you 'bucket butt'?" she croaks.

Mac must have a serious case of wishful thinking, because he hooks her up to a charging device and hopes that will make her better.  Wanting something to distract him from his dying wife, Mac turns on the TV to the Plot Point Channel.  Ann Gora is on, talking about the raid on the Mint.  Feral is quoted, talking about how the Enforcers and the SWAT Kats drove off the Metallikats.  The scale of this shot is a bit off.  Feral is bigger than most other characters but, here, the reporters literally have to stand on tippy-toe and fully extend their arms to get the mics up to his face.  His shoulders are above most of their heads, for crying out loud!

After that, Ann segues into "Spotlight on Science".  Wouldn't you know it, today's spotlight is something directly applicable to both the Metallikats' and the SWAT Kats' problems!  It seems Dr. Lieter Greenbox has invented a device that can instantly repair any mechanical device.  Dr. Greenbox may be intended to be a caricature of some famous computer and technology guru, but I'm not familiar enough with the field to know for certain.  His device is a little sphere that can extrude tentacles and put anything that's broken back together again.  That really is quite amazing and I expect Dr. Greenbox to become a stupendously rich man very soon.  That is, if his device doesn't become sentient, decide it wants its own life, and go berserk.  Hey, this is a cartoon, you know.

Understandably, Mac is quite excited to learn of this device.  Likewise for T-Bone and Razor, who also happened to be watching the Plot Point Channel.  Being a villain, Mac plans to steal the device from Greenbox.  Being heroes, the SWAT Kats call -- from a phone in their lair, which doesn't seem the wisest thing to me -- and ask Greenbox if he'll help them out.  Greenbox agrees and the SWAT Kats head for his laboratory.  They'd better hope Greenbox doesn't call the Enforcers in hopes of collecting the reward money on the SWAT Kats.

No sooner does Greenbox hang up the phone than Mac crashes the hovercar into his lab.  (Mac's bad driving is a running gag.)  Greenbox tries to flee with his device, but Mac effortlessly overpowers him and takes the sphere.  It may just be an animation error, but it looks like there are a couple of frames of Greenbox coughing up blood when Mac shoves him into a wall.  Again with the wall shoving!  Mac tries the repair device on himself first, and it quickly repairs his damaged arm.  Actually, what it does is create a whole new arm out of thin air.  Impressed (I'll say!) Mac uses the device on Molly, who is now looking even worse, if that's possible.  It fixes her in a jiffy.  You just know that, somewhere, someone has drawn tentacle porn of Mac and Molly using this thing as a marital aid. *sigh*  I miss those innocent days when I had never heard of any such thing as tentacle porn, or known that it existed for any and every fictional character.

Um, anyway.

Mac and Molly make to leave with the gizmo, prompting Greenbox to whine that he's spent years of his life building it.

"So build another one," Molly says.

The device suddenly begins absorbing Mac and Molly's car to build an armored body around itself.

"It's absorbing your hovercar to build an armored body around itself!" says Greenbox.  Thanks, Doctor, what would we do without you?

The newly-minted robot explains that it has learned sentience from the Metallikats and wants them to teach it all about life.  Mac and Molly think that their new giant "kid" will be a great asset for committing crimes.  Frankly, if I were them, I'd be worried it would decide to absorb me.  The newborn robot agrees to tag along with them so that it will have purpose.

"Purpose ... is important.  Purpose ... is ALL," it says, rather disturbingly.

Greenbox tries to call the Enforcers but the robot -- Ok, this is getting annoying.  It names itself "Zed" in a few minutes so I'm just going to start calling it that.  Greenbox tries to call the enforcers but Zed assimilates the phone and other pieces of lab equipment.  Greenbox wisely flees.  Mac comments on Zed's "healthy appetite", further underscoring why they should be worried about it eating them.

Meanwhile, the Turbo Kat is on its way to Greenbox's lab.  Hey, the Turbo Kat is a machine and Zed is absorbing machines.  Uh-oh!

And that is where part 1 of this episode on You Tube ends.  As promised, here is part one of SWAT Kats: Unlikely Alloys.


