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Title: CHILD EATER (2016)
Post by: indianasmith on June 12, 2017, 11:54:50 AM
This was one of those impulse of the moment RedBox rentals that really panned out!
The local sheriff's daughter, Helen, is hired to babysit a little boy named Lucas while the widowed father goes out on a date.
Lucas and his dad are new in the community; their house sits on the edge of the woods where a horrible atrocity happened 25 years ago.
A crazy old man, whose vision was fading due to macular degeneration, kidnapped small children and ate their eyes in an attempt to regain his lost sight. He consumed over a dozen before he was caught and killed - or was he? Because Lucas has noticed a creepy  old man in a long coat watching his house, and now he is convinced there is something evil lurking in his closet . . .

Cool concept, great makeup effects, likable central characters, and a compelling story with a nice twist at the end.  A bit slow at the start, but definitely worth the wait.  I highly recommend this one!  4/5