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Title: The awww.....story of the week
Post by: Trevor on January 15, 2014, 05:57:51 AM
Seeing as young Kate likes ninja turtles, she and I would have a lot to talk about.  :teddyr: (

Nice.  :thumbup:

Just remembered: in 2008, I flew down to the Western Cape on business and an unaccompanied minor was put in the seat next to me as, according to the flight attendant, she didn't want to sit next to anyone or talk to anyone because of her medical condition or something to that effect. If she indeed didn't want to interact with anyone, you could have fooled me as she chatted to me the whole way, even took my meal and drink and held it for me when I went to the toilet.  :teddyr:

She was also impressed by the turtle I had in my bag.  :wink: