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Title: "Cannibal Lovers" from DukeTrikFliks Productions
Post by: duketrik on March 05, 2008, 08:20:45 PM

"With a name like CANNIBAL LOVERS, how can I not be interested?" ~ Matthew M.Foster, (director of the DragonCon Film Festival, Atlanta, GA)

Hello, friends.

DukeTrikFliks Productions Announces the premiere of it's first short flick, "Cannibal Lovers" - a savage tale for a pretty (ugly) inhumane world.

Goes somethin' like this:

     "If love can survive an apocalypse, it SHOULD survive hunger,
         right? But when terror and unseen monstrosities chase our
         2 young lovers into an all-too-real nightmare, can their
         relationship make it past supper time? Especially if they're
         'what's for dinner'?"

So, yeah - they're gonna eat each other!

A short film parody from the makers of the future, feature-length sci-fi film "Beta:V", it will be premiering this April at the Indiana University of South Bend's Video and Film Festival (, with some anticipation.

We've gotten a number of interested reviewers panting at their respective P.C.'s, ready to either praise, or CREAM US into oblivion... ce' sera.

But if you'd like to make up your own mind about it, you can check out our teaser trailer RIGHT NOW - just head over to our myspace ( and go to the videos section. You can friend us, too, because...well, we're lonely.

OR - check out our editor's page, with the trailer and exclusive (i.e. - grainy and awkward) behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot. Good, gory stuff here, kids! It's located on your inter-web @

Take Care!

Tara e. - director, "Cannibal Lovers"