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Title: Nov @ 366 Weird Movies: LOVE EXPOSURE, THE FP, THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL, much more!
Post by: Rev. Powell on November 09, 2012, 05:31:33 PM
A chill wind is blowing...

SILENT HILL: REVELATION (2012) ( "Some critics are complaining that Silent Hill: Revelation is 'baffling,' 'incomprehensible,' and 'makes no sense.' Theyíre analyzing the issue backwards: itís actually the parts of the movie that you can make heads or tails of that suck."

THE RING (2002) ( '... an effective fright machine; itís the only Hollywood remake of a J-horror hit thatís capable of standing on its own against the Asian original."

WORLD ON A WIRE (1973) ( "... Stiller asks a woman on the street for a light, and a load of bricks suddenly falls from the sky and buries her. That early sequence, a weirdly blasť tragedy, rates as World's strangest scene, but at the time Stiller is too immersed in his own reality to recognize how bizarre it is."

ZORNS LEMMA (1970) ( "...we judge experimental films by a different set of criteria than commercial films, or even art films; we donít hope to enjoy them so much as to see our expectations of what a 'film' can be challenged and expanded. In that sense, Zorns Lemma is worth encountering for students of cinema at its most basic level."

THE LEOPARD MAN (1943) ( "The Leopard Man may lack the poetic qualities of Cat People and I Walked With A Zombie, but it evokes a unique quality of terror."-AE

Title: Re: Nov @ 366 Weird Movies: LOVE EXPOSURE, THE FP, THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL, more!
Post by: Rev. Powell on December 14, 2012, 06:37:42 PM
Here's what you missed (because we forgot to bring it to you) in November:

LOVE EXPOSURE (2008) ( CERTIFIED WEIRD! "Any story that incorporates Catholic guilt, ninja panty-peeking photographers, kung fu and samurai sequences, mistaken identity subplots, and teenage cult kingpins, plays it all as a romantic comedy, and has to run for twice the length of an average movie just to fit in everything the director wants to say, is bound to be a little weird."

THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL (2012) ( "Hell is eternal musical theater! I knew it!"

HER MASTER'S VOICE ( (2012): "In Her Masterís Voice Conti... speaks through the dummies Ken Campbell bequeathed her to express her grief over the loss of her mentor, and to work through her own flagging enthusiasm for the dying art form of ventriloquism (at one point, as they lie in bed together, Monkey asks her, 'talking in an empty room in the middle of the night in Kentucky to an imaginary monkeyóyou donít like it anymore?')"

CHICKEN WITH PLUMS (2011) ( "Itís a movie made up mostly of deathbed hallucinations that includes visits with Socrates, the Angel of Death, and a giant version of Sophia Loren; thatís enough to get it on the weird map."

NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU (2011) ( "Real-time narration by the corpse, the sexiest cheese ad youíve ever seen, and a photo shoot with nude firemen score significant quirk points and keep the interest from flagging... If youíre a Marilyn Monroe fanatic, or if youíre just in the mood for a light and mild French variation on a David Lynch/Coen Brothers thriller, you could do a lot worse."

THE FP (2011) ( " I desperately wanted to enjoy this offbeat movie, but I couldnít, because every character was constantly screaming at me in a stream of profanity-laced, alphabet soup jargon, and I wanted them all to die in grisly ways. With its head-rattling techno soundtrack and post-apocalyptic rave visuals, The FP seems hellbent on giving anyone over the age of 30 a screaming headache; if that sounds like an endorsement to you, then by all means give it a watch."

THE GOLD RUSH (1925) ( "While The Gold Rush exhibits Chaplinís characteristic pathos, here it is far better balanced with his brand of comedy than any of his other features (when the pathos, often, nearly soaked the films)."-AE

FEVER NIGHT AKA BAND OF SATANIC OUTSIDERS (2009) ( "These are the best-groomed Satanic outsiders youíve ever met, Satanic outsiders you wouldnít be afraid to bring home to Mom for dinner."

IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL: THE MYSTERY OF HENRY DARGER (2004) ( "The world Darger invented inside his head, a mixture of the Bible, the American Civil War, and childrenís storybooks, populated by saintly little girl warriors in pigtails and frilly dresses bearing bayonets, is so inherently fascinating that the documentarian does best to get out of its way and let it speak for itself."

THE FOURTH DIMENSION (2012) ( "The Fourth Dimension doesnít meet its lofty goal of 'challenging our ideas of 4th dimensions,' unless, of course, your idea of the fourth dimension is that itís inherently fascinating, in which case you can consider yourself challenged."