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Title: FUTURAMA: The Beast With a Million Backs
Post by: Torgo on June 27, 2008, 02:46:12 PM

*** out of ****.

Not quite as strong of a release as was Bender's Big Score  was, this 2nd direct-to-dvd Futurama feature is still a lot of fun.  I felt that the slight probelm with Bender's Big Score was that they tried to cram too much into the 1st half hour which caused some pacing problems but then it really picked up steam after that point during its last hour.  The Beast With a Million Backs has the opposite problem.  It starts out really strong for the 1st hour but then starts to lose steam during the final half hour. 

Also, the story is a lot more straight forward than Bender's Big Score was (which dealt with a complex time travel paradox calling back to 2 episodes from the actual show).  The story moves in a much more herky jerky manner at times which makes it feel a bit less than a movie but more like 4 corresponding episodes strung together.

But if you're as big of a fan of Futurama was I am, there's still a whole lot to enjoy here even  if this doesn't represent the show at the height of its powers.    There are particularly a bunch of typically great Professor Farnsworth moments and a hilarious new sport called Death Ball.

If you're not a fan than nothing about this release will likely convert you and just cause you to shrug your shoulders in indifference.  These direct-to-dvd releases are being made mainly for their fans and I don't think they're worried about picking up converts along the way.   

Title: Re: FUTURAMA: The Beast With a Million Backs
Post by: ghouck on June 27, 2008, 06:37:01 PM
BBS was WAY too sappy for me, I hate when they try and make some huge romantic statement in futurama, it kills it. I liked BWABB better. BBS seemed forced, like they felt they had to introduce every character again. Good main story arc, but the details killed it. Sucks they sacrificed the Nibblonians like that. I'm hoping the last two raise the bar and inspire more.

Title: Re: FUTURAMA: The Beast With a Million Backs
Post by: dean on June 28, 2008, 12:35:57 AM

I got confused reading Ghoucks post because my brain can't process these things at the moment.

BBS is LOL compared to BWABB OMFG! 

One day letters will take the place of real words...


I'm looking forward to the new Futurama.  I enjoyed Bender's Big Score, particularly the first half, though it did get a little hamfisted near the end.

I can't help but appreciate the 'what does this mean for us and our many fans' line.  It's so stupid, I love it.

Title: Re: FUTURAMA: The Beast With a Million Backs
Post by: Neville on June 28, 2008, 01:08:12 PM
I think this one is far superior to BBS, it doesn't suffer from its pacing problems, and some of the best stuff is saved towards the end.


The idea of a universe dating another one was just too damn great, and they used it nicely.


If the rest of the planned movies are as good as this one, I say keep them coming!