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Post by: Chris K. on March 31, 2001, 11:01:37 PM
Just recieved my DVD that contains two Herschell Gordon Lewis films JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT (1968) and BLAST-OFF GIRLS (1967) for a Drive-in Double Feature from Something Weird Video.

JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT: Screwy teenager named Dexter (Ray Sager) creates a gang called "Destruction, Inc." and leads a team of troublesome teens to cause destruction and mayhem in their local town. It just goes from small pranks to just violent assults. The teens dump paint on people, wreck a coffeehouse and burn the owners hand on the stove, wrecking people's property, beat up little kids, and raping a young girl after the teens beat up her boyfriend. These teens even put a baby in a garbage can! Even I was never this bad! Hell, they even carve a picture of a rat on a girls stomach! Believe me, these teens are just plain bad. They are not misunderstood or treated badly, they are just plain bad. Pure H.G. Lewis classic with good acting, colorful cinematogaphy, and solid direction from Lewis. H.G. Lewis also wrote the catchy theme song "Destruction, Inc." under the name Sheldon Seymour.

BLAST-OFF GIRLS: H.G. Lewis' version of A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, only thing is that Lewis' BLAST-OFF GIRLS is way better than A HARD DAY'S NIGHT. Music manager Boogie Baker (Dan Conway) and his suck-up assistant Gordie (Ray Sager) loose their band "Charlie" after Boogie screwed them over on their deal. So Boogie finds a new group "The Faded Blue" and makes their carrer big by calling them "The Big Blast". Boogie also hires some girls known as "The Blast-Off Girls" to run on stage and tear off their clothes and the like. But, the band is not getting their share of the money and they try to quit. But Boogie blackmails the band by having a cop discover the group having a pot party. Boogie has the band sign a new contract, but their is more to come in this film that goes into the bad sides of fame and fortune. BLAST-OFF GIRLS also looks like a reworking of Lewis' earlier LIVING VENUS (1961) that delt with fame and fortune that went down the drain. BLAST-OFF GIRLS also contains some really good acting, excellent songs, and has a cameo appearance by Colonel Sanders! Well made and definately thought provoking.

Personaly, I felt BLAST-OFF GIRLS was more entertaining than JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT. BLAST-OFF GIRLS put a deeper meaning to the words "famous" by showing the true bad sides of fame. However, JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT also teaches us that the film may be over, but not the end of violence. And how true is that? Very true indeed.

The DVD also contained theatrical trailers to H.G. Lewis' JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT, BLAST-OFF GIRLS, THE ALLEY TRAMP, THE GORE GORE GIRLS, SOMETHING WEIRD, THE PSYCHIC, THIS STUFF'LL KILL YA!, THE YEAR OF THE YAHOO, and two trailers for SUBURBAN ROULETTE. For bonus features, the DVD contains classic drive-in intermission shorts, Herschell Gordon Lewis dance short HOT NIGHT AT THE GO GO LOUNGE, gallery of film posters with radio spots, and THE FACTS OF LIFE drive-in book pitch.

This DVD is really worth the price. Any questions or comments?

Post by: Scott on March 31, 2001, 11:43:25 PM
I see alot of his (lewis) titles from Something Weird Video at Suncoast video.  I hope to see all of them someday without having to purchase them.