Title: Re: SWAT Kats ep. 23: Unlikely Alloys
Post by: Kooshmeister on July 18, 2007, 06:07:28 PM
Regarding Dr. Greenbox, he first appeared in the eighth episode of the show, "Chaos in Crystal," wherein he was voiced by Robert Patrick (he's voiced by Nick Chinlund here). I dunno about him being meant to resemble anyone in particular, but I do know he was originally intended to be a botanist, and was supposed to be the villain of the episode "Destructive Nature" until the writers brought back Dr. Viper instead. They then reused Greenbox, botany-themed name and all, for this episode and the earlier one, as an inventor.

Oh, and do you share my opinion that the guy who intereviews him is creepy and looks like he's had one too many face lifts?

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Part 2

After absorbing most of the equipment in Dr. Greenbox's laboratory, Zed has grown to twenty feet tall or more.  This is when it decides to name itself Zed.  Mac and Molly are increasingly pleased and can't wait to start a new crime spree.

The SWAT Kats arrive in the Turbo Kat.  Zed immediately identifies them as a threat and attempts to assimilate the Turbo Kat.  However, the jet is too fast for it to grab.  Some Enforcers in tanks make the scene, though, and I have a feeling they won't be too fast.  Feral emerges from the lead tank and orders Zed to cease his activities.  Barking orders at a giant robot on the rampage seems dumb on its face but I'll be charitable and assume Feral thinks there's someone inside Zed, controlling it.

"Armored vehicles, most fortuitous," Zed says.

Zed advances on the Enforcer tanks and Feral gives the order to open fire.  The tanks' energy weapons seemingly have no effect on Zed, as it shrugs off the fire and assimilates the tanks in short order, gaining their heavy weapons and armor.  Razor launches scrambler missiles at Zed.  Scrambler missiles were introduced in the first episode with Dark Kat, I believe, and generate massive amounts of electrical current to short out electronic devices.  They seem to be doing the trick at first but Zed manages to assimilate the missiles.

Mac and Molly are enjoying all this to no end.  As the SWAT Kats flee to formulate a new plan, Mac laughs it up and tells Zed it's time to head for the Mint and finish the job they started earlier.  However, Zed has realized that, unlike the Metallikats, it really doesn't need any money and is in search of loftier goals.  Mac makes to argue with Zed and gets torn apart and absorbed for his arrogance.  Molly screams in dispair and horror.  Zed ignores her, for now, and leaves to find its "true purpose".  Greenbox comes out of hiding and is impressed with his creation's power.

The SWAT Kats are following Zed as it moves through the city, absorbing anything mechanical.  Razor thinks the "mega laser" will stop it.  The mega laser only serves to get Zed's attention and get it to fire on the Turbo Kat with its pilfered tank guns.  Zed also lashes out with its tentacles and they must be really long at this point because they manage to grab the fleeing Turbo Kat.  T-Bone jams his throttle all the way forward, breaking free, but the Turbo Kat has been heavily damaged.  T-Bone makes a safe landing in the street.  Here, we find out that the Turbo Kat easily fits within one lane of a two-lane city street.  It doesn't look much bigger than a car, honestly.  That's one compact jet.

The Turbo Kat just happens to land right next to Molly, who's standing in the street holding up Greenbox by the nape of his labcoat.  She threatens to kill him unless the Kats help her get Mac out of Zed.  It comes out in the ensuing argument that Zed is Greenbox's repair device, all grown up, something the Kats hadn't realized.  Greenbox thinks that Mac and Molly's criminal intent was transferred to Zed when he repaired them.  Well, duh!  Zed more or less said that, itself!  Greenbox thinks he can stop Zed if he can assemble a few components from his office at "the university".  Razor retrieves the Hover Kat from the Turbo Kat's cargo bay.  Once again, the scale in this shot is way off as the Hover Kat almost looks bigger than the Turbo Kat!  At any rate, it looks much too big to have fit inside it.

Cut to Greenbox's office, where he has assembled a "deactivator".  He informs the others that they'll have to go inside Zed, locate the original repair device, and deactivate it.  It's worth noting that Greenbox is now wearing a reasonable facsimile of Bruce Lee's famous yellow jumpsuit.  The others aren't too keen on going inside Zed but a Kat's gotta do what a Kat's gotta do.  Greenbox just happens to have some personal forcefield generators for them all to wear, which will protect the mechanical devices on their persons from being absorbed by Zed.  As you can easily surmise, this is extremely good news for Molly.  They try to talk her out of going in, but ...

