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Title: Monster a Go-Go (1966)
Post by: Gst0395 on April 18, 2013, 05:57:15 AM
Okay, this is a review a wrote for Monster-a-Go-Go I wrote a while back on This is one of the only few bad movies that I didn't enjoy for it's very poor quality. I found it to be a very painful experience, even when watching it on MST3K. I noticed the host segments in that episode had nothing to do with the movie, probably because nothing seems to go on.

I was nearly at a loss of words after seeing this. Monster a-Go Go is without a doubt, one of the worst "movies" you'll ever see, literally. So, so bad that it's not even "so-bad-it's-good", but just a painful experience all around. Even with the MST3K commentary, it is still hard to sit through.

Why is this film so bad? Well, it's a film where NOTHING happens whatsoever. A strung-together piece of random events that make very little sense. The story (if you can even call it that) focuses on an astronaut named Frank Douglas who has returned to earth and (supposedly) been effected by radiation, which seems to have transformed him into a 6-foot tall monster that goes around "attacking" random people. The trailer and poster states that this monster will give you the "whim-whams" (WTF does that mean?!?).

The "monster" is a complete joke. Not only is he only seen 1 minute throughout the ENTIRE movie, he just appears to be some tall guy with peanut butter smeared all over his face. There's a very small amount of kills by the monster mentioned, and the very few that do occur are usually done off-screen. As for the rest of the movie, it just drags on and on and makes no sense whatsoever. Another thing worth noting is that major characters seemingly disappear halfway through the film and are replaced by other ones instead. This is partly due to Bill Rebane (the original director) running out of money and shelving the project in the early 60s. It should of stayed that way but several years later, splatter film schlock legend Herschel Gordon Lewis needed another film for a double feature so he picked up Rebane's unfinished remains and added more footage without most the original actors, who he had no luck tracking down, resulting in this completely pointless flick being unleashed upon the world.

The absolute WORST part of the movie is the so-called "ending". After a boring sequence in which a group of scientists and firefighters are getting prepared to stop the monster once and for all (this scene seemingly drags on forever, keep in mind) we are THEN told that Frank Douglas was rescued in the North Atlantic, and the monster never existed in the first place. So basically we sat through this piece of garbage for nothing. That is the exact moment you wish you hadn't have wasted valuable time watching this piece of crap. I wouldn't bother with this movie, not even if you enjoy bad flicks. It is a complete waste of time and will make you fear for humanity. Not even MST3K could make this film entertaining, and that's saying alot.



Not exactly a very humorous review, because I found it so painful to sit through. It is literally the worst movie I've seen.