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Title: Webcomic: The Monster Under the Bed
Post by: AoTFan on July 01, 2017, 01:05:25 AM
I discovered this comic a few months back and it's pretty interesting, so I thought I'd share it here.  TMUTB starts off with a man sitting at his computer while a dark skinned female creature with a tail and yellow eyes sneaks up behind him.  Just as she's about to pounce he greets her without turning around and she expresses disappointment that he knew she was there.  From there the comic flashbacks several years to when the two first met.  Timothy, a young boy of about twelve, finds that his socks keep going missing and sets a trap for the "mice" he thinks might be stealing them, only to encounter an otherworldly female creature with bright yellow eyes, orange hair, grey skin and a tail.  

After some hijinks, the two develop a friendship.  Timothy teaches Shadows about humans and their world (something she's endlessly fascinated about) while she teaches him to overcome his fears.  

It's a fun comic, with really nice coloring.  You can start with the first chapter here (

Now, for those concerned about such things, the comic does have what I'd call a soft "R" rating, as we occasionally see topless females (one particularly funny moment is when Tim finally gets proof of something otherworldly and goes to show his parents, only to find he's interrupting their uh... "night time activities".)  But it's not a comic centered around titillation.