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Title: An educational film that is part animated, with some clay animation?
Post by: InformationGeek on November 16, 2008, 04:38:07 PM
This film resurfaced from my memories for some odd reason.  I donít know what I saw or did that made me remember it, but now that I do, I want to know what it was now.

Here are some clues that can help you guys out:
+ The most important thing is that this film is educational and made for children.
+ This film centered around a girl and her grandfather going through this large city, maybe New York or Chicago, and thatís pretty much it for what I can recall plot wise.
+ This film was made to help teach about different cultures and ethic groups I believe or something like that.
+ At one point during the film, the girl gets separated from her grandfather and starts crying on a bunch of steps.  At this point, the film is in animation, but it then got a little weird.  Suddenly, this guy approaches her and tells her to put on this hat.  She does and suddenly the whole world is in clay animation or in different form of animation.
+ After that, the girl walks around and sees that the whole world is suddenlyÖ that same!  Everybody, but her self and her grandfather (She runs into him later), look completely the same, they dress the same, and all the bikes look the same!
+ To escape this crazy world, the girl and her grandfather take a bike and ride to the left, despite the fact that everyone says that they should go to the right.  Once the escape back into their own world, they come crashing through some building on the bike, crash land in some park during the night while it rains, and end up at some kind of festival or event where there are a lot of people.
+ The last thing I can recall is a timeline for when the film was possibly made.  I saw the film in class during 3rd grade which was in 2001.  From this and the quality of the film, I can give a guess that the film came out before 2001, but after 1990.

Thatís all I have from what I can recall.  Iíll add anything if I can remember it, but I doubt Iíll remember anything else.  So, can you figure out what the film was?  :question: