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Title: The Last Airbender (edited)
Post by: Isaiah C. on July 21, 2010, 03:16:39 PM
this is one reason I do not like long series cartoon to movie films, they blatantly chop the actual story line to fit a less than 2 hour time marker.  :hatred:

The acting (shaking my head)... the acting of this movie will have the honor of being mentioned among other badly acted movies such as Gigli, Glitter, Catwoman, Howard the Duck, etc.... this movie WILL definitely win a Razzie Award (undoubtedly).

Direction (ahahaha) :bouncegiggle: ....Was there any directing from the director??? I know that the director is overall responsible for the casting (I have no problem with the actors being white and not asian; if and only IF these individuals were the best (I strongly believe there could have been BETTER actors).

BUT my question is who picked M. Night Shyamalan to direct this movie... (anyone, anyone, Bueller??? )

 :thumbup: OF All THINGS @ LEAST the VISUALS were appealing such as Appa, Momo, the elemental bending; they were outstanding; But Visuals cant save bad acting (thats like putting hot syrup on frozen pancakes...Pointless)

Plz God, do NOT allow M. Night Shymalan to direct any of the future Avatar movies (if any in the future).

Overall Grade: D-
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