"That thing's got my husband!" she snaps.

How many shows and movies have you seen where married villains turn on each other when the going gets rough?  Isn't it refreshing to see a show where they're willing to risk life and limb to save each other?

After the force field belts are doled out, the quartet of "unlikely alloys" ... hmm, that's actually a crappy pun ... drive through Megakat city, noting all the destruction left in Zed's wake.  Razor notes that Zed is headed toward Pumadyne, which is apparently some kind of heavy weapons manufacturing facility.  Zed will become quite unstoppable once he absorbs all that stuff.  At Pumadyne, the Enforcers await the now Godzilla-sized Zed's arrival.  It makes the scene and easily trashes every Enforcer vehicle sent against it.  The SWAT Kats, Molly, and Dr. Greenbox arrive and activate their force fields.  These appear to be blue auras perfectly contoured to their outlines.  Razor fires two small missiles that somehow create a big enough hole in Zed's "foot" for the Hover Kat to fit through.  Keep in mind the Enforcers' weapons couldn't scratch Zed.  Maybe if the SWAT Kats would share some of their weapons technology with the Enforcers, Megakat City wouldn't be in so much trouble all the time.  After the Hover Kat enters Zed, the hole in its foot closes up like the liquid metal from Terminator 2.

Zed politely waits for the heroes to disembark the Hover Kat before absorbing it.  Molly seems terrified of meeting the same fate, for which T-Bone mocks her.  Jerk.  Greenbox tells them the original Zed is some 300 feet straight above them.  Fortunately, T-Bone and Razor suddenly have jet packs out of nowhere.  They carry Molly and Greenbox up.  Greenbox is awed by his creation's evolution, stating that they are merely germs to Zed.

"Then those must be his antibodies!" T-Bone shouts.

Some small machines, looking sort of like tadpoles with arms and buzz saws for hands, appear to challenge our heroes' progress.  Razor, T-Bone, and Molly take out a few but their numbers are immense.  The SWAT Kats kick in their "afterburners", rocketing them up faster than the flying robots can follow -- and much farther then 300 feet, from the look of it.  So great is the backblast from the Kats' jet packs that the "antibodies" are consumed in it.  I bet T-Bone and Razor's asses are on fire right about now.  The jet packs run out of fuel.  Fortunately, the Kats are able to quickly deploy their grappling hooks and get themselves, Molly, and Greenbox to (relative) safety.  Zed suddenly lurches, as if running over something, from which Razor deduces that Zed has breached Pumadyne.

Outside, Felina states the obvious, that Zed cannot be stopped.  Feral concurs and says they are only trying to delay it until Pumadyne can be evacuated.  If only they had access to small missiles able to punch hovercraft-sized holes in Zed's armor.  Felina grabs a fleeing engineer and asks her if all the weapons have been moved out of the facility.  Turns out they have.  Well, except for the Megabeam.  (Apparently mega- is the only prefix these people know.)

Feral practically does a spit take and shouts, "THE MEGABEAM?"

The Megabeam is a huge laser mounted on an orbital satellite, which the engineer states is to be used to stop earthquakes.  And not for anything else, I'm sure.  Feral and Felina hope Zed doesn't get its tentacles on the Megabeam.

Back inside Zed, Greenbox is clearly becoming unglued and prattles on about how amazing Zed is.  T-Bone and Molly have a brief argument about rescuing Mac before they kill Zed.  They come across a chamber containing the spherical repair device that Zed started out as.  Molly calls out for Mac, maybe because she read the script and knows he's in there.  Mac descends from the ceiling, now little more than a head and part of his "skeleton".  Furious, Molly prepares to zap the sphere but Mac warns her that he's wired into it.  I presume Zed did this to have direct access to Mac's memories and consciousness, so that it could learn.  At any rate, Molly turns on the others to prevent them from deactivating Zed and killing Mac.  Razor pulls off her forcefield belt and she is quickly absorbed into Zed.  Fortunately, the animators don't make it as gruesome as they could have.

And that's where part 2 ends.


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Regarding Dr. Greenbox, he first appeared in the eighth episode of the show

Oh, and do you share my opinion that the guy who intereviews him is creepy and looks like he's had one too many face lifts?

