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Title: Ultraman: Defeat the Invader!
Post by: Andrew on October 16, 2007, 03:52:09 PM
This episode introduces what is probably my favorite of Ultraman's many foes: the Baltan.

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Title: Re: Ultraman: Defeat the Invader!
Post by: Cassie on October 16, 2007, 09:28:03 PM
I love these new capsule reviews!  Gives me a bit of bad-movie boost during an otherwise boring week  :teddyr:

Title: Re: Ultraman: Defeat the Invader!
Post by: daveblackeye15 on October 20, 2007, 01:26:30 AM
This episode was neat. I need to get the rest of the DVDs. But I think Baltan's second apperance was better. Ultraman pulled out a few new powers that time.

Title: Re: Ultraman: Defeat the Invader!
Post by: George on April 11, 2008, 03:59:17 PM
Well for everyone who remembers Batman, who was your favorite reoccurring villain?,mine ranged from Penguin to Joker, Ultraman was no different, he had some favorites too, one of which was the Baltons.
They look like kind of owlish creatures with claws and sound like owls with an uncontrollable cough, also have the ability to project false images of thereselves to confuse us.
Anywho,our story begins with Ide asking the doctor ,what's the best thing for a black eye,(well how about a cold stake?). Just sit back and Ide will tell how he got his black eye.
Late one night he and Arashi were sleeping when the alarm sounded,they slid down the Batpole,I mean the Patrolpole,where our captain explains that a ufo has been sighted near the Science Center. Arashis sent to investigate and gets frozen by the Baltons,along with everyone else there.
The captain decides to let Ide and Hayata ask them what they want, while the worlds on full emergency alert Hayata and Ide are led upstairs by a Balton, they've taken control of Arashis body to talk to us.
Through Arashi,they explain their home planet was destroyed by a group of mad scientists conducting nuclear test,they can make thereselves as small as bacteria and live in there invisible ship.
Hayata ask why they don't live on mars,he says none of them like mars,seems there some kind a substance there that can destroy them. Deciding enough talk,they now want Earth for themselves, they release Arashi and the Balton turns into a monster,the army fires missiles at him,it does no good,being bacteria we should of had a huge can of Lysol ready to use against them.
Hayatas about to change into Ultraman when the big Balton knocks the capsule out of his hand,and they proceeds to fly through the city and destroy it.
Hayata leaps off the roof and grabs the capsule to become Ultraman!.
Now what we all tune in for is to see the big fight between Ultraman and the current foe, well some Ultra fights are good,and some are indifferent,and others just don't plain last very long. Unfortunately this is one case and point,the two meet in mid aid have a brief tussle,Utramans knocked to the ground,he gets up and easily destroys the Balton with his m-ray,then uses his nightvision to find the ufo and destroy it!, we think that's the end of the Baltons,but we shall see at a future time.
After all is said and done Arashi and Ide try to go back to bed,Arashis have trouble sleeping, so he's counting sheep,Ide on the other hand is sleeping peacefully until he rolls over, being on the top bunk he falls,the side of his face hits the hard floor,and you guessed it!, That's How Our Ide Got His Black Eye!.

Title: Re: Ultraman: Defeat the Invader!
Post by: lester1/2jr on April 12, 2008, 09:42:58 AM
I used to have tape of some ultraman movie taped of late night tv, before infomercials.  I must have watched it a hundred times.  it was the american edits that basically clipped everything except the fights.  if you were onscreen, you were in a costume.   

 "aim for his ears, they are radar recievers"

"increase in size and go to the harbor!"

"you! reveal yourself!  I am Zandar!  reveal yourself  (guy spins around revealing he is a zero man )  a zero man!"

"it's ultra uncle!"

"My skull!!"  (guy who has his skin removed somehow)

Title: Ultraman: Defeat the Invader!
Post by: Xenorama on April 12, 2008, 08:27:06 PM
a cool episode, for sure.

that clip show you had was a horrible movie version called SPACE WARRIORS 2000, which had footage from the Ultraman Zoffy feature combined with THE SIX ULTRA BROTHERS VS THE MONSTER ARMY.  it's awful, the worst thing they could have done to any Ultraman (yes, even worse than feature it on MiSTake 3000!).

this is a bizarre episode with Ito talking to the audience.