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Title: Help for movie that appeared on Dr Creep's show
Post by: SonofX51 on August 31, 2013, 11:51:40 PM
I joined here to see if anyone can recognize this movie, who knows though, maybe I'll stay :P

Anyway, I failed to get an answer at Yahoo Answers (only getting a community picked answer that was a sarcastic remark, as usual). I've done more digging and thought I got it, but no cigar, Tombs of the Blind Dead seemed to be it, but after watching bits on youtube, i was wrong. So if you know that movie, you know the ballpark of what I'm trying to find.

I only saw some of the film...and it was YEARS ago, perhaps a decade, but it was on the Dr Creep show, so if that narrows it down, there you go. The first part I remember was a couple was attempting to escape, their dialogue indicated something was preventing them from escaping the place where they were stuck in, they found a basement/sewer exit and attempted to escape via a manhole. The man went first, and when he got to the top of the ladder, still on it, a robed creature(the antagonists of the film, there are multiples of them) And the creature, possibly a zombie, decapitates the man with a sword, the head falling back down to the room where his partner was, she flees in terror. The shot cuts back to the robed figure (I think with two more by its side) resuming back to an idle position, they don't move if they don't see anyone. They look pretty darn scary.

Next portion I remember was two men who were forced to take residency in the building, obviously didn't like eachother and one of them lost it and had a fight with the other in a type of lobby room (perhaps it was a boarding house?).

Last part, and the ending of the film, I figured out from this last part the film must've taken place during the night, and at the end, other survivors leave the building, come daylight, and the robed, sword equipped figures are still and do not respond. One of the people goes up to one of the things and pushes it over. The film ends with orange sunlight broadcasting over the town, and collapsing robed things. It looked like it was an italian village, so it may be an Italian film but don't quote me on that as it's been a while.

If I had to guess, it's a late seventies early eighties B horror film, it didn't seem like a bad film, but was very obviously low budget. If anyone can help me, you would make me EXTREMELY grateful as I've spent hours of searching to no avail. I even emailed cinema snob, he didn't respond yet, but if he managed to find a film like The Bed That Eats, surely he can find something like this, especially if it appeared on the Dr Creep show.

If being green to the forum and immediately posting a new thread s looked down upon here, I apologize, I don't know where to go.

Title: Re: Help for movie that appeared on Dr Creep's show
Post by: retrorussell on September 01, 2013, 04:26:13 AM
Sounds like one of the BLIND DEAD series.
and the similar MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD (1985).
Check these out, sounds like one of them is what you're looking for.

Title: Re: Help for movie that appeared on Dr Creep's show
Post by: SonofX51 on September 01, 2013, 05:14:07 AM
Thank you! As it turns out after searching each one of those titles on youtube, Return of the Blind Dead (also apparently known as Return of the Evil Dead) is the film that I'm looking for. The decapitation scene is just about the same in execution (but a bit different), still the 3 creatures waiting at the top. It's also Spanish, not Italian like I believed, and in a church, not a boarding house. But yeah, this is the film.

Since these movies are apparently on youtube i'll give them a watch when time allows it! Thanks dude, seriously.  :Cheers: