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Title: Access on Mobile Devices
Post by: ulthar on January 24, 2012, 12:28:46 PM
I've been observing this behavior for over a year.

The page loads are SLOW on mobile least Motorola Droid.  I'm pretty sure this is related to the ad server.

The problem is that that main content loads, then a LONG delay for ad retrieval.  If one scrolls down to start reading the content while the ads finish, the page jumps back to the top with each ad getting done.

I'm explaining this poorly.

Imagine a page that periodically jumps in the window due to adding content at the top.

Patience is a virtue, and yes, I can wait until all the ads load before beginning to view.  But...sometimes, the hang-up is pretty much 'permanent" ... the page never finishes loading.  Then, it's stop and reload and hope it works better with the next ad in the rotation.

I cannot say if it is keyed to specific ads.  I'll try to watch that (but if they don't load, I cannot tell   :bluesad:  )

More of an FYI ...

Title: Re: Access on Mobile Devices
Post by: Andrew on January 24, 2012, 01:10:41 PM
This is a hard one.  I designed the site for browsers and the ads are all set to load last, so that people could start reading before the ads finish (and sometimes ad servers do time out).  I'm sure there are commercial products or solutions so that mobile users get a different version of the site, and I have included the code from ad networks that is meant to alleviate problems for mobile readers.  I will have to check into any open source solutions.

Part of the issue will be that all of the code is my design (except the forum - and I've done a lot of customization).  So it's well off the beaten path for mobile compatibility.

Title: Re: Access on Mobile Devices
Post by: JayJayM12 on January 24, 2012, 02:31:46 PM
For what ir's worth, I frequent the site using my Ipad 75% of the time that i visit (yes, that's an exact figure - I did the calculations) and I don't seem to ever have a problem.  Maybe the site is better with some devices than others...