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Title: Slaughterhouse
Post by: Megalons Revenge on October 05, 2007, 07:10:49 PM
Ahh I suck at this. I tried though. In desperate need of proof-reading.

Rated: R
3 slimes
Copyright Company and Date: 1987
Submitted by Megalon's Revenge[/color]


Dave Thomas- The deputy. Also kind of a duche.
Buddy- Retarted hillbilly killer with the coolest butcher knife ever. It's like three feet long.
Sheriff- Looks after town. Tries to get Lester to sell the old slaughterhouse. Bad idea.
Lester- Owner of a rundown slaughterhouse. Father of killer.
Harold Murdock- Guy with red vest. Wants to get Lester to sell.
Sanford- White shirt. Tries to get lester to sell.
Various teenagers- fodder
Lizzie Borden- Main character, wanted to be a horror movie director. Probably changed her mind after the events in this movie.


-There is such a thing as three foot long butcher knives.
-Its absolutely normal to let your retarted son dress up in the man he just murdereds clothing and drive around without a license.
-Its important to mildly dicipline your child if he murders someone you didn't tell him to.
-Sometimes, people live in abandoned slaughterhouses.

7 mins - What is with this music?
32 mins - Did he just spit in his shoe?
43 mins - Indiana Jones?
60 mins - Nice transition.


Teenager: Hey lets go check out the old slaughterhouse?
Other teenager: I heard it was gonna be knocked down
Teenager:Let's check it out!
other teenager: Sounds good!
(dumbest idea ever)

Teenager: Lets blow this popstand!

Lester: You've gone HOG wild!


Lester is the owner of a now rundown slaughterhouse that used to be great in its prime. Now  factories are using machines and conveyer belts and the like. Poor Lester just can't keep up with today's technology, so he is forced to sell to a big time slaughterhouse that is owned by one of his former employees. Les believes that the old time ways of making the cuts by hand and taking the time to make everything perfect its the only way, so he refuses to sell. Go Lester. Show em' who's boss. Too bad you can't because the county declares his slaughterhouse condemed, so he has little choice but to work for them or to be homeless. The only possible solution is to send his retarted son on a killing spree against all of those who wish him to sell his beloved factory. After Lester gets his revenge, 4 teenagers conviently decide to spend the night in the slaughterhouse a few hours afterwords. Guess what happens. It's not like they get killed or anything. The main character teenage girl is of course the only survivor and she makes it out saftely. Or does she?!?

This is pretty much your average 80's slasher. Nothing too great, a few unique kills, different setting than your traditional summer camp in the woods gone wrong. Overall, a decent film that's worth checking out.