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Title: GLEN OR GLENDA? (1953)
Post by: alandhopewell on January 31, 2013, 04:07:38 PM
     I recently purchased


     a set showcasing the notorious works of one of the cinema's oddest characters. Among the films in the Box is GLEN OR GLENDA, which I'd heard of and about for decades, but had not seen as yet. Fully expecting more amusing ineptitude a'la BRIDE OF THE MONSTER, I put the disk in, and hit PLAY.

     I was pleasantly suprised.
Yes, the production values, acting, etc. were  at the same DollarGeneral level as the rest of the Box's films, but there was something different here; this movie was actually ABOUT something.

     This was a story of a man seeking comprehension in his own life, and understanding from others, and despite how cheaply the picture was made, this comes across, even overshadowing whatever it was Bela Lugosi and the others in his sequences were supposed to be doing.

     My personal views on transvestism (and yours, for that matter) are irrelevant-this movie could've been about race, wealth, beauty, addiction, faith, or any of the things we choose to divide over in this life, whose lash we all have felt at times....perhaps now.

     Ed Wood wasn't just making a cry for help, but also a cry TO help....we all wear our angora, to the jeers of our peers.