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Title: Zombie Cheerleading Camp
Post by: jfabriss on May 16, 2011, 08:54:32 AM
Zombie Cheerleading Camp Summer Sale.
Get an extra DVD when you order one DVD or one Blu-ray.
Mention 2-for-1 with you're order and you will receive the extra DVD.

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Note: DVD contains excessive nudity, copious gore, prodigious profanity, and extreme violence!

"very impressive debut...this was an enjoyable movie" - Corey Graham (midnightpodcast)

Fläskätaren (ZMDB) - "Promising directorial debut – a 6 out of 10"

“..check it out. It's one of the more entertaining (low budget movies) I've seen in quite a while.” -
Jamie; bthroughz

Golden Ace Award at the 2009 Las Vegas International Film Festival.

Nominated best zombie movie, 2009 Fright Night Film Festival

Title: Re: Zombie Cheerleading Camp
Post by: Flick James on May 16, 2011, 09:38:38 AM
OMG will somebody please do something about this?

Title: Re: Zombie Cheerleading Camp
Post by: Chainsawmidget on May 16, 2011, 11:56:40 AM
If by "Do something about it" you mean "make fun of it I" can do that!

Of course, not having actually seen the movie, I'm just going to have to make up things to insult. 


I just don't know what they were thinking with those zombies.  Some of them looked decent, but it was obvious that the rest of them were just wearing half melted Homer Simpsons masks that were painted green, and why were they all wearing Dracula capes?