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Title: Here's a gruesome twosome
Post by: Rictras Shard on October 02, 2012, 07:54:52 PM
I have a couple of movies I've been wondering about for awhile, so I figured I would take a shot at someone here knowing them.

The first one is a creature feature from the 80s. Two brothers are backpacking, and spend the night at a bed & breakfast. As I recall, one of them is dragged under his bed by the monster and gets killed. In his quest for revenge, the other one meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman (of course, that happens in many 80s horror movies).

I don't expect anyone to know the second one, because my memories of it are so vague. I'm fairly sure it was from the 60s, and was about an alien invasion. I have the impression the aliens could control a person's mind, and I don't recall it showing them very much, if at all. The only scene that stands out to me, because it was so horrifying to me in my extreme youth, is a woman going into the kitchen. After a couple of minutes, she picks up a knife to slit her wrists. I can't remember if she was successful, nor if she did it on her own or was being controlled.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

Title: Re: Here's a gruesome twosome
Post by: Andrew on October 02, 2012, 08:12:13 PM
The 1st sounds like "Mutant" (1983).  The younger brother gets dragged under the bed.

For the second, I wonder if you could have seen "The Brain Eaters" (1958).  The others that seem probable:

"The Crawling Eye"
"It Conquered the World"
"Zontar:  The Thing from Venus"

I don't remember the threat of slit wrists in any of them, but the general plot fits.