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Title: Help!
Post by: taylorconrad8098 on November 25, 2013, 01:21:54 PM
First off, let me say that my primary problem is that I am having trouble defining what it is I'm looking for. Basically I'm trying to find music, movies, or misc. art from rural/isolated places from pre-1990, but hopefully from 60s-70s. Things that I have found so far that fit in to this theme (Films: The Beaver Trilogy, Manos: Hands Of Fate, Varrow Mission (1978), Brother's Keeper (Documentary), Hands On a Hard Body, Dancing Outlaw, Troll 2) (Music: The Shaggs, Jandek). You could probably list a lot of this under outsider art, although the difference that I want to stress is that all of these (particularly The Beaver Trilogy, Varrow Mission and Jandek) have this hazy, isolated vibe, one that is particularly American, they seem dream-like and surreal. They seem forgotten, alien almost, and at odds with what is going on in the mainstream, always extremely outdated and naive. Manos: Hands of Fate is a movie that most people find terrible but it has a vibe that I really love. Nobody involved in it probably thought is was anything more than a terrible movie, but there is an undercurrent of stuff happening. The movie is the product of one man's perception of the world, and his perception is extremely warped. The movie is very isolated to this one (again, isolated) person's perception, and it says more in what it doesn't say, or in most cases, is even aware of. The Beaver Trilogy is a movie that exemplifies this quality to a T, or at least the first film does. In this movie, yet again, more is said by what is not being said, and what the person assumes no one is even aware of. The town that Groovin' Gary lives in is isolated, extremely behind the times, and reeks of 50's nostaglia. He is at odds with this, but at the same time is very much affected and shaped by this, resulting in a strange combination.

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If anyone understands what I'm talking about and can help me find more things like this I would very much appreciate it. I'm at odds with how to even define this and have been searching for a long time for anything. Any suggestions would be amazing at this point haha

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Post by: BoyScoutKevin on November 26, 2013, 04:08:55 PM
Well, there is . . .

"Dream like and surreal" CHECK
The film is known for its dream like and surreal visions that the characters have.

"Seems forgotten" CHECK
Are you talking about the film or the location where the film was shot? The film is not forgotten, there is a review for it at this website, but time has seemed to past the location by, as it was mostly shot in Derbyshire, England, and according to the director-screenwriter, the people in that part of rural England actually talk and act like the characters in the film.

"And at odds with what is going on in the mainstream" CHECK
The director towards the end of his life and career was forced to shoot what were basically home movies.

"Naive" CHECK
The characters are so naive that they leave their doors unlocked, when they leave the house, but the classic example of innocent naivety in films is the boy scout in the film. Who no doubt later regrets his innocent naivety.

"Perceptions extremely warped." CHECK
That fits the director, who also wrote the screenplay, to a T.

"Town is isolated." CHECK
As much as a town in England can be.

"Extremely behind the times." CHECK
Or timeless, as neither the location nor the film can be placed in any particular time.

"And reeks of nostalgia" CHECK
Or reeks of nostalgia for the Hammer horrors of the '50's or '60's, if you remember those, which the film apes.

"pre-1990" CHECK

The only problem is the film is not American, but British and has a British sensibility with its British actors and a British director and screenwriter.

"Lair of the White Worm
Ken Russell: director and screenwriter