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Title: Gamera vs. Zigra
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Title: Gamera vs. Zigra
Year: 1971
My rating: **
Synopsis: A giant turtle vs. a giant shark … wow,

Gamera made his debut in the movie Gamera the invincible. He was an evil terror that was released from the artic. He destroyed cities until he met a young boy named Kenny. Kenny was hanging off bars trying not to fall and die. Gamera, seeing past his “inner monster” saved Kenny. They became friends and Gamera killed any monster that threatened children thus giving him the name “friend of all children”. Gamera now makes a series of movies; his latest movie being Gamera the brave in 2006.

Kenny, Gamera’s best friend went to work with his dad. His dad worked at a marine show. Animals did tricks for people. But his father’s favorite animal just died. It was a dolphin (whose name and death was never mentioned). It would’ve been sad if the dolphin actually looked like a dolphin and not a large fish! Later on, they went boating. Kenny and his friend Helen (who is a girl )snuck on board so that they could go on too. Their dad’s couldn’t leave them unattended so what the heck, they let them come. Then they were attacked by a strange alien ship. It was from planet Zigra! They were kidnapped by a woman that looked human. But was she? Gamera came sensing danger. But he could do nothing about them being in the ship. The woman gave a message to everyone that she would kill everyone if they didn’t cooperate. She destroyed a city using an earthquake. One of the dads called her crazy. From this, I learned that if someone gives you “the look” they can snapped their fingers and knock out someone. This is when this movie just gets stupid. When the person is knocked out, they are still standing and when you pull them they will walk in the direction you’re pulling them. This was actually kinda funny. They got out and noticed that the Zigra star ship was after them! Gamera came to their rescue! After saved they try to get there dad’s to move again. Just then, the evil space woman is trying to KILL them! Let me get this straight, she could make earthquakes and take over the world but she can’t outrun a bunch of kids?! Zigra comes and attacks everybody but Gamera comes to the rescue! Gamera and Zigra twist and turn underwater fighting each other. Gamera takes a beating and falls over into the ocean. Yep, he’s pretty much dead. Scientists finally find out how to cure the unconsciousness by saying “aaaaaahhhhh!” into a radio (about time!). The evil space woman turns out to be a woman who worked on the moon. She was hypnotized by Zigra into doing his awful schemes. They decide to go underwater in their minisub and check if Gamera is still alive. Kenny’s dad and Helen’s dad went under and found out that Kenny and Helen themselves snuck on board again! (Geez, when will these kids ever learn?) They’re running out of air and the water pressure build up was causing water to leak in. (A common mistake… right?) Zigra offered to save them under one condition, if they surrendered. If they didn’t, Zigra would just kill them anyway. … Well, they were a good bunch of people, it was nice knowing them. But before Zigra could do anything else, Gamera came to the rescue… YAY! It runs out that he was alive. Who will win? Gamera, the friend of all children? Or Zigra, a big pain in the butt who happens to look cool?

Stuff to watch for:                                        
-   Is that a dolphin?!                                                         
-     Yeah, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but you can stop
-   Hey! Since when was he standing?!
-   Gamera, sorry to burst your bubble, but you can’t play Zigra like a drum
-     Gamera! This is a kid’s movie!

Stuff I learned from this movie:-   breathing fire underwater is possible
-   Sharks can have feet
-   Sharks make good drums
-   Sharks are easier to burn than anything else
-   No matter how horribly dubbed it is, it will still have a Japanese song at the end



My opinion:
This movie was great. I just didn’t like the effects. And that same tune keeps playing throughout the battle scenes! I love Gamera; this movie was one of his worst movies ever to hit the big screen!  But hey, nothing can be worse than Gamera vs. Guiron. But to get back to my opinion, this movie isn’t recommended for people the ages 20 – 40, unless it’s someone who you like to see twitching their eyes at something unbelievably stupid.

Watch the movie!
If you would like to watch this movie, log onto and type in Gamera vs. Zigra in the search bar and you can watch it scene by scene. But there’s something you should know before watching this movie… IT’S BAD. It’s from the 70’s and it’s bad. I love it and it’s bad. It’s a Gamera film and… it’s bad.

Watch a scene:

Notice How when Zigra fell, the top of his head popped up? And when Kenny threw the bottle away and his dad had no idea and said "Look kenny, someone threw this"?