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Title: jon ossoff and nancy pelosi cartoon
Post by: kakihara on June 11, 2017, 01:02:05 PM
well, ive always been a cartoon freak.  ive always loved old school cel animation and after researching a bit, ive decided to try it. ive learned alot in a short period of time, ive come to appreciate it much more, especially the hard work that goes in to it. I now have a very good understanding from a production point of view as to why cel animation has become extinct: its a lot of work and it is expensive! I can see why so many cartoons were outsourced to other countries and quality usually suffered. its so damn tedious and time consuming! I am really limited in what I can produce, I cant edit. I cant record sound before animation (the cart before the horse). cheap camera. cheap microphone. blah blah. for now im going for a bare minimum of movement, pretty much just a talking head type thing. Im going to make fun of celebrities and politics. I plan to offend and take shots at these things in a childish, but fun way. oh, feel free to critique or make suggestions. ( theres this flutter that I cant avoid for some reason on these videos). (