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Title: Frankenstein's Car - Death Race 2000 lyrics
Post by: Monster Jungle X-Ray on July 26, 2009, 12:50:02 PM
Here are the lyrics to a song I wrote over a decade ago about my favorite monster on wheels Frankenstein in Death Race 2000. It was recorded by the ghoul rock band The Spectremen back when I was Dave Spectre. All of our songs were inspired by horror and sci-fi films.

Frankenstein's Car

1,2,3 Go!

Nuts and bolts
Razor gleam
Super charged death machine
Inhuman mind
Behind the wheel
Murder teeth on its grill
20 points
Up ahead
Hit the gas the asphalt bled

Harder you run the faster he goes
Gaining speed fatality count
Begins to grow
Running down anyone he sees
Frankenstein's Car!
The mean machine!


Racing on through the streets
Cruisin' enemies he'll defeat
Machine roar at his back
Keeps his mind on his task
Soul ablaze death on wheels
Spinning around tires squeal

Lining the Turbo in sight
Gear box shifting
The moment is right
Accelerate to ramming speed
Frankenstein's Car
The last thing you'll see

How fast you move determines how long you live