Ah, I didn't realize Greenbox had appeared before.  I didn't pay much attention to the newsguy.

Part 3 coming "soon".  Real life gets in the way of things.

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Part 3

Once Molly is absorbed, T-Bone urges Dr. Greenbox to use his "deactivator" on Zed.  Being inside his giant, powerful creation has sent Greenbox on the mother of all ego trips, unfortunately, and he refuses.  Greenbox smashes the "deactivator", grabs the repair device, and runs away with it, shouting about how he won't let them destroy Zed.

"Wow!  He's flipped," Razor notes, dryly.

The SWAT Kats follow Greenbox.  There's a minor perspective issue in one shot that makes it look like they're running vertically up a corridor.  Eventually, they hear Greenbox's voice coming from all around them, telling them they're too late.  The voice soon harmonizes with Zed's.  When the Kats find Greenbox, he has become merged with Zed.

"Zed has found ... purpose," Zed/Greenbox says.

"The Doc's merged with his machine!" Razor shouts, as he looks at Dr. Greenbox merged with his machine.

"That's too bad, because it means we're gonna unplug both of 'em!" T-Bone states.

Ladies and gentlemen, our hero has just explicitly stated he's going to murder another character if that's what it takes to win the day.  He doesn't go through the whole, "I know you're in there!  Fight it!" routine.  The stakes are too high for that.  Unfortunately, the way T-Bone says it, it comes off like he's merely vindictive about Greenbox turning on them rather than grimly determined to stop Zed no matter the cost.

No matter, for Greenbox's fingers can somehow stretch to infinity (like Zed's tentacles), an ability which he uses to relieve them of their weapons and force field belts.  This is creepy and all, but I've just got to call BULLs**t!  I'm more than willing to accept a basketball-sized orb growing into a 100-meter tall robot but this business with Greenbox's fingers is too much.  Anyway, with the force fields neutralized, Zed is free to wrap up the Kats with its own tentacles.  He doesn't kill them, though.  The SWAT Kats out of the way, Zed/Greenbox turns his attention to the Megabeam.

Outside, Zed goes for the laser satellite.

"Zed's going for the laser satellite!" Felina says.

I was hoping Feral would turn to her and say, "I know!  I have eyes, too!  Damn!"  Instead, he just shoots her an annoyed glance.  Zed extends some tentacles at the Megabeam and ... I guess animating it melding with Zed's arm was too hard because it's just there in the very next shot.  As a test of its power, Zed fires on a mountain in the distance.  In this universe, a "laser" is apparently a  long, sub-luminal, curved beam with a swollen tip.  It hits the mountain and ...  well, I'm not sure how far away the mountain is but I honestly don't see how anyone witnessing this, Zed included, survives.

One shot from the Megabeam destroys the entire mountain.  The resultant explosion -- not the mushroom cloud, mind you, the explosion itself -- consumes the mountain and then some.  Then we get a shockwave.  It must be at least as big as the Tsar Bomba explosion.  At least.  It's insane.

Feral and Felina are nearly knocked off their feet by the shockwave.  Frankly, they ought to have been vaporized.  The shot of them struggling to keep their footing, with their eyes wide in shock and horror, is just begging for one of them to shout, "HOLY s**t!"  However, the quiet horror of the situation is well communicated.  Quiet that is, except for the huge "BOOOOOOOOM".  Inside Zed, Greenbox/Zed is pleased.  It seems the Megabeam wasn't even at full power! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Did you hear that?  That loud "thunk"?  That was my jaw hitting the floor.

Ok, ok.  The Megabeam was supposed to be used for stopping earthquakes?  How?  By blowing up tectonic plates?  Yeah, right!  Somebody was aiming to rule the world with the thing!

Ahem.  All right, moving on ...

Greenbox/Zed aims the Megabeam at Megakat city and begins a ten second countdown.  Things are really looking desperate.  T-Bone, being the big, tough cat, breaks his bonds and knocks the spherical repair device off of Greenbox's head.

Two problems: 1) The countdown was already to "one".  Actually, it was a little past "one".  Yet disaster is averted.  If the Megabeam were charging during that ten seconds (why bother with a delay, otherwise?) I don't see how it could not fire.  That energy -- and there's got to be a lot of it -- has to go somewhere.  2) Since Zed was wired into Greenbox's brain, Greenbox ought to die.  Of course, the Megabeam doesn't discharge and Greenbox is fine, more or less.

