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Title: Marlon Brando (cult or classic?)
Post by: Scott on February 18, 2001, 10:50:36 AM
MARLON BRANDO is the greatest element ever to be involved in the film industy or the world for that matter. Here are some of the roles he has played. Besides his breakthru acting style, his social causes, relationships. He seems to be the king of the death scene or near death fights. What planet did this person come from? If "B" stands for strange, bizarre, and the fantastic then Brando deserves a place on this site. Its a shame that nobody will be able to appriciate him till someone can exploit him for profit after he leaves this planet.

VIVA ZAPATA - Mexican Revolutionary. I see this film as a child and never would have guessed he was an american till the 90's. The scene at the end of the film where Mexican goverment tricks him and kills him while he's with the white horse. Only Brando could do this death scene.

YOUNG LIONS - Nazi Soldier. At the end of this film he takes a very real fall for his death scene. The character is mesmerizing. Brando is to good in this one.

MOUTINY ON THE BOUNTY - Moutineer. To much. You just have to see it. He plays Christian.

ON THE WATERFRONT - Phew.... The fight on the docks. To much passion for the unworthy viewer.

THE WILD ONE - Biker. Brando plays Johnny. Great film. Can't beat this film. "What'd'ya got?". It actually has a 50's stage set feel of a cheap horror film.

THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU - Scientist. I think this film sums up the life of Marlon Brando.

ONE EYED JACKS - Bank Robber/Fugitive. The scene with Slim Pickens in the jail scene. This film was original 6 hours long till the studio cut it to under 2 hours.

MISSOURI BREAKS - Bounty Hunter - Crazy man hunting horse thieves wearing a dress in one scene. Check out the casket scene.

APOCOLYPSE NOW - Kurtz. The man at the end of the river. Along with Dennis Hopper.

GODFATHER - Godfather. A cat, an orange peel, and more.

THE FUGITIVE KIND - Wanderer. The court scene at the beginning and Ann Morgiani. Joan Woodward almost kills the film, but some how it stays afloat.

MOURITOURI - Sabatour. A good Brando film.

THE MEN - Paraplegic. His first film and strong first impression of this actor.

STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE - Husband. Just raw energy on film. Must be view many time to appriciate. Overwhelming presence.

APPOLOOPSA - A guy who wants his horse back really bad.

DESIREE - Napoleon. Expectation kinda kills this film. He's playing Napoleon and he has little to create I suppose.

CEASAR - Marc Anthony. Really Great Acting.

I think alot of people miss the point when watching a Brando film.

Title: Re: Marlon Brando (cult or classic?)
Post by: Reed Rothchild on February 18, 2001, 03:18:39 PM
Okay,I agree with you on some of those movies-Streetcar,On the Waterfront,Godfather,Apocalypse-all great films.Unfortunately he has done some real stinkers of late,especially Dr.Moreau,which was just friggin' awful,and deserves a place on this very site.God knows what he was thinking when he chose that movie-probably the dollar signs proved to much for him to refuse.Ugh.I find him a little too theatrical and hammy in a some of his movies for my liking,though he does often sparkle with genius and is seen as a method inspiration to a lot of actors since.