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Title: Warning: AntiSpywareMaster Ad (unverified)
Post by: Andrew on May 10, 2008, 09:33:51 AM
I received an email from a reader in Canada who reported a popup for AntiSpywareMaster, which is actually a rogue program that tries to goad you into buying the software (which just serves adware, from what I find online).

They sent a screenshot of the page, with the popup, but it didn't show an ad with it.  Rather, it displayed a bad local /tmp path for the AntiSpywareMaster.  I have looked through the ads on the site and cannot find anything suspicious, nor could I replicate it by repeatedly loading pages.

This does not mean he did not somehow encounter it somehow via the advertising networks.  It is possible, especially based on what I read about AntiSpywareMaster, that his computer is infected and causing the popup when he visits the site.  However, I wanted to put out this message.  I am continuing to investigate.

Please, if you encounter this, take a screenshot (if possible) of the page and email me.