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Title: The Maniac Project - Cumbrian (UK) Feature Film
Post by: DarrenHorne on September 18, 2012, 05:14:43 PM
Hi guys. We recently made a very low budget (well under £500) feature called The Maniac Project. Its a grindhousey, action, comedy with boobs, gore and explosions.

We made it to entertain ourselves, but we have managed to get is distributed, and it should be on Netflix, iTunes etc over the weekend.

I think it may be the kind of thing you may like.


Producer: The Maniac Project

News Release
12th September 2012

Low budget Cumbrian film distributed internationally

A multi-award winning feature film made by local filmmakers, for only £500, has been acquired by a successful Los Angeles distribution company and will be available globally this month.
From 21st September 2012 ‘The Maniac Project’ will be available to buy online from major platforms such as iTunes and Netflix.
‘The Maniac Project’ is a horror-comedy – a fun and gory parody of grindhouse slasher films. It was produced by Darren Horne, who lives in Carlisle and manages Penrith Cinema, and directed by Andrew Elliot, from Workington now living in Carlisle.
Director Andrew Elliot explains:
“I am absolutely thrilled that people across the world will be able to buy The Maniac Project. It started as a fun project with friends but has continued to grow in popularity. It has now achieved a cult status amongst students!
Since my early teens I have been fascinated by slasher movies. However, I began to wonder what would happen if all these characters met? What if, whilst Norman Bates is dumping Marion Crane’s body into the lake in ‘Psycho’, he is suddenly confronted by Jason Voorhees from ‘Friday the 13th’!
With both these starting points in mind I began work on ‘The Maniac Project’, which is based upon the idea of far too many maniacs operating within the same place. The original 2007 version was intended to be nothing more than a 20 minute short made for our own amusement. However internet viewing figures rose and people started to demand more as the fan base grew and it even spread to America.”
Producer Darren Horne added:
“I am very proud of ‘The Maniac Project’ – it shows that you do not need a huge budget and connections to make a film people will enjoy. I am also a Lecturer at Carlisle College and I hope the success we have achieved will inspire my students to make low budget films that they are passionate about. You never know what can happen.
I am delighted that New World Distribution in LA has seen the potential of ‘The Maniac Project’ and will make it available to fans across the world."
A celebratory 11pm screening will take place at Penrith Cinema on the 21st September to mark the global release. Tickets are free and it will include an introduction from Andrew and Darren. Contact the cinema on 01768 862400 to add your name to the guest list.

More information can be found at

 Notes for Editors

1.   Media are invited to attend the special screening – to register interest please contact Emily Williams on above details.

2.   ‘The Maniac Project’ will be available September 21st, downloadable and streaming worldwide on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Verizon, Apple appstore, Android market, LG, T-Mobile, Nextel, AT&T, Samsung, Southernlinc, Centennial Wireless, Metro PCS, Wind Mobile, Motorola, Vodafone, Airtel, Optus, Aircel, BSNL, Telkomcel, Singtel, Docomo, 3Voda, Maxis, Ovi, KT, SKT, and more, courtesy of New World Distribution.

3.   New World is a full-service development-through-distribution entertainment company designed to exploit new avenues of financing, uncompromised creative project development, and existing & emerging global distribution platforms to bring high-quality media content to the widest possible audience.