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Title: Poem Inspired by John Frankenheimer's SECONDS (1966)
Post by: JaseSF on December 11, 2009, 03:22:35 PM
Unfulfilled and Uneasy by Jason Warren (Inspired by John Frankenheimerís 1966 Film SECONDS)

What do I want from life?
Do I even know?
I have so very much, donít I?
Why am I so alone?

I am running now
Running from uncertainty
Running into the unknown

Did she ever love me?
Did I ever love her?
Why donít I feel?
Anything? No so alone.

Here I am.
No turning back now.
A new life
A new beginning!
Start anew
Throw away the old!

Whoís face is this in my mirror?
Who am I now?
A new woman? Seems unreal.
Am I not the same as before?
Anything now? No so alone.

Is there anything to life?
Any purpose? Any reason?
Dreams? None that seem real
Nothing lasting
Unfulfilled and uneasy

I still donít feel
Anything? No
I never knew what I wanted
No purpose in life
Now Iím dying
Now I finally understand
No changing what I am
Settled. Sold Short
Oh so alone