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Title: deranged/motel hell
Post by: rosemaryskiller on February 28, 2008, 04:41:09 AM
what i have for sale or trade, is a factory sealed brand new copy of region 1 mgm midnite double feature flipper disc "deranged / motel hell" this mostly goes for 25+ & shipping these days since its oop. i can let it go for $20 and charge you exact shipping, or let it go for a trade, what would anyone offer  :drink: :cheers:

Title: Re: deranged/motel hell
Post by: CheezeFlixz on February 28, 2008, 11:29:24 PM
I hate to be a bubble burster, but it's $8.93 on Amazon new factory sealed. Just a little FYI. (

Title: Re: deranged/motel hell
Post by: Rumblestealskins on October 28, 2008, 01:16:32 PM

 And its still that cheap. However you were not wrong. They had it listed for a hundred bucks at one point, used!!! Guess its not getting the big bucks. Also it just made its way into a triple feature also, whish is inexspensive.

Title: Re: deranged/motel hell
Post by: Dwight on February 21, 2009, 03:49:06 PM
Let me burst both of your bubbles. Item#1) People sell and buy at whatever the hell
price they want. Humanoids from the deep original sells for ~100$ on Amazon, its available cheaper elwhere..ugh sometimes   Item#2) Some people on amazon
alternate their prices to flex with demands and to play with buyers as to optimize
sales number vs sale profit. Item#3)  If you have the money and the price is
reasonable (up to say 50 bucks) and you see a title you really like--snatch it up!
some are never seen again and when you order it on amazon, its gone. yes there's
the lucky incident here and there that you find a good rare movie cheap, but
by and large, you'll just encounter a bunch of missed opportunities.