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Title: Home Alone 4
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Home Alone 4: Taking Back The House! (
Rated: U (UK Rating)
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Kevin - Probably the exactly same character from the first two Home Alone films, except; he is played by a different actor and he is more spoilt!
Megan - She is Kevin's older sister.
Buzz - He is Kevin's older brother. (To Invinity, and beyond!)
Peter - He is Kevin's father, he very stupidly gets a divorce and he marries Natalie and he then lives in a really expensive house!
Kate - Kevin's mother and Peter's ex-wife.
Natalie - Peter's new girlfriend who is very rich, she is the owner of the house that Kevin stays at.
Mr Prescott - Butler of the home that Kevin stays at.
Molly - Marv's mother who is secretly evil! She also looks after the house!
Marv - He leaves prison and he gets a wife of his own.
Harry - He is referenced once through out of the movie and he never gets a moment on screen!
Vera - Marv's wife who is played by The Actor who plays Violet's Mother from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.
The Royal Family - (Don't even get me started on them!)


You can use a remote control to do anything except for cleaning the house up when it is wet!
It is wrong when people get divorced over Christmas!

0 mins - My ears are bleeding!
1 mins - Thank God, the music is over!
82 mins - Thank God, the credits!
84 mins - It ended! Thank God for that! (I was bashing my head on the wall after watching this!)


Mr Prescott: "Who are you?!"
Kevin: "Door, Open!
"Marv: "Well, prison isn't so bad! We do get salisbury steak on Wednesdays!" Kevin: "House, clean yourself up!"
Mr Prescott: "What are you doing here?"
Mr Prescott: "You don't go into other peoples's homes uninvited, and you don't touch their things!"
Marv: "Shut up, you little moron!
"Kevin: "Maximum Speed!"


Kevin's Father (Peter) decides to split up with his wife (Kate) so he can live with his new girlfriend Natalie, this leaves Kevin and his family very upset. After being bullied by Buzz, Kevin decides to live with his father from now on. He phones a taxi to pick him up, he pays for the ride and he deliberately leaves his own piggy bank behind.

He arrives at the mansion were we first see Mr Prescott (Played By Erick Avari) greeting him. Kevin enjoys his time at Natalie's mansion with his new bedroom, latest gadgets and his life. The next day, Marv And Vera (Not Harry) spy on the house so they can rob it later. Kevin tries to get Mr Prescott to answer the intercom, but unfortunately it doesn't work because Marv altered the security system. Kevin floods the house to get rid of the burglars, nobody believes him and he then gets into trouble. He later apologises to everyone and the next day, him, Peter and Natalie help each other by decorating the tree.

Kate, Buzz and Megan visits Kevin. Soon after they leave, Peter and Natalie are taken by taxi to pick up The Royal Family, we find out that The Royal Family are unable to attend the party because their flight was cancelled. Kevin as usual gives Mr Prescott a very hard time. Peter and Natalie instead announce their engagement and Kevin spoils everything.
Kevin sets booby traps around the house, he plays pranks on the burglars. Kevin has some fun with the burglars and he later finds out that Molly is one of the bad guys. Peter, Natalie and Mr Prescott come back just in time to help Kevin. The bad guys are eventually captured, with Natalie and Peter breaking up, the latter gets back together with Kate and everybody who is celebrating Christmas (Except for the audience) are very happy!


As a kid, I enjoyed it I do admit that the film is a little underrated, but it is still poor; even for a sequel. The gadget filled house and the music can be quite interesting, but I don't really see the point of it all. Kate And Peter don't seem to be arguing in the previous Home Alone films. This film is full of flaws. The book case bar spinning didn't even have any books, cups or ornaments falling off of it, even at maximum speed. It was like they were glued on! Cutting Harry from the film was probably one of the reason why the film is so poor. Unless if you are a small kid, I canít really recommend this film for you.

Merry Christmas and I will hope to see you all in 2013!

Title: Re: Home Alone 4
Post by: Gst0395 on April 18, 2013, 06:00:03 AM
Yeah, this one is fairly awful. I wrote a review of my own on Like you, I did enjoy it as a kid but later started to realize how poorly made it was compared to previous films. Even Home Alone 3 is a masterpiece compared to this. Great review.