T-Bone gathers up Greenbox and flees, along with Razor.  Zed's body is falling apart, because that's what happens in shows like these.  This basically means that the next minute or so is a TV-budget version of the climax of Transformers: The Movie, when Unicron was dying.  The Kats escape when Zed's deconstruction opens a hole to the outside.  Out the Kats leap, deploying their "delta packs", which are hang gliders.  Nice of Zed not to have stripped them of every mechanical device when it captured them, earlier.  The SWAT Kats and Greenbox reach the ground safely as Zed's body crumbles.  Feral gripes at them for a bit, then leaves.

"I guess Dr. Greenbox's invention got out of hand," Felina says.  How does she know Zed was Greenbox's invention?  Because he's there?  For all she knows, Greenbox is just there to assist the SWAT Kats.

Razor briefly explains the situation to her, including the Metallikats' contribution.

"It was touching, really.  Molly actually loved Mac enough to help us stop that thing," he says.

I notice Razor leaves out the part about him killing her.  Also, no one mentions Greenbox preventing the SWAT Kats from destroying Zed or how he willingly merged with Zed to help it take over the world.  Live and let live, I guess.

A few feet away (no, really), Molly is actually alive, well, and still whole, except that she has a power socket or something instead of left arm.   She's poking around in the wreckage for Mac and finds his head, which is attached to a food processor.  Molly mentions that she always wanted a food processor.

"You can't even cook water," Mac says.

Molly pays him back by switching on the processor, which causes Mac's head to vibrate wildly.  Ha, ha, ha, laugh at Cheetah, etc.

And ... that's the end of SWAT Kats.  Period.  As mentioned in my preface to this review, this was the last episode.  Although obviously not intended to be, it's a pretty good note to go out on.  It's a slam-bang episode, easily my favorite.  There's even more action than usual for a SWAT Kats episode, the stakes are high, the situation is grim, Feral is finally starting to make peace with the SWAT Kats, and Megakat city has taken a lot of damage.  Things will never be the same.  Plus, we didn't have to put up with Callie Briggs or Mayor Manx!  All in all, this episode has everything one could ask for in an action cartoon -- and robots!

SWAT Kats: Unlikely Alloys, part 3


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Excellent review! Not my favorite episode, but a fun one nonetheless. Plan to do any more?

Title: Re: SWAT Kats ep. 23: Unlikely Alloys
Post by: akiratubo on July 22, 2007, 05:27:40 PM
Plan to do any more?

Probably not.  Too time consuming.

Title: Re: SWAT Kats ep. 23: Unlikely Alloys
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Okay, I guess. I may not do any more, either, for different reasons. If I do I likely won't post them here. You're the only one who's commented on them, and scarcely at that. My Bucky O'Hare reviews went over better, though, while my Darkwing Duck one didn't go over in the slightest.

Title: Re: SWAT Kats ep. 23: Unlikely Alloys
Post by: akiratubo on July 24, 2007, 06:55:11 AM
Okay, I guess. I may not do any more, either, for different reasons. If I do I likely won't post them here. You're the only one who's commented on them, and scarcely at that. My Bucky O'Hare reviews went over better, though, while my Darkwing Duck one didn't go over in the slightest.

Yeah, I don't think this board is overflowing with fans of old, slightly crappy cartoons from the previous two decades.   :bouncegiggle:

The pleasure is in the writing for me but real life doesn't leave me much time for anything these days.  I might do an in-depth review of something a little more near and dear to my heart, like Spectreman.  I picked this SWAT Kats because it is, as I mentioned, far and away my favorite.

I didn't know you had done a Darkwing Duck.  I'll have to look it up.

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Yeah, I don't think this board is overflowing with fans of old, slightly crappy cartoons from the previous two decades.   :bouncegiggle:

I don't know about overflowing, but the "number of times read" seems to indicate that these are being read.  I know that I have been reading them through and the reviews have me interested in seeing some of the cartoons.  It is just that I haven't seen them at all, so I can't compare notes or add anything.

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I didn't know you had done a Darkwing Duck.  I'll have to look it up.

Here's Part 1:,113323.0.html

And Part 2:,113562.0.html