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Title: Spiderman: Homecoming
Post by: clockworkcanary on July 12, 2017, 07:17:19 AM
Loved it. Best Spiderman so far. Great villain and villain dynamic. Great Iron Man/Avengers tie-in. Good portrayal of Aunt May. And no origin story repeat! woooooooooooooo! I just might have to see it again.

Title: Re: Spiderman: Homecoming
Post by: A.J. Bauer on July 12, 2017, 02:07:34 PM
Yeah, I think I like it more than the Sam Raimi movies.

Spider-Man 2 was a fantastic film but I feel that Homecoming is more true to the essence of Spider-Man.

The Vulture in this movie was depicted fantastically. He's not a madman with a sad backstory that
wants revenge on the world. He's just a man driven by greed that has no respect for the law.

It was also interesting seeing Shocker and Scorpion as normal street thugs working under Vulture.
Maybe they'll become full fledged villains with costumes and everything in the sequels but to anyone unfamiliar with Spider-Man lore
they're just a couple of goons.

I also got a feeling of closeness between the bad guys. While they're all still looking out for themselves they treat the other
gang members as co-workers and act pretty casual. There's even a running joke about the egghead of the group wanting to upgrade
Vulture's suit, being shot down several times, and annoying Vulture. The only time this dynamic is somewhat challenged is when
Vulture kills the original Shocker, however it's implied that it was an accident. Not that Vulture gave a s**t, he just gave the glove
to someone else.

Unlike Deadpool every joke was a hit with me and at no time did I think "That wasn't funny." (I still like Deadpool, it just had a couple lame jokes).

It's also interesting seeing Peter going toe-to-toe with someone who, while very dangerous, isn't really a threat to anyone outside of New York.
He wasn't going up against some big bad with the power of a god, he was going up against a guy who deals illegal weapons. It makes sense that
Spider-Man would need to start small like that.

Anyway, I usually don't give movies ratings but I think I may need to start. For reference all movies start at a 5/10 for me and if they don't gain or lose points I will consider it average.
I'll do another post about what I think about movie ratings later.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" gets: 8/10

Title: Re: Spiderman: Homecoming
Post by: clockworkcanary on July 13, 2017, 08:35:01 AM
Great points about the villain, his crew, and the major conflict being local rather than world-ending destruction dilemmas. I loved the secondary characters, too -the gang, Peter's friend, the classmates, and even Flash (loved that reference Flash/fast they put in there).

Title: Re: Spiderman: Homecoming
Post by: indianasmith on July 19, 2017, 04:10:26 AM
I loved this, and I'll admit the big plot twist on Homecoming Night caught me TOTALLY by surprise!
I always loved the Toby McGuire Spiderman movies, even the third one that most people hated.
The Andrew Garfield version fell totally flat for me.
So this one was great; Spidey was much more believable, and it had just the right mix of comedy/action/drama/teen angst.

Title: Re: Spiderman: Homecoming
Post by: BoyScoutKevin on July 22, 2017, 05:00:01 PM
The Present. Where the Past Meets the Future.

The Past
There are suppose to be a ton of Easter Eggs, some of which I even recognized, referencing the earlier films and comic books. One of which I'll mention here, as it plays to the future. In that 1st after screens credit, the prisoner talking to the Vulture in prison is suppose to be the Scorpion and who is expected to be the chief villain in the next film in the series.

The Past and the Future
There was talk of doing a Sinister 6 film, but when the previous Spider-man film died at the box office, the idea was taken off the table. Now with the success of this film, this idea is back on the table. And while there have been a number of Sinister 6 groups over the years, if they go with the original group, it'll include Doc Ock, Electro, Kraven, Mysterio, Sandman, and Vulture. Most of whom have already been seen on film.

The Future
While there will be a sequel, most likely release date of 2019, the future till then belongs to the small screen. Not only are we getting ANOTHER NEW animated Spider-man series on Disney XD. We will be getting . . .

The Inhumans
the hour long drama Cloak and Dagger
the half hour comedy The New Warriors, including Squirrel Girl
Free Form
The Runaways
The Defenders ( Luke Cage + Jessica Jones + Iron Fist + Daredevil)

And DC, while there have been a number of animated, of various quality, Teen Titan series, there is a live action version of the Teen Titans called Titans coming. Most likely to CW.

Title: Re: Spiderman: Homecoming
Post by: Archivist on July 24, 2017, 02:23:51 AM
Just saw this on the weekend and really enjoyed it.  A few notes, and no spoilers:

1.  The scripting was aimed at a teenage and young adult audience.  Everything was very family friendly and hit all the 'growing pains' notes that are common to the teenage experience.  Not the violence of the first Tobey Maguire films.

2.  No origin story.  I found this very refreshing, as so many Spider-man movies have trodden the same path, and honestly I think it gets a bit old after a while.  Instead of spending time waiting for him to be bitten by a spider and for Uncle Ben to die, they took the time to develop the a 'day after' story which was great.

3.  It was really peculiar to see this as an Avengers tie-in.  Being so used to the Fox standalone movies, seeing a number of Avengers characters was almost odd!  In some ways, it felt like a side story to the Avengers, like a really high budget episode in a tv show, rather than a movie in itself.  Not sure if anyone else felt that way.

4.  I like this Peter Parker a lot.  He really is just a kid suddenly thrust into superpowers and responsibilities, but nowhere does that blasted line, 'with great power comes great responsibility' get mentioned.  You really get a sense of what a kid might do with a sudden endowment of super abilities.

5.  Stan Lee's cameos get more and more lines.  Before you know it, he will be playing a minor character himself.

6.  Michael Keaton plays a great, great villain.  Not a megalomaniac, not a super mastermind, but a highly driven thief and hustler who looks after his family.  And there's that sense of camaraderie in the villain group, which is usually absent in these kinds of films.  Michael Keaton's Vulture is a more believable and therefore more scary adversary.  He's 'everycrim', not a supercrim, if that makes sense.

7.  Hang around until the end for the very self-aware and self-satirising post-credit scene.

Title: Re: Spiderman: Homecoming
Post by: akiratubo on July 24, 2017, 02:41:25 PM
Loved it.  Effortlessly blows all the other Spider-Man movies away.  Michael Keaton is the best villain yet in a Marvel movie.