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Title: Moon 44
Post by: Andrew on July 12, 2008, 07:36:22 AM
Michael Paré goes undercover and discovers why a galactic (meaning "outer space") mining company is using convicts as helicopter pilots.  The answer is: Malcolm McDowell! In space!

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Title: Re: Moon 44
Post by: BoyScoutKevin on July 12, 2008, 03:45:00 PM
From its description the film doesn't make much sense. But Andrew makes it sound interesting, and it does look interesting, which is why I'm sorry I never saw it when it was originally released to theaters.

Malcolm McDowell as villain + helicopters, does it remind anybody else of "Blue Thunder?"

And boot on head, head held under water to person drowns = NO SEX for the rest of your life.

Title: Re: Moon 44
Post by: Jack on July 12, 2008, 06:26:42 PM
Saw that years and years ago.  They spent a bit too much time on the teenage geek squad for my tastes.  It was just kind of a senseless movie.  I've got a VHS tape of it here somewhere, been sitting in the collection unwatched for about 15 years.

Title: Re: Moon 44
Post by: Dave M on July 14, 2008, 06:03:34 PM
I saw this on TV one time, and I knew that the guy on the far left in screencap #6 would die the way bridge personel do on Star Trek (killed by sparks from exploding console), and that he would say "Look, real blood". I even said so out loud, but I was watching it alone, so no one got to see me using my powers.  :bluesad:

Title: Re: Moon 44
Post by: BoyScoutKevin on July 14, 2008, 06:24:10 PM
Remember "Evil Ed" from "Fright Night." Cookie and "Evil Ed." Yes, they are played by the same actor, Stephen Geoffreys. This would be his last "legitimate" film, before he started appearing in gay porn videos.

Actually, if you look at the plot keywords for this film at, this is something of a transistion role for him, as he went from legitimate character actor to gay porn star. Some of the plot keywords being . . .

Bare Butt
Teenager Nudity
Male Nudity
Male Rear Nudity
Gay Interest
Homosexual Rape
Shower Scene

An year before "Thelma and Louise," there was "Moon 44." Taking revenge on your rapist, may or may not be legal, depending on the circumstances, but in films, taking revenge on your rapist is a female thing to do. Excluding the aforesaid "Thelma and Louise," there are "Leech Woman," "Lipstick," "I Spit on Your Grave," "Ms. 45," etc. But besides, this film, the only other film I can recall in which a male takes revenge on his rapist is "Sleepers," which would follow this film by six years.

Title: Re: Moon 44
Post by: JPickettIII on November 22, 2010, 11:46:14 PM
I got this movie in a two pack with the Time Bandits.  Great movie.  The affects were a little week but good story.

I will have to watch this again.



Title: Re: Moon 44
Post by: NorthKoreanDiscoSensation on December 07, 2010, 01:28:42 AM
This movie is basically if you made a Front Line Assembly music video into a feature-length film, then had a bunch of IRC role-players write the script. I had seen bits and pieces of this movie on TV as a kid, so I figured I'd watch the whole thing through finally. I went into it with a bowl of popcorn, a bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale, and a whole lot of low expectations.

The verdict? I actually found this movie to be quite a lot of fun. Its flaws are so glaring that about 30 minutes in that the stars you would've subtracted to give this movie a rating with have fallen burning from the skies, and you can't give two thumbs down because your arms got cut off. There's absolutely no standard you can snob the movie from, and just have to embrace it for what it is, or be unhappy for the remaining hour of film.

For the most part it's a visual feast. I actually found the special effects and set design to be far more engaging and "alive" feeling than the megabudget CGed bulls**t seen everywhere today. The characters are all walking cliches and unintentionally cartoonish parodies of themselves, to where I started to actually like them in the same way one might come to like a very annoying relative or friend who is always there for you, but only because they have no other friends despite all their best intentions.

A bad movie, yes. But it's one of the best bad movies ever!

Title: Re: Moon 44
Post by: R-T-C Tim on March 29, 2011, 01:14:36 PM
Just watched this myself and really enjoyed it, although had the advantage of the UK DVD being anamorphic widescreen which makes the film look even better.

Yes there are a lot of holes in the script but the dialogue is great and the visual look (Bladerunner meets 2000AD) is beautiful. The use of models not CGI also helps and stops the film feeling as dated as so many other sci-fi films from the